The UK, the fourth largest eCommerce market in the world, might be grappling with the repercussions of the post-Brexit effect, but it currently has 95% of internet penetration. This makes it one of the fastest-flourishing markets for eCommerce in the world. The UK has a mature and thriving eCommerce market, driven by factors such as high internet penetration, a tech-savvy population, and a strong logistics infrastructure.


Shipping in the UK is difficult for any company. An eCommerce website‘s order purchase task concludes when a customer buys a product, but the order fulfilment process starts here which is crucial to accomplish maximum customer satisfaction. It helps eCommerce sellers to create their brand identity and shape their shipping solutions. Also, delivering the product within the scheduled duration and in perfect shape is critical. This is why shipping matters a lot for any eCommerce business.


As a business owner, you may encounter various hurdles due to the abundance of parcel services and its extensive geographic and demographic presence. Thus, before choosing a logistics partner for your company, do consider the following points carefully.


Factors to Consider while Choosing a Logistics Partner


Deliveries with Free or Low-Cost Shipping

Free shipping attracts customers, but it is extra money on your shoulders. Thus, you can make suitable strategies for your eCommerce business using the following pointers in mind:


  • Keep an eye out for your competitors’ tactics
  • Try and stay ahead of them
  • Experiment with new techniques to prevent cart abandonment because of high shipping costs


Consider offering free shipping on low-cost items. Besides, asking customers to pay for same-day or express delivery is the best strategy for eCommerce shipping.


Watch Your Orders

If you use a third-party courier provider to ship your products, maintain them from pick-up to delivery, and it will prevent delivery delays. Likewise, customers should be kept updated and informed about their orders. Overall, consider giving your customers tracking IDs because order tracking is popular nowadays and it also helps in building trust in a brand.

Correctly Calculate and Provide an Estimate

Shipping is the best approach to drive traffic to an eCommerce website. Therefore, before you choose a price, consider the following:


  • Product size
  • Product weight
  • Distance between pick-up and delivery


Once the three parameters have been calculated, compare the charges of different logistics partners or companies. Nonetheless, you can also define a shipping strategy for the customers.


Market With Packaging

You should ensure fast and safe delivery to establish trust. It enhances the customer’s purchase experience and encourages repeat purchases for your eCommerce business. Further, you must also understand that poor packing results in losing customers. Here are some packaging tips you can leverage:


  • Colourful and sustainable packaging attracts prospects
  • External element protection package
  • Ensure that labels and packaging convey accurate and detailed information
  • Easy to handle and legally secure



Selection Strategies for Shipping Methods

Once the following criteria are met, you can choose the eCommerce shipping plan that best suits your business.


Zero-Hassle Shipping

Free shipping is equivalent to no-cost shipping, and it also implies you will be responsible for the package delivered to the customer. In addition, your brand value increases if your parcel arrives intact. But if your product is damaged, your brand value drops! For example, big eCommerce players like Amazon have endorsed this method over and above a minimal amount.


Advantages of free eCommerce shipping solutions in the UK:


  • Affordably interact with the customers
  • Customer satisfaction is met
  • Boost in conversion rates


An eCommerce company can only use this strategy if it gains enough to fund free shipment.


Shipping Costs

Flat-rate shipping is a single-time delivery cost regardless of the order value. Unless a third-party parcel service is used, the eCommerce business usually calculates the flat rate for the merchandise.


Shipping Tables

Table rate is a tabular depiction of complex laws of shipping costs. For example, the shipping destination, product weight, rate per zone, and many items are all susceptible to columns.


Real-Time Shipping Carrier Rates

Carrier rates mean procuring the shipping prices of a shipment after entering the correct size, weight, and location. Post this, you may compare the available shipping carriers. This method allows an eCommerce firm to compare carrier costs and enables customers to pick the lowest shipping rates available out there.

Combining the Above Methods

The above-mentioned eCommerce shipping solutions in the UK have their benefits and drawbacks. To conclude, a successful eCommerce business requires staying ahead of the competition. You can use a combination of the above three shipping methods based on the target market, shipping location, and product kind.


Furthermore, while maintaining a reasonable balance on delivery expenses, you can also define consumer expectations and needs at the best possible price. Here, you must also understand that vast promotional opportunity attracts online business entrepreneurs.




Is an eCommerce Shipping Guide Enough For eCommerce Sellers?


The eCommerce shipping industry in the UK holds ample opportunities for growth but it certainly comes with a lot of challenges. Running an eCommerce business of your own in a fiercely competitive world is not a piece of cake, and demands strategic and fool-proof planning with a growth-oriented approach.


Logistics and shipping are revolutionising the world. Nowadays, brands may acquire eCommerce shipping solutions in the UK from firms like NimbusPost that will help develop goodwill and earnings. NimbusPost currently covers the entire UK mainland and offshore postcodes to serve online businesses by associating with 15+ leading courier partners and 12+ leading eCommerce marketplaces.

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