Do you wonder what factor in the Indian logistics system made most online deliveries possible within one or two days? The answer is quite simple. As advancements are taking place in all industries, their impact is significant in the logistics system too. The implemented courier advancements help the logistics providers in India to reach the customers with their ordered products on the online sellers’ behalf. Since leading courier partners were and are working independently, a shipping aggregator – NimbusPost, is finally available for most Indian online sellers or businesses to fulfill their logistics needs through automated shipping. If you are oblivious about the automated logistics term, you may refer to the below headers!

What is Automated Shipping or Logistics?


When machines or software are used more than manual labor for a particular process or operation, it is considered automation. Similarly, fewer courier agents are involved in logistics automation, and all logistics operations are handled through automation. As a result, it helps online sellers and logistics partners save money, time, and labor for delivering products to the end-user without incurring higher costs or any losses.


Logistics automation also helps the online sellers to integrate online stores like Magento, Amazon, Shopify, etc., with logistics automation. As a result, the online sellers can keep track of their orders, processes, and the final delivery to the end-user.


Automate your Logistics Operations with NimbusPost


NimbusPost, a shipping aggregator, has excelled at logistics automation since the start. Besides, any online seller in Indian can quickly sign up on NimbusPost at zero cost and experience the courier automation before buying or availing of any premium logistics services.


Furthermore, the festive season in India has started. Therefore, if you are interested in automated shipping for any online or offline business, you may derive the maximum benefits from the below-listed information.





Benefits of Logistics Automation with NimbusPost


Have you ever seen a shipping platform that lists leading courier partners and their charges? You may have seen independent logistics providers that charge as per their business policy and terms. However, NimbusPost is neither a logistics provider nor a shipping search engine but a shipping aggregator. It promotes logistics automation in India that brings the following benefits:


Partnership Sellers


NimbusPost is associated with more than 40000 sellers worldwide. It showcases how many online sellers trust NimbusPost for its swift and insightful shipping solutions.




If you want to reduce the incurred shipping cost on your online selling products, no shipping aggregator is better than NimbusPost. This tech-enabled shipping aggregator has the most competitive logistics prices in the industry.


COD Remittance


Some logistics providers apply fifteen days or one-month payment period for sellers’ delivered products. However, NimbusPost does not have such policies. Therefore, you can remit money for your cash on delivery products as and when needed.


Order Tracking and Notification


You can increase the probability of never missing any order. As NimbusPost is a tech-enabled platform, it sends notifications for all new orders received. You need to link your online stores with the NimbusPost platform. In addition, you can always reach your orders’ delivery and check the status of your online platform on a single portal.


Online Store Integration


Some shipping aggregators allow online sellers to integrate their few online stores with the aggregator’s platform. Nonetheless, NimbusPost offers AI-integration of the following online store:

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Unicommerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Magneto, etc.


Multiple Courier Partners


A customary shipping aggregation platform allows you to connect with a few logistics providers that may be out of your location. However, you can connect with more than 27 courier partners in India to cover 29000+ pin codes.




Many times, online sellers do not get a definite answer or receipt for their non-delivered products. Therefore, NimbusPost has introduced an NDR panel through which you can check the reasons for and status of your non-delivered products. Besides, you can personally call the customers and understand their motivations to cancel or return your products. In this manner, you can also check whether your assigned delivery agent is at fault or not.




Since NimbusPost slows you to track the online orders and their status, keep a tab on the NDR panel, and partner with leading courier providers, your RTO (return to origin) will steadily minimize to the lowest. With NimbusPost, you can quickly reduce your RTO rate up to 20%* (terms and conditions applied).





Is Your Logistics Process Automated Yet?


In the world of digitalization, every industry is progressing at a steady pace. Therefore, individuals and businesses have to adapt automation to match the progression speed around and for them. Out of most industries, automation adaptation in the logistics industry has been proven beneficial for courier partners, online sellers, and the national economy.


If you have not got automated shipping operations yet, this is time to get it. Apart from the above-listed benefits, NimbusPost has a lot to offer. You can connect with NimbusPost’s executives or simply sign up to start with your automated logistics operations at competitive prices.

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