Most people are aware that global warming has reached a drastic state. If they do not act today, they might not have a favourable climate to see tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, many eCommerce companies and sellers are coming forward to deal with global warming and carbon footprint in various ways. Going eco-friendly is an attempt trending worldwide in the logistics and eCommerce industry. Today, online sellers and eCommerce brands are contributing their share to the environment by using green packaging, noticeably aiding the environment. Now that most people have online stores on various eCommerce platforms, eco-friendly packaging is easily made possible.


What is Eco-friendly Packaging?


As the term implies, eco-friendly packaging causes no or little damage to the environment. It is also safe for people and animals because it is bio-degradable. Green packaging can be recycled.

The production of eco-friendly packaging uses natural resources compared to the normal production of plastic packaging.

Popular brands and eCommerce platforms including Calvin Klein, Amazon, Kellogg’s, the body shop, ASOS, and many more embrace the green-packaging culture today. You can visit their website and learn more about green packaging for a low carbon footprint.

Packaging is essential to most customers because it plays a vital role in influencing them. Online sellers should understand that good and eco-friendly packaging is the key to winning their customers’ hearts.


Why is Eco-friendly Packaging Important?


Products that are called eco-friendly have no or less carbon footprint on our planet. In addition to this, green packaging is bio-degradable and can help online sellers to serve their customers while serving nature. The following points will elaborate on why it is essential in today’s time:


1. Recyclability


Green packaging follows 3 R’s – Recycle, Reuse, and Reproduce.


2. Sustainability of Natural Resources


When natural resources are optimized for general or business applications, that does not compromise their availability to future generations. Meanwhile, eco-friendly packaging helps online sellers and businesses to sustain resources while meeting customer-specific demands. Overall, green packaging positively impacts the environment and helps it recover from a higher carbon footprint.





3. Brand Reputation

Reputation in the market is an ice-breaker for any business. When the companies and eCommerce sellers switch to eco-friendly packaging, they, directly and indirectly, create a positive impact on their customers, gradually building the brand name and reputation.

4. Consumer Interest

Nowadays, customers are more aware of the current environmental crisis and its reasons. Therefore, they prefer to shop from online sellers that use eco-friendly or least packaging to pack and deliver the products. Many customers also prefer eco-friendly packaging because it allows them to reuse and recycle it for other purposes.


Best Eco-friendly Packaging Practices for eCommerce Businesses


Looking at the figures from a business point of view, approximately 24 percent of beauty brands employ environment-friendly packaging. Not just that, around 80 percent of customers proclaimed that they consider environment-friendly packaging over plastic ones.

Many businesses also fail to realize that environment-friendly packaging will help them build a brand, which lasts longer in the market.


1. Use of Paper/Cardboard


Paper and cardboard prove to be the best packaging material. The reason being such materials are effortlessly biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Small online sellers use crinkled paper, paper confetti, tissue paper, etc., in their product packaging, making the product looks more beautiful!


2. Use of Cloth Bags


India and some other countries have prohibited plastic bags because plastic does not degrade even after many decades. On the other hand, cloth bags are made from 100 percent natural materials like cotton, Jute, etc. Cloth bags last for a long time and can also be reused by the customers for different purposes.


3. Natural Colourants


The colours of packaging materials play an imperative role for eCommerce businesses. Customers are more likely to buy your products when your eco-friendly packaging is colourful or aesthetically appealing.


4. Seed Paper


Seed paper contains seeds embedded in them. After use, the paper can be planted into the soil to grow plants or trees from the integrated seeds. This packaging material easily decomposes in the soil and allows the seeds to grow into full-grown plants with time. In addition to this, no natural trees or plants get harmed or used to make seed paper packaging.







Eco-friendly packaging is the new hype in the packaging and logistics industry. The impact that green packaging creates on the environment and customers is huge. Today, many eCommerce businesses are settling on environmentally friendly packaging to attract customers and sustain the environment.

Lesser the carbon emission during the production, the lower the environmental risk. The statement can soon become the reality for most businesses switching from plastic to eco-friendly packaging.

If you know an eCommerce store, convince them to come up with an environment-friendly packaging solution. After all, most businesses start from small and become leaders with time and effort!

Do you want more help? You can contact NimbusPost to discuss your packaging options with their well-versed customer care representatives.


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