Have you ever sent a nice one to discover out that it cannot be delivered (undelivered shipment held at location) subsequently? The unladed transportation is a regular occurrence and may occur every time. If it regularly turns out that your packages are “shipments not supplied,” this is for you. Please read what this implies and how to deal with the issue!

What Is A Shipment That Is Not Delivered?

Any packages not shipped to the designated location for various reasons, such as erroneous addresses, unsuccessful delivery efforts, transport issues, transit damage, and more, shall be deemed unloaded.

How Is The Package Not Delivered To You Checked?

These days, almost every courier business offers order tracking functionality. Therefore, whenever you require updates concerning your cargo, check the package status using the tracking number provided to you.

If the package is not delivered, the status will indicate the same. The language could vary from one broker to another, but it would be similar to “unlisted package” or “unlisted cargo.”

And if you consider the status to be not supplied, for the precise reason your package could not be shipped to the delivery address, you must resort to the third-party logistics service provider.





What Are The Likely Causes Behind Your Undelivered Cargo?

  • The package content is damaged
  • Failed delivery attempt
  • Failed to address damages
  • Customs
  • Label cargo

The consumer may be unavailable or refuses to accept the parcel. Shipments might be undelivered for numerous causes. There are several possible explanations, some of which are more likely than others:


The Package Contents Are Damaged

Cargo is unloaded and loaded several times during the transportation procedure. They are both manually and automatically sorted and organized. Shipping may be exposed to severe weather conditions, and its packaging may be damaged. As a result, the package will not be strong enough, and it will sustain damage shortly after that.

A logistics partner may repack the products or place the cargo in a new box in certain situations. However, due to the damage done to the items, it is no longer feasible to repack the contents.


Incorrect Location

Unfortunately, your customer’s address is sometimes not relevant or inaccurate. In this case, most sellers or online sellers ship the product back to the shipper via delivery service providers. Additionally, when the courier or delivery person is unable to locate the delivery site or if it is difficult to access, the package is regarded as undelivered.

In a few cases, the package will be delivered to a different address other than indicated on the label.


The Package Was Damaged During Delivery

Packages may be undelivered shipments held at the location for one, two, or even three cycles before shipping out. Should the client be unable to be reached after all of your attempts, then your customer or you must collect the cargo from the local distribution centers.


Discolored label

The handling and shipping procedure might result in labels becoming unreadable or information becoming illegible and unable to be scanned.


Prohibited Goods Within The Shipment

Your package is scanned at numerous depots before it gets to your consumers. During this procedure, logistics companies learn of prohibited goods, such as lithium batteries, pointed objects, and glass products. Delivery firms may examine packages to investigate the contents further.

Therefore, make sure you don’t include any banned items in your shipment.


The Customer Refuses To Accept The Package or is Unable To Receive It

In practice, it is generally accepted that the customer or contact person will be informed of the cargo delivery. Even though the consignee may have no information about the delivery, they can refuse the item, assuming it is misdelivered or misaddressed. Remembering the sender will guarantee that the cargo will be handled smoothly is the best approach to help achieve this.





The Bottom Line Is This:


Your cargo could be taking longer than expected or undelivered shipments, and you might be wondering why. Of course, each cargo is subject to several different variables, such as the weather, time of day, etc. However, there is no doubt that a solid delivery plan is a necessary precursor to the success of an eCommerce business.

Selecting a shipping service provider that meets your company’s demands will guarantee that your goods arrive on time.

When in doubt, use a shipping aggregator, such as NimbusPost. This courier aggregator allows the sellers to prioritize their demands better and suggest a courier partner meet their varied criteria.

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