Managing logistics is one of the fundamental parts of eCommerce business operations. Every eCommerce business regardless of its size needs a shipping partner to deliver the products to the customers. Though some retailers depend on third-party courier partners for their delivery needs, Right logistics partners like NimbusPost have become the latest go-to place for SMEs and large enterprises.

Whether you need domestic courier services or need to deliver across international locations, you can trust an advanced logistics platform for your all-inclusive shipping needs. Depending on the present phase of your business, you can decide to partner with a trusted logistics service provider to shift focus on your core business.

Let’s first understand what is eCommerce logistics and how it functions.


What Is Ecommerce Logistics?

When Amazon, the biggest online marketplace introduced its delivery within 24-48 hours policy, it set a benchmark for other eCommerce sellers. They too needed to improve their delivery timeline to stay ahead in the competition.

The usage of technology like machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine automation, IoT, etc. push the boundaries of eCommerce logistics. It not only gave a boost to the eCommerce sellers’ business but also proved to be an important factor in the accelerated growth of the logistics sector. Today, most eCommerce platforms are aiming to associate with tech-enabled logistics partners to improve their order fulfillment journey.


Why is Ecommerce Logistics Important For Businesses?

The primary goal of any eCommerce platform is to drive more sales while increasing customer loyalty simultaneously. The use of technology by third-party logistics partners has driven eCommerce companies to develop a holistic ecosystem including maximum channels.

Improved logistics operations can greatly assist your business to grow. You can easily fulfill the order requests, reverse logistics, COD shipping, and everything at once. As your business grows, you can expect the need to stock products in high volume, which further can be taken care of by your logistics partner. Therefore, partnering with a tech-enabled logistics platform can take your business to another level.





Finding The Right Logistics Partner

There are many courier partners options for domestic shipping, as well as international shipping needs. You need to make sure your to-be shipping partner has the following qualities.

Multiple Courier Options: Logistics platforms offer multiple courier options to help online sellers pick a shipping partner that offers the most reasonable shipping rates.

Courier Recommendation Engine: This is one of the most important features that you can use to check every courier partner’s shipping rates in a single place.

NDR Panel: If you choose a courier partner carefully, you can enjoy real-time access to the NDR panel where each shipment’s status update is available in real-time. This feature greatly helps in cutting down the RTO percentage of online sellers.

COD Settlements: A prominent shipping partner would offer you timely COD remittance. Some logistics platforms may even offer 24-hour remittance on request, depending on various parameters.

IVR facility for COD Orders: Technologically advanced shipping partners offer an automated cloud-calling feature to their customers. The feature helps in confirming the COD delivery orders before beginning the shipping process. The feature plays a crucial role in reducing the RTO as you can filter the spam orders and genuine orders before shipping them.

Serviceability Area: The widest pin code network you get, the more customers you will be able to serve. Therefore, your logistics partner should have serviceability across maximum pin codes.

Shipping Cost: This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing your shipping partner. As high shipping charges can reduce your profit margin, you should partner with a service provider that offers the minimum shipping rates.

Integration: A technologically advanced shipping platform should have end-to-end integration with eCommerce channels and marketplaces like Shopify, Unicommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, etc. Integrated shipping would help you ship directly from your eCommerce website.

Real-time Tracking: As a seller, you should be aware of the status of your shipments to avoid RTO and other hassles. Therefore, you should associate with a courier company that offers real-time tracking of each of your shipments while offering international and domestic courier services.





If you still find it difficult to make a decision, let us help you save your time by recommending the best shipping solution for your business. Though independent courier partners like Delhivery, Blue Dart, and XpressBees are your best options, NimbusPost is a platform where you can find all of these and many other leading courier names like Shadowfax, FedEx, DTDC, etc. Furthermore, NimbusPost meets all the criteria that make it the most suitable and affordable shipping partner for eCommerce businesses.

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