Undoubtedly, customer experience has become a prime focus for eCommerce sellers in today’s competitive world. Customers are the king, and they deserve the best service. Thus, the courier tracking feature is the ultimate tool to gain the trust of your customers, and it also helps eliminate the risk of buying goods online.

Value-adds such as tracking numbers, delivery notifications, and estimated delivery dates work in favour of eCommerce sellers. These add-on services will assist eCommerce sellers in retaining their customers and attracting new customers. So, in that case, you must hire a courier partner that provides you with a courier tracking feature.

An eCommerce order tracking service is the feature that the courier partner provides. It allows you to monitor all your online shipments and orders and communicate with your customers about the order status.

The eCommerce order tracking has amazing features like estimated delivery dates, shipment tracking, frequent updates on customer orders, etc. All these features together play a significant role in enhancing the customer experience. Letting buyers know about their orders is the motto of getting the parcel tracking feature.       


Why is the Order Tracking Feature a Must-Have?

Providing a courier tracking feature is now considered to be an important service for every eCommerce seller. There are several benefits for online merchants as well as for their customers.


1. Reduce Costs

As you have probably discovered that dealing with customer queries and complaints is a costly affair, you need to hire a professional for customer service or use a bot to respond to every complaint at a certain point.

But now, with the courier tracking feature, there are fewer inquiries. Automatically the tracking information reaches your customer. Order tracking automates the delivery process, putting less burden on you and your customer. It will save your costs and you can improve your customer experience. 


2. Meet customer needs and expectations

Today’s online shoppers have become accustomed to having visibility into their placed orders. Online shopping demands order tracking. Thus having an order tracking system is mandatory for every online brand if you don’t want to lose your business to competitors or major retailers. 

If you are unable to provide the expected level of service, shoppers will move to your competitor. By providing shipment tracking, you can give up-to-date information to your customers. It will help meet your customers’ expectations. As a result, they will buy products from you and even share them with their friends. Keeping customers in a loop will also eliminate confusion on your end.


3. You must have control over order fulfilment

Do you think your job is completed once the box is packed and reaches your customer? No, your work starts from there. First, you must hire a courier partner that provides a courier tracking feature so that you can maintain more control over the shipment. If you do not have a tracking feature, there will be a backlog of emails from your unhappy customers.

Yes, customer acquisition is indeed the best! But the real happiness is to gain a repeat customer. With the tracking feature, you can win more sales and earn lifetime customers.


The Best Courier Partners With Tracking Feature

Tracking is the backbone for running an online store! You will find a dedicated tracking facility to monitor your orders with the following shipping tracking courier partners.



Everyone who has ever sent their parcel via courier must have heard the name DHL. Known for its uncomplicated tracking option, DHL offers its clients a simple courier tracking feature. You have to enter the tracking numbers and track the order. You can track up to 10 parcels at a time.

To track your order on DHL, you need to choose the shipment type, like, express shipping, enter your tracking number, and track your parcel.




With its Hermes ParcelShops and Courier Collections, Hermes is one of the biggest parcel delivery providers in the UK.

Tracking data is accessible online on their Tracking Portal the same day you create a shipment.



Being one of the most reliable courier companies in the UK since 2008, you may follow the progress of your shipment on their website with your tracking number and delivery postcode, or you can download the Yodel Parcel Tracker app to get delivery updates on the go, including a two-hour delivery window for every Yodel delivery.


NimbusPost Tracking

NimbusPost, a renowned shipping aggregator in the UK with 15+ courier options on its platform, has gained popularity among eCommerce sellers for offering automated tracking updates. It provides buyers with the complete tracking status via automated SMS notifications and email. With Custom Tracking URLs, NimbusPost enhances your brand loyalty and increases customer retention through its white-labelled customisable tracking URLs.



DTDC is one of the most trusted delivery services in the UK because of its economical and cost-effective shipping services. The logistics supplier has been operating successfully for more than 20 years with operations over 10,000 locations. To track your parcels on DTDC, use the DTDC AWB No. or the relevant reference number. One can also track up to 25 shipments simultaneously, separated by a comma.




Who will be the Best Courier Buddy for You?

Yes, many courier partners offer fabulous tracking features. Indeed, NimbusPost is the best among the listed courier partners, as it provides real-time courier tracking features to its eCommerce clients. With its automated tracking update and Customer Tracking URL feature, NimbusPost is a great courier partner to go to. Check out the NimbusPost website to know its amazing features.

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