Benefits of Marketing eCommerce Business through WhatsApp

Today, big brands and startups use WhatsApp to market their eCommerce business. WhatsApp eCommerce marketing is taking centre stage as brands employ conversational marketing in their business to engage with customers. Let’s understand how:

Days back, when we used to go to brick-and-mortar stores, a healthy conversation with sales clerks acted as a one-stop solution that clarified all our doubts. And sometimes we often came out buying things we did not intend to at first.

That is the power of conversational marketing.

Businesses that are closest to their customers always win. Companies use WhatsApp automation to engage with customers substantially, and they leverage the power of conversational marketing to reach out to customers and personalize their shopping experience. According to an AiSensy report, 15 million businesses use WhatsApp Business in India because WhatsApp has a 45%-60% conversion rate.

If WhatsApp marketing is still a mystery for you then this article will help you.


WhatsApp is a messaging app with over 487 million active users in India. WhatsApp eCommerce marketing is a type of messenger marketing where businesses use the platform to send personalized automated SMS to customers with the intent to increase engagement and sales.


1.   High Conversion and Click-through Rate

While an eCommerce website conversion rate is around 3%, emails and text messages have approximately 15%, and WhatsApp business single-handedly accounts for a conversion rate of 40%- 60%. That means, out of 10 users who receive your message on WhatsApp, 4 to 6 will open your message and are likely to convert into customers.


2.    Strong Customer Relationship

For building a solid customer relationship, personalizing the marketing tactics is vital. Customers are more likely to respond to personalized offers than others, and WhatsApp allows you to start one-on-one conversations with your customer.

On WhatsApp, you can send promotional messages about your latest product and enhance customer support with the help of WhatsApp business API.


3.   Opportunity to Drive Huge Sales

WhatsApp has the highest open rate compared to other channels, and this is a pool of opportunities for businesses to 10x their sales. In addition, WhatsApp is a primary messaging app for most people, so with the help of instant messaging, these apps are potential tools to drive sales and high ROI.


Use-Cases of WhatsApp business for eCommerce

There are numerous opportunities to utilize WhatsApp eCommerce. From offering quick customer support to maximizing sales by upselling products.


Personalized Service

With WhatsApp business, you can tweak offers, discounts, and coupons in line with your customer interest.

Apart from promoting offers and coupons, you can use this channel to gather customer feedback and after-sales experience through automated SMS. This will inspire you to improve what is lacking and show customers that you care for them.


Quick Customer Support

With WhatsApp, you can offer quick customer support for all customer queries before, during, and after purchase. By integrating WhatsApp business API automation, brands have seen a noticeable drift in support efficiency and sales. Businesses that answer customers’ queries within 30 minutes have increased customer retention rates and average order value.


Order, Shipping, and Delivery Updates

Customers proactively expect their order and delivery status from the company they’ve purchased. Traditionally, businesses sent emails and text messages that were less engaging and impersonal and had a low open rate. But with the help of WhatsApp business API, you can merge your business account with your logistics aggregator to send shipping updates to customers in a personalized way.


Upselling and Cross-selling with Product Recommendation

You can recommend products according to customer interest and buying history to upsell more products. With the help of the WhatsApp conversation feature, many businesses understand their customer’s needs and preferences, educate them in their buying journey, and upsell products of their interest.



How to create a stellar WhatsApp marketing strategy for eCommerce


Setup WhatsApp Business Account First

You need a WhatsApp business account to market your eCommerce business on WhatsApp. The process of account setup is straightforward; you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download WhatsApp for Business app
  • Verify your business phone number
  • Set up your business name and profile


The app is available on both android and IOS platforms.

WhatsApp business API is different from WhatsApp business; to use WhatsApp business API, you need to integrate it with a third-party business software because it has no interface or app.


Setup Goals and KPIs to Monitor

To start a WhatsApp marketing campaign, determine your end goal and break it into a process. Then, brainstorm and find loopholes in previous marketing campaigns and set key performance indicators like open rate, conversion rate, and retention rate.

Take inspiration from your previous marketing campaigns, and think about what went wrong and what are things to improve. This will help you make your marketing campaign successful.


Pin Down and Personalize Your Target Customers

Identifying the right audience is crucial, not only in eCommerce but in every business. Of course, you can’t serve everyone, so funnel down who your target customers are, their age group, interest, and psychology. Knowing your customer will help you offer personalized service to them.


Build a Contact List

Next, you need a list of your customer details. You can build a contact list by placing subscription forms on different pages of your website, using lead magnets, by advertising on social media platforms. Also, there are certain websites which sell details of customers.


Create Your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Now you’ve everything, a goal, target audience, and contact list. Start creating your WhatsApp marketing campaign, focus on a message approach with no calls and your automated messages should be short and to the point because customers ignore long messages.

Use templates that entertain and educate about your product to the customers. For example, do not tell about your product’s features; instead, show how customers will benefit from your product. In addition, try to engage customers in conversation by asking questions or queries and making them reply to your message.


Deliver Great Customer Service with WhatsApp Automation

Your job does not end with pitching your products. Always send messages asking for feedback and sales experience, and give instant customer support if customers face any hindrances. In addition, provide live updates on shipping and information about your new products, discounts, and various offers.





WhatsApp eCommerce marketing is one of the most effective strategies that give a high return on investment with a low acquisition cost. Every business should use WhatsApp business to engage with customers and drive sales.

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