While trying to choose the best eCommerce solution for an online business, most proprietors fail to comprehend their needs and prospects. Some online businesses also fail because their owners tend to blindly follow the herd and join popular eCommerce platforms without realizing their benefits. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll talk about the top three eCommerce platforms – Shopify, Unicommerce, and WooCommerce. These platforms are mainly suggested for start-ups owing to their low investment and management requirements.


Let us first understand these three eCommerce platforms individually before comparing them with one another.



Shopify allows small businesses and individuals to sell their products online on its cloud-based eCommerce platform. Nonetheless, it only offers a free trial for 14 days, after which the sellers would need to buy a monthly plan from the two options. Upon joining Shopify, the sellers are asked about their  selling products, pricing, brand name, etc., to create their storefront.


The registered sellers can also manage their inventory and products via their Shopify store. Shipping options and customer payment processing are two additional features that most sellers get on Shopify. In addition, sellers on Shopify can market their products through their website, physical store, social media handles, and several other ways to boost their business.



WooCommerce is among the most preferred eCommerce platform among online sellers  and start-ups. Its flexible platform enables over 30% of eCommerce stores to rank among the best one million worldwide websites. Besides, it is merely a web plugin that assists sellers in building their eCommerce stores or online sites using WordPress.


After using WooCommerce, the sellers can market their products physically and digitally. In addition, they may enjoy automatic tax sorting, inventory management, and payment security features with this plugin. Overall, WooCommerce is free, open-source, start-up friendly, extremely flexible, responsive, and secure.



Unicommerce is a SaaS provider for warehouse and inventory management of eCommerce companies. In addition, it has a multi-channel platform that helps large, medium, or small vendors to sell their products in most marketplaces. It also helps such vendors to push their inventory stock, check their orders, generate invoices, and dispatch the products. The sellers only have to use Unicommerce’s SaaS platform, and all their marketplace details are synced into one place.





Shopify vs Unicommerce vs WooCommerce

The basic information of these three eCommerce platforms is mentioned in their respective sections. Here, we will compare these three on our selected protocols. From there, you can adjudge which one is the best for your business and its growth. The parameters are:


Free Trial or Version

Shopify gives a free trial for 14 days; whereas, WooCommerce is a completely free version eCommerce platform. Unicommerce is a SaaS platform, implying that sellers have to use this software to boost their business.



Shopify and WooCommerce were mentioned among the best 20 eCommerce software in 2020. On the other hand, Unicommerce is yet to be mentioned among the top names.



The Customer Relationship Management feature allows sellers to connect with their buyers and focus on their satisfaction. Both WooCommerce and Shopify have interesting CRM features on their respective eCommerce platforms, while Unicommerce is missing this feature as of now.


Data Security

Only WooCommerce has unmatched Data Security as compared to Unicommerce and Shopify.


Email Marketing

Shopify, Unicommerce, and WooCommerce – all these platforms have email marketing facilities.


Inventory Management

Similar to the email marketing facility, all the above-listed platforms help in managing sellers’ inventory.


Mobile Access

Shopify, WooCommerce, and Unicommerce – all three platforms are accessible on mobile.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Only Shopify has a multi-channel marketing feature that gives it the top ranking in the list of best eCommerce platforms. On the other hand, both Unicommerce and WooCommerce offer Omnichannel marketing features.


Promotions Management

Both WooCommerce and Shopify allow sellers to promote their products on social media, online stores, and other platforms with a few taps. Unfortunately, Unicommerce does not permit sellers the same.


Returns Management

Whenever a product is returned to any seller, it is a loss for him/her. However, Shopify, Unicommerce, and WooCommerce offer the sellers smart return management features to help them minimize the product return cost.


Reviews Management

WooCommerce allows buyers to review the sellers on its eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, it is not available on both Shopify and Unicommerce. In this way, WooCommerce has an edge over these two.


SEO Management

SEO – Search Engine Optimization! All these three eCommerce platforms help sellers promote their product listing on leading search engines. Besides, the sellers only need to list their products in an organized manner, and these platforms do the rest of the work.



Only WooCommerce offers templates to the sellers for customizing their online stores, product listing, etc. On the other hand, on Shopify and Unicommerce, the sellers have to accept whatever standard templates these platforms have to offer.





Which One Is Best For You?

Many eCommerce platforms have become popular in 2021, considering the online demand and supply chain. Therefore, the selection of any eCommerce  platform solely depends on sellers’ specific business requirements and future perspectives. The sellers can analyze the respective features and benefits of WooCommerce, Unicommerce, or Shopify in the above headers.


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