The festive season has always been the most promising time of the year for businesses. As we reach the end of the year, the festive season can be seen in full swing. This year, virtual queues may have replaced the bustling high streets, but the season’s sale is expected to shoot up. Irrespective of the product you sell, you can grow your eCommerce business at Christmas. So, let’s take a look at the preparations you can do to increase your sale this festive season.


Tactics to Grow Your Online Business this Festive Season


Though the pandemic made people leave out on many things last festive season, people have found their ways to enjoy the festivities. Nearly half of the consumers say they would prefer doing Christmas shopping from online stores. Many brick-and-mortar stores shut down last year due to the distressing pandemic situation which means the online retailers need to gear up to fulfill the customer needs. As marketing helps you reach the right customers at the right time, use some of the following marketing strategies for better sales.


1. Get Your Store Festive Ready


It’s the perfect time to give your online store the look and feel of the festive season. We have Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more festivals lined up this month. So, if you have a retail store, you could add a few Christmas trees or some happy, winter cheer to your physical store to invite more footfall.


Similarly, if you run an online store, you can add some holiday cheer to your website design. Since a banner is the most noticeable part of a website, you could get creative with it to reflect the festive feel for your website visitors. If you’re offering some discounts and deals, you may also use some phrases like “Secret Santa Sale”, and more.


2. Create a Festive Collection of Products


Analyze the market trends carefully and see what products are selling better than others from your kind of brands. Get a collection of products that are more likely to sell in the season, offer a discount on some of those items and you’re all set to grow your eCommerce business with the Christmas season sale. You may also want to use some effective Christmas/New Year promotion ideas by setting up a new landing page for specific festivals.


3. Offer Discounts and Deals Keeping Buyers’ Behaviour in Mind


While the light and cheer on your online store would attract visitors, they certainly expect more during festivals. You can offer some attractive deals or other benefits during the festive season. Assess the consumer psychology in mind and create the offers accordingly to make the most of it and increase your sales. Following are some kinds of offers you may want to use for your online store.

  • % flat off
  • % off on select items
  • % off on defined cart value
  • Free shipping with no minimum cart value
  • Buy A, Get B at discounted price





4. Reach out to subscribers by mail


During the festive or holiday season, it’s important to inform your customers about your latest offers. Reach out to your existing customers and subscribers via email marketing. Since a one-time announcement won’t help much, start by giving them a sneak peek into the discount or sale. Gradually, share another emailer to nudge your subscribers to create wish lists.


If you’re taking pre-orders at discounted rates, share the information via emailers as well. Plus, you can keep your subscribers engaged by sharing their purchase history, browsing history, and more.


5. Set Up Social Media Ads to Grab Attention


Today, about two-thirds of online shoppers use social media for shopping. However, social media posts or videos are not enough to grab customers’ attention. You should leverage social media ads to get noticed by potential buyers. Depending on the platform your audience is most active on, you can create ads, announcing your discounts.







Once you’ve taken care of all the marketing tactics to increase your sales, you need to have a solid logistics plan. An efficient logistics partner not just helps you with timely deliveries, but it’s way too important in building your brand value. Your customers know nothing about your brand unless they receive your product, which is why their delivery experience matters a lot.


Whether you run search engine ads, leverage content marketing, or reach out to your customers on Whatsapp, it all comes down to providing a good customer experience. Taking care of marketing, logistics, and everything else properly will surely help you increase your eCommerce business this festive season. You can opt for a free sign-up to NimbusPost in case you’re looking for an economical and reliable logistics partner. As the platform offers 27+ courier partners that enable delivery across 29000+ pin codes, you can get maximum logistics benefits for your online business.

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