The growth of eCommerce around the world has significantly multiplied since its rise during the 1990s. The shift to digital and advanced technology in eCommerce has fundamentally impacted how we do business. Whether it’s purchasing a physical product or booking an appointment, customers are becoming acclimated to buying more products and services online. This makes it essential for your business to provide potential customers with a seamless online shopping experience. Many eCommerce businesses make the process of choosing from the list of eCommerce platforms into account as their business foundation.

Building an eCommerce website is not difficult these days, but choosing the right eCommerce platform is something that can make or break your eCommerce business. But the question is how do you know which platform is best for your growing business? Which features should you look for? With so many choices, your search for the best can get overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we put together the following list of the best eCommerce platforms for successful businesses. Sift through it and pick the one that suits your business.


Best eCommerce Platforms for Businesses


Starting in 2004, Shopify is widely regarded as the best eCommerce platform and trusted by millions of businesses worldwide.

With Shopify, you can set up an effective eCommerce site without writing any code, designing, or doing anything technical. Providing a full CMS, Shopify allows you to manage the functionality and layout of your online store easily.

Shopify also offers features to help you sell everywhere, including your online store, social media, online marketplaces as well as retail locations.

Shopify supports a comprehensive range of MasterCard, so you don’t have to worry about the payment conflict issue in your store. Also, you can make sure the data of your customer and store is safe as Shopify has level 1 PCI compliance and 256-bit SSL encryption for security.

Also, the platform offers unlimited bandwidth and online storage, so your prices won’t go up as your e-commerce site gets more traffic and sales.


Magento eCommerce

Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms in the world. Only a few eCommerce platforms empower users to effortlessly upgrade, disable, and update their websites, and Magento is one of them. Magento offers almost everything to set up the best eCommerce website.

Some outstanding benefits of using Magento as an eCommerce platform are cited following.

Versatile Content Management: The backend and content management interface conform to the standard “what you see is what you get” which allows businesses to build and customize features on their online stores on the fly.

Versatile Setup: Magento UI and shopping cart configurations are receptive to cell phones, tablets, and other cell phones.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization: With SEO efficiency, it gives online stores more chances to rank high on search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.

Sturdy and Extensive: The platform allows a site with up to 500,000 products and handles 80,000 orders per hour.

Third-party Integrations: Magento enables you to easily integrate your online stores with third apps such as MailChimp, Google Shopping, and more.

Customizable Security Authorizations: Magento supports you to customize multiple levels of security consent, control internal access, and ensure your site’s safety.

Save Time and Money: Magento is open-source and through one instance of Magento, you can manage numerous eCommerce stores with various currencies and languages.



Template Monster

TemplateMonster is truly a game-changer in website templates. It features 120K+ digital products, including designs for all possible eCommerce platforms. The benefits you’ll get with TemplateMonster are:

  • Reliable product support
  • Top-of-the-line quality
  • Wide variety of designs for all niches and purposes
  • Built-in advanced features and considerably more.

Lastly, you save time utilizing ready-made options built to help you promote your online shop from the very first day.

So, if you are not afraid to be stuck for choice, the TemplateMonster marketplace is the ideal place for you to get everything rolling.



Elementor is an intuitive page builder for WordPress. It’s designed for you to build comprehensive websites, code-free. And, with powerful features and widgets, Elementor can be used to create a one-of-a-kind online store. You can leverage 20 remarkable eCommerce widgets to build the store you’ve always wanted.



3DCart is a powerful and secure eCommerce platform. Comes with over 200 built-in features, and 50 free themes, offers SEO options, and supports over 100 payment processors.

With 3Dcart your website data and customer information are kept highly secured as the company offers several security features including level 1 PCI hosting, admin access, SSL certificate, IP blocking security feature, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 monitoring of data centers.



BigCommerce is renowned as the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platform. The platform is also known for its low cost of ownership and highly flexible APIs.

BigCommerce provides you with a comprehensive set of best eCommerce business tools with a variety of features.

Businesses covering both B2C and B2B customers can use BigCommerce as it makes it easier to create different price lists or catalogs for different customer groups.



WooCommerce is best for eCommerce businesses with an existing WordPress site. This platform is open source so it’s highly customizable. Through its secure payment processor, WooCommerce ensures PCI compliance and secures communications between your customers and your server.




There truly is no inclusive answer when it comes to finding the best eCommerce platform available. Numerous business decisions are novel to your organization and your specific objectives. Whether budget or features are the priority, or something different, there’s an eCommerce platform out there for every business. Once you’ve picked the best eCommerce platform for your business, we would recommend opting for NimbusPost’s shipping services to handle your logistics seamlessly.

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