CRM, in a nutshell, means getting to know your current customers better so you can serve them better. In short, CRM tools help you do more than just find new clients and retain the old ones. Every company may require a CRM with different functionality depending on their particular requirement. However, when it comes to the eCommerce sector, the CRM tools should be tailored to help the sales. Let’s find out more about the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and its benefits.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

CRM software makes it easier to collect, manage and organize information about your customers. Using a CRM-focused strategy, an eCommerce business can improve its relationships with customers. In addition, it can boost their sales, make the most of their cross-selling/upselling efforts, and make the most of their marketing efforts.

Advantages of a CRM Software for eCommerce Businesses

Now that you know what CRM software is, you can now easily understand its benefits.

  • With the right CRM software, you can improve your business’ sales graph. In a nutshell, small eCommerce businesses need to spend money on CRM software.
  • With CRM software, you can digitalize entering lead information. You can also reduce the chance of mistakes and wrong entries.
  • Get CRM software that keeps customer information secret to prevent it from coming out.
  • Integrating social media, email and SMS can assist you in running targeted advertising campaigns.
  • You can’t keep track of all the sales details manually. On the other hand, online CRM software can help keep track of everything.
  • Customer relationship management helps you close deals in your sales pipeline quicker. As a result, it becomes easier for everyone in the sales funnels to talk to each other.
  • The sales CRMsoftware’s main features help with sales and marketing automation: analytics and reporting.
  • As an eCommerce business owner, you should look for a good solution that won’t break the bank.





List of the Best Ten CRM tools for eCommerce Businesses in India


Let’s look at how online CRM software can make it easier for small businesses in India to keep track of their customers with less work. With ezeeCRM software, you can grow your sales in numbers and streamline your major sales tasks. On the other hand, the sales CRM software is a great way to manage SMS and email workflow. You can also keep track of business leads and opportunities and automate the workforce with a sales CRM system.

1. Salesforce Cloud Software (CRM)

Salesforce is a US-based multinational company with its headquarters in San Francisco. It is also the company that made Salesforce a complete CRM system. The Salesforce software has several important features, like managing contacts, opportunities, leads, and emails. In addition, you can use Sales Forecasting, Approvals, Workflow, Files Share, and Files Sync for your business.

2. CircleOne

CircleOne CRM application by Bluewhirl Technologies lets your business connect with customers through channels like phone, social media, and email. Besides, it has an omnichannel chatbot feature. It ensures your business is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for customers. The main benefit of Bluewhirl CircleOne is that it lets you interact with customers in many different ways.

3. Solid Performers CRM

Solid Performers is a cloud-based CRM software that is the most useful software your customer relations management team can request for. It sends strong alerts that remind executives to trace back the best lead. In addition, it has a CRM benefit that lets you upload 5000+ leads in just one minute.

4. ezeeCRM

Software like ezeeCRM is also used to manage sales pipelines based on how leads are sorted by territory and other factors. It gives you options for how to report, so you can manage your campaigns. Also, you can measure how well your sales team is doing.

As a sales force automation CRM tool, it is good to keep track of deals and make quotes. Other modules that come with this software support email clients. This layout can be changed, and the ability to organize contacts into multiple groups.

5. Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM software for eCommerce businesses is one of the best CRM programmes in India. It helps you keep track of leads, close deals faster, and improve sales activities. In addition, Zoho has many useful built-in features, such as sales performance and multi-channel communication. It also has room for customization, sales productivity, readiness, and automation for enterprises.

6. Freshsales 

With the Freshsales CRM system, you can change your online presence to match your business goals. Besides, users can switch between different currencies and languages when working with foreign clients. This CRM software makes it easy to import data and gives you tools and live chat to get insights in real-time. Moreover, it is created in India and is among the best examples of CRM Software. It helps manage leads, track email and phone communication with customers, manage workflows, and make reports.

7. Maple CRM Software

Small and medium-sized businesses in India trust Denisys’ Maple CRM. 500+ Indian companies use it to keep and please their customers. In addition, it comes with a Quotation Builder, automated lead assignment, Invoice Builder, team management, workflow automation, and access control.

8. SalesBabu CRM

SalesBabu is among the best CRM software that automates your eCommerce business needs. It helps you make more sales with advanced technology like inventory management, after-sales service, payroll, and expense management. In addition, it helps with online ERP, GST billing software, and customer helpdesk.





9. SalezShark 

SalezShark’s software helps small eCommerce businesses to get to know their customers better so they can make more money. Also, it has cool features like marketing automation, sales automation, a unified data solution, relationship intelligence, and an Outlook add-in.

10. Agile CRM Tool

Agile combines marketing and sales feature so that salespeople can sell more effectively and customers can be fully engaged. Clients of Agile CRM systems can use exciting features like telephony, project management, scheduling appointments, lead scoring, email tracking, marketing automation, mobile marketing, etc.

The Bottom Line

Most companies use CRM tools heavily to keep their organization’s workflows running smoothly and maintain a good relationship with their customers. Did you find any of the listed online CRM software helpful for your eCommerce business? You can book a demo of the software you’re interested in, and the company will make sure you get one in no time.

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