Did you know the way you manage the logistics of your appliance business could affect your market repute? Yes, your shipping appliances management could greatly impact your business growth, that’s why choosing a logistics partner is an important task to do. How? Let’s get into step-by-step details. Like any other business, customer satisfaction must be one of your goals. And, to achieve that you must take care of your customers’ overall experience with your eCommerce platform. If the appliances ordered by your customers don’t reach them in the condition they expected, you are likely to attract bad feedback. And, once a customer has a bad experience, he/she is less likely to return to your online platform.

A Reliable Logistics Partner Is The Solution


The perfect solution to the above issue is to find a reliable logistics partner for delivery to ensure products are delivered safely to the customers’ doorstep. While most sellers pay keen attention to the quality of products they offer to their customers, they tend to ignore the importance of managing their logistics operations properly. As appliances have several mechanized parts, connectors, knobs, and delicate surfaces, moving out or transporting them is a challenging job. Only some reliable courier partners can offer effective shipping services for appliances. Whether you need to ship the small-sized appliances or some of the hardest-to-handle products like laundry machines, refrigerators, ovens, etc., trusting leading courier companies is a smarter choice.




Tips To Choose A Suitable Shipping Partner


A logistics partner is ideal for your shipping needs if it offers the following benefits.

  • Enhanced distribution network: A business needs to cater to customers’ demands across as many locations as possible to increase its presence. Therefore, a shipping partner that offers product distribution across various pin codes would be most suitable for your eCommerce business.
  • Cost reduction: Shipping goods via a courier partner is a costly process. Therefore, it’s important to choose a logistics partner that offers a free subscription to the platform and minimum shipping rates.
  • Transparency: Having shipment transparency is of utmost importance irrespective of the type of products you are selling online. You must have information about how many shipments are in transit and how many orders couldn’t be delivered and due to which reason. As many logistics companies offer an NDR panel to sellers, it helps them in acting on RTOs at the earliest.
  • Post-shipping order tracking: The order tracking tool is an important feature that a logistics partner should be able to offer to their customers. It not only offers current updates of a shipment but is also useful in case a shipment gets lost during transit. The seller can claim his/her loss from the shipping partner.



Best Courier Partners For Shipping Appliances


As appliances may get damaged during handling and packing, many courier partners don’t offer shipping services for these items. If you are an eCommerce seller looking for a shipping partner to deliver small or large household appliances to your customers, you’ve landed at the right place. Read on to know the most suitable courier partners for logistics delivery of appliances.

  • FedEx: A prominent name in the logistics industry, FedEx has marked its presence across several countries as a dependable courier partner. You can choose FedEx for the distribution of all-sized appliances at reasonable prices. You can trust the brand’s market reputation for delivering small or large household appliances within a stipulated timeline.
  • Blue Dart: Blue Dart’s reviews have been amazing for shipping all kinds of products to any part of the world. The wide delivery reach of the courier company makes it one of the most trusted names for shipping.
  • DHL: DHL is one of the most prominent names in the logistics industry. It not only delivers the goods safely to customers’ designated locations but sellers can also offer installation or mounting of furniture, household appliances, electronics, and other items by availing its man-handling services.
  • Gati: Counted among the oldest courier companies in India, Gati has maintained the quality of its shipping services over decades. You can safely choose Gati as your courier partner to ship appliances across the country. As the company offers its shipping cost calculator, you can use it for rate calculation and transit time for each shipment.
  • NimbusPost: While the above-mentioned courier partners are the safest for shipping small and big appliances, choosing NimbusPost over all others has many merits for online sellers. As a tech-enabled logistics partner, NimbusPost brings 27+ national and local courier partners (DHL, Delhivery, FedEx, Blue Dart, etc.) to its platform. Using its features like NDR panel, courier recommendation engine, auto cloud-calling feature, etc., sellers can ensure minimum RTO and higher profit margin. As the company offers shipping across 29000+ pin codes, you can increase your customer base by offering delivery in even the remotest locations.

There are hundreds of shipping partners available out there which can make it difficult to choose the best one. Based on the above information, you can make an informed decision as you look for the best-fitting courier partner for your specific business needs.

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