There are many ways to get the products where they need to go. For example, one can transport products by rail, road, cargo ships, and air freight carrier planes. As a result, most online sellers often ask us, “What is the best way to get the products to their destination?” Most cargo trips are multimodal, which means they use more than one way to get to their destination. When deciding how to ship your products, you can select one or more product shipping modes. Think about how your packed product will travel for the longest time.

Many Ways to Ship Products – Which is the Best Shipping Mode?

Choosing a main mode of transportation is a big decision that affects many things. Some examples are delivery speed, shipping cost, the chances of damage or delays, and the environmental effect. First, we will talk about the pros and cons of each type of transportation.

1. Sea Freight: The best way to ship goods around the world

Let us start with cargo shipping mode, the most well-known way to move freight. Before airplanes were invented, the sole way to send packages across the ocean was in a ship that could go through the water. Packages’ transportation is successful, no matter how they get from one place to another. We are listing below some benefits of Sea Freight Mode for shipping online products.

Worldwide Reach

Sea transport is more likely to be slowed down by bad or harsh weather. It is usually slower to move products, but what it lacks in speed makes up for in reach.

Today, you can ship products almost anywhere by sea or by availing of international courier services. This is because there is almost always an entry port nearby.



The sea can send any cargo size at a very low cost. By barge, large amounts of packaged products or heavy shipments can move long distances and short distances over land or oceans. All courier servicesallow freight forwarders to share a room in their containers with other shippers. So, it is to move smaller volumes like cases, bottles, pallets, IBCs, and drums at reasonable prices.

2. Air Freight: A fast way to send important, perishable, or valuable products

Fast Delivery

When time is important, nothing beats air freight cargo. Cargo aircraft usually fly at about 900 kilometers every hour. Also, cargo planes usually fly in straight lines, so there is no chance of an aerial traffic jam, making product delivery in India easy. It makes air freight even faster for online sellers to deliver their goods. The trade-off is that this makes air freight the costliest to move goods and the biggest source of carbon emissions.

B. Less Risk

Still, air shipping is a very safe way to get around. Perishable products have a short shelf life. On the other hand, high-value products need tight security measures. It makes them both perfect for air freight. When it comes to packaging, product damage is less likely to happen on the way because flight routes can be changed in harsh weather.



3. Rail freight: Fast, reliable, and good for the environment

If the delivery route is on land, rail freight is one of the most underrated ways to move cargo. This type of shipping mode is reliable, safe, and fast, and there are not many delays.


When you plan how to ship your goods, the most important thing is almost always to meet the deadline for delivery. So, it is important to choose a logistics transportation mode or a leading delivery company that will be reliable. Rail freight transport is just that. Most climatic conditions do not affect trains. In addition, railway authorities keep track of how many people can use the tracks at once, so you will never get stuck in a traffic jam. There is also not much reason to stop along the way, and most services go straight to the destination.


One of the best things about rail freight transportation is keeping its cargo safe. Old movies and stories about the past show great train robberies and the products they carry being stolen as easy pickings. When in fact, it is not at all like that. There is not much theft from freight trains. One of the safest ways to move your best courier goods on land is through freight terminals and railways, safe places with low crime rates.

4. Road transportation: Beginning or Ending of all

The second most typical way to get things from one place to another is by road, the easiest and fastest way to deliver products within the same country.

Integral Transport

Products must be moved by road at least part of the way for every logistical move, if not the whole way. So, it is the second most common way and the most important way to get products around. Like sea freight, road transportation can offer both LCL and full container load services under cargo services to those who pay for freight. On the road, though, there can be more contact points, making the costs of sharing trailers and containers less.

Minimized documentation

When it comes to paperwork, road freight is also easier, especially if trucks do not cross borders. In addition, products are moved quickly by road because there are numerous haulers with varied vehicles to move your goods.


How You Get Around Depends on What is Most Important to You

You may have noticed that none of the ways to ship cargo is better than the others. In short, you should weigh down the risk and cost against the cargo type and fastest courier service, how quickly it needs to be delivered, and other problems.

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