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NimbusPost assists you in finding the most reliable domestic courier service in Lakhimpur. Choose the most suited courier partner from 27+ options to fit your specific needs for timely pickup and safest delivery.

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    Features & Benefits

    Multiple Courier Partners & Maximum Reach

    Leverage our advanced shipping rate calculator to find your best shipping match from 27+ local & national courier partners to deliver across 29000+ pin codes.

    AI-powered Fraud Detection & Order Filtration

    By creating a tech-enabled logistics eco-system, we promise to offer maximum transparency and the lowest RTO percentage through our shipping services.

    Plug & Play Integrations

     Integrate your online store built on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, PrestaShop, and other channels to experience a seamless order fulfilment process.

    Cloud-Based Call Center & Support Solution

    Manage COD verifications via IVR,
    NDR calls, and customer support
    swiftly with our advanced logistics
    services to scaleyour business growth.

    Quickest COD Remittance & Support

    Get access to your money
    whenever you need it. Enjoy bi-weekly
    payments for COD orders for non-stop cash flow.

    Find Courier Services In Your City

    Managing shipments is no more a hassle when you have the right logistics partner by your side. We empower your eCommerce business with our tech-enabled shipping platform that comes with multiple courier options, maximum delivery reach, shipping rate calculator, NDR panel, automated cloud-calling feature, channel and marketplace integrations, real-time order tracking feature, and more benefits.

    Scale your logistics operations by streamlining the order fulfilment process. Leverage our worldwide fulfilment centers to store inventory near your customers and deliver at the quickest. Plus, get real-time access to the NDR panel to reduce the RTO percentage.

    Whether you need Best Courier Service in Lakhimpur, we’ve got you covered with our diverse logistics solutions. As a tech-enabled shipping partner, we ensure your logistics operations are carried out in the most cost-efficient manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start shipping with NimbusPost?

    Just signup, recharge your wallet and start placing orders within minutes. You will receive a call from our sales team within an hour of your first recharge to explain all the details. In case of any urgent queries, you can send your queries to hello@nimbuspost.com or care@nimbuspost.com and we will reach out to you at the earliest!

    Is NimbusPost a courier partner?

    No. NimbusPost is a logistics aggregator that partners with 27+ leading local and national courier partners to make the shipping faster, easier and cost-effective.


    How is NimbusPost different from single courier providers??
    NimbusPost is a tech-enabled courier aggregator that gives you access to all the leading courier providers in India. We act as a single touchpoint between you and multiple carriers to save you the hassle of reaching out to different shipping partners individually. Moreover, our order fulfilment team is committed to delivering timely shipments regardless of your order volumes. In short, you get better performance, better customer service, better Tech/integration, and increased financial transparency at cheaper rates than your direct courier partner.

    How can NimbusPost help me in reducing my return ratio (RTO)?
    The return ratio for Cash on Delivery Orders is much higher than that of prepaid orders. Cancellations/rejections post shipping can be decreased by an order confirmation call. Fake remarks are also a sad reality of the logistics industry in India and can be avoided through a well-planned NDR process. NimbusPost provides both these services to our clients – and we have seen an RTO ratio decrease of around 20%* just by implementing these two processes.

    Does NimbusPost sell any products online?
    No. NimbusPost is a logistics aggregator that partners with leading Indian carriers and courier companies to make shipping faster, easier, and cost-effective for our clients. We do not sell any products online or offline.

    Which carriers have NimbusPost partnered with?

    NimbusPost has partnered with 27+ leading Indian couriers such as Delhivery, FedEx, Blue Dart, XpressBees, Shadowfax, DHL, UPS, Gati, and more.

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