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  • DTDC
  • Blue Dart
  • Delhivery
  • XpressBees
  • FedEx
  • Ecom Express
  • DotZot
  • Gati
  • Shadowfax
  • Aramex
  • Ekart Logistics
  • Dunzo
  • DHL
  • UPS

The largest supplier of express package services in India, DTDC Express Limited offers end-to-end shipping
solutions with diversified offerings such as Express, Domestic, International, Supply Chain Solutions, 3PL,
Warehousing, E-commerce, E-fulfillment, Cross Border, Shipment Tracking, at the most competitive courier
charges. DTDC Express Limited has a presence in more than 500 district headquarters and provides services to
more than 11,400 pin codes while managing more than 12.5 million shipments monthly thanks to its extensive
network of more than 11,000 franchisees.

Why Choose DTDC

  • Multi-stop trucking with a 1,500+ fleet
  • Express premium shipments under DTDCShipAssure with MBG
  • 14,000+ pin code coverage with multi-modal logistics
  • Customised air and freight solutions
  • Time-sensitive shipping to 220+ countries and territories
  • Temperature-controlled deliveries with an advanced shipment tracking system

Why Choose DTDC + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes
Blue Dart

The leading express air, integrated transportation & distribution firm Blue Dart Express Ltd., provides safe
and dependable delivery of packages to more than 55,400 locations throughout India. As a part of the DHL
eCommerce Solutions division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, Blue Dart has access to the largest and most
comprehensive express and logistics network in the world, which spans over 220 countries and territories. Blue
Dart provides a full range of distribution services, including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain
solutions, customs clearance, shipment tracking, etc.

Why Choose Blue Dart

  • Extensive domestic courier coverage across 21,000+ pin codes
  • Domestic priority services in metropolitan for time-sensitive shipments
  • Time-sensitive door-to-door delivery via Dart Apex with freight insurance
  • Airport-to-airport interstate freight shipping in major metros
  • Exclusive shipment tracking via Blue Dart tracking number
  • Temperature-controlled logistics with efficient order fulfilment

Why Choose Blue Dart + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

The largest e-commerce enablement business in India, Delhivery aims to meet every online consumer need in
India by providing best-in-class industry solutions. Delhivery offers various services, including channel
integration software for vendors selling across multiple platforms, last-mile deliveries, third-party
fulfilment, warehouse services, tracking, and last-mile deliveries.

Delhivery courier service has grown to handle over 250,000 shipments daily for more than 100,000 merchants,
25,000 clients, and 1,800+ retailers in more than 450 cities. They offer over 6600+ pin codes, a collection of
advanced shipping technology and logistics solutions.

Why Choose Delhivery

  • Time-defined, next-same-day slot-based delivery services
  • Real-time cargo visibility for global B2C and B2B shipping
  • Hassle-free and quick doorstep pickup to individual customers via Delhivery Direct
  • Cross-border return management with destination clearance
  • Integrated multi-channel order fulfilment for D2C brands and omnichannel retailers

Why Choose Delhivery + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

One of the fastest-growing courier service providers in India, XpressBees is catering to the needs of various
leading e-commerce businesses by providing end-to-end supply chain logistics solutions. With their critical
solutions such as multi-modal shipping (air, surface, sea), express fulfilment, B2C Express, B2B Express,
cross-border logistics, 3PL services, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics, payment collection, and more,
they serve a range of customers, from small businesses to substantial online marketplaces.

Why Choose XpressBees

  • Distribution network encompassing 20,000+ pin codes
  • In-house technology platform with real-time tracking service
  • Robust supply chain solutions with 2,450+ last-mile delivery centres
  • Smart Transportation Planning & Delivery Framework
  • Multimodal cross-border logistics with door-to-door express fulfilment

Why Choose XpressBees + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

FedEx is presently a world leader in the logistics industry. It was founded in 1973, giving it almost 50
years of invaluable experience in shipping and managing a variety of goods. It provides door-to-door pickup
and delivery along with domestic and international courier services. Be it shipping charges, delivery reach or
fulfilment experience, they are dedicated to providing high-end services which makes them a perfect fit for
your online business. They deliver packages at a very competitive price and cover over 6,000 pin codes across

Why Choose FedEx for International Shipping

  • Effective & fast customs clearance systems
  • Sophisticated real-time tracking information
  • Door-to-door heavy shipment deliveries with custom clearance and end-to-end tracking
  • Cost-effective global return solutions via FedEx Global Returns
  • Day-definite FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP) services at competitive rates

Why Choose FedEx + NimbusPost

  • Express pick-up and deliveries
  • Fastest customs clearance
  • Hassle-free shipping across 196+ countries

One of the top end-to-end technology-enabled courier service providers to the Indian e-commerce sector, Ecom
Express enables first-mile pickup, processing, network optimisation, last-mile delivery, and courier tracking
using its cutting-edge technology and automated solutions. Ecom Express Services (EXS), Ecom Fulfilment
Services (EFS), and Ecom Digital Services (EDS) are some of the critical services offered by the company. The
business is the first private courier provider in India to have the capacity to reach door-to-door in every
village within a state, as per its "full-state coverage" strategy.

Why Choose Ecom Express

  • 2,7000+ pin codes reach across 2750+ cities/towns
  • Highly integrated and dedicated fleet network of about 185 long-haul and 730 short-haul runs
  • Strategically located hubs and GPS-laced fleet of vehicles
  • Automated order fulfilment with greater transparency and visibility
  • Efficient route optimisation and real-time electronic proof of delivery

Why Choose Ecom Express + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

Dotzot is a venture of DTDC and a specialised Delivery Service Provider (DSP) with an emphasis on the
e-commerce segment. The business provides order fulfilment, collecting, transport, order transport, order
tracking, and parcel delivery. Additionally, they offer dropshipping and reverse logistics services, covering
about 2,300+ cities. They offer several services, such as Premium, Express, and Economy, depending on the
specific needs of the clients and support e-commerce site integrations as well for uploading, managing, and
tracking orders.

Why Choose DotZot

  • Next business day delivery in all metros via DotZoT Premium
  • Delivery across 9,900+ pin codes spread over 2,300 locations
  • Easy return management, COD, and store pickup

Why Choose DotZot + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

One of India's top express distribution and supply chain management businesses in India, Gati Limited, is
dedicated to gratifying customers with smooth, end-to-end logistics solutions supported by cutting-edge
digital tools and technology. Gati, founded in 1989, provides businesses with the added benefit of an
unrivalled network thanks to its renowned competence in surface, air, express and customised solutions for the
retail and MSME sectors. Gati courier service provides access to over 19,800 pin codes and 735 of India's 739
districts, giving enterprises extensive nationwide reach.

Why Choose Gati

  • 17+ express distribution centres with 65+ smart warehouses across the country with integrated distribution
  • 500+ pick-points in India and extensive coverage across 200+ countries
  • Operations across 28 Airline sectors
  • Customised cold chain solutions across 25 major Indian cities
  • Specialised cargo handling services via chartered vessels

Shadowfax provides an on-demand hyperlocal delivery platform that aims to assist e-commerce businesses by
carrying out last-mile delivery operations. With more than 50,000 delivery partners, Shadowfax has quickly
grown to be one of India's biggest last-mile delivery networks. Shadowfax's last-mile logistics network is
technologically advanced and functions as a one-stop delivery service. Shadowfax's innovative app makes it
simple for businesses and individuals to deliver food, groceries, medical supplies, and e-commerce items,
truly gratifying their consumers in the process.

Why Choose Shadowfax

  • Prompt and committed delivery timing with slot booking features
  • End-to-end fulfilment solutions in metros and tier-2 cities via E2E Rapid
  • Integrated e-com reverse and forward deliveries for omnichannel distribution pan-India
  • Reliable express logistics for retail chains and quick-service restaurants with state-of-the-art tracking
  • Dedicated and skilled logistics fleet for handling high-priority documents with API-driven delivery

Why Choose Shadowfax + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

Established in 1982 as an express operator, Aramex has quickly expanded into a global logistics network with
over 600 offices in over 65 countries, providing logistics services and transportation solutions. Their
premium range of specialised offerings includes consumer retail services, e-commerce solutions, international
and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, and integrated logistics solutions.

Why Choose Aramex for International Shipping

  • A wide range of non-standard import and export services
  • Door-to-door express import services for time-sensitive shipments
  • Fast customs clearance with brokers at every major cross-border location
  • Pick-ups and drop-offs at any location or warehouse of your choice
  • International deliveries in 2-3 days and same-day domestic shipments

Why Choose Aramex + NimbusPost

  • Express pick-up and deliveries
  • Fastest customs clearance
  • Hassle-free shipping across 196+ countries

One of India's leading supply chain and logistics divisions, Ekart Logistics is the go-to partner for many
industries thanks to their dependable delivery, consistently excellent customer service, and capacity to
manage variability at scale. With timely deliveries and hassle-free services, you can use their end-to-end
fulfilment services to keep your consumers satisfied and happy.

Why Choose Ekart Logistics

  • Easy first-mile and last-mile coverage
  • Hassle-free pick-ups and return process
  • End-to-end logistics tracking
  • Quick API integration with instant order communication services

Why Choose Ekart Logistics + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

In India, Dunzo is leading from the front in the hyper-local delivery business. With a minimal delivery fee,
the delivery company provides all the on-demand goods instantly. Dunzo leverages a data-driven approach to
connect a delivery person to buyers nearby. Partner with Dunzo to offer a world-class e-commerce shopping
experience to your customers today!

Why Choose Dunzo

  • Order scheduling in advance for planned pick-ups and drops
  • Access to multiple drop points with a single rider
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Proof of delivery with OTP and image verification
  • Access to grained delivery fleet

Why Choose Dunzo + NimbusPost

  • Extensive courier coverage network
  • Express pick-up with same and next-day deliveries
  • Reverse and forward pick-ups across 29,000+ pin codes

DHL is the industry leader in logistics. DHL does everything from express deliveries worldwide to freight
forwarding via aeroplanes, trucks, ships and trains, to warehouse services that go beyond simple storage and
include everything from packaging to repairs, to international mail delivery, and customised and specialised
shipping. Deutsche Post DHL Group, the largest postal and logistics corporation in the world, includes the
business divisions DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, and DHL Supply

Why Choose DHL for International Shipping

  • Powerful international presence in about 220 nations
  • On-time courier delivery through air and sea
  • Simplified transportation of large parcels without added cost
  • Omnichannel distribution channel for B2B and B2C segments
  • Delivers on time at almost all service points

Why Choose DHL + NimbusPost

  • Express pick-up and deliveries
  • Fastest customs clearance
  • Hassle-free shipping across 196+ countries

The world leader in providing global package delivery services, UPS is also a leading supplier of supply
chain management software. Under the global UPS brand, they run one of the biggest airlines and one of the
biggest fleets of alternative fuel vehicles. UPS provides domestic and international courier services,
enabling eCommerce businesses to market to a global clientele.

Why Choose UPS for International Shipping

  • Global coverage of 220 countries with a strong presence across potential markets
  • Broad portfolio of delivery services
  • Supply chain solutions with truckload brokerage, forwarding and reverse logistics
  • Advanced package tracking across India
  • Cargo insurance with financing services

Why Choose UPS + NimbusPost

  • Express pick-up and deliveries
  • Fastest customs clearance
  • Hassle-free shipping across 196+ countries

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How do I select a courier partner for my shipments in NimbusPost?
  • Sign up for free by visiting the website
  • Navigate through the dashboard and go to the Addon section
  • You will be further directed to the “courier recommendation engine” section where you will be asked to provide several inputs such as order type, pickup pincode, and courier priority.
  • Once you provide inputs, save changes and NimbusPost’s smart courier recommendation engine will get you the most suitable courier partner for you.
Can I compare rates and services among different courier partners?
Yes. As a shipping aggregator, NimbusPost enables you to connect with 27+ top courier partners in the country. Through NimbusPost, you can compare the rates and services offered by these carriers and choose the right fit for your business.
Do all courier partners offer international shipping?
Most of the courier partners associated with NimbusPost offer international shipping services across the globe including DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, etc.
What are the shipping rates and fees for each courier partner?
NimbusPost offers you a shipping rate calculator where you can enter the weight, size, and destination of the parcel you want to ship with the courier of your choice.
How can I track shipments with different courier partners?
Via NimbusPost’s dedicated end-to-end real-time tracking feature, you can easily track your shipments with couriers integrated with NimbusPost. Just navigate to the “Track Your Shipment” page and enter your unique AWB tracking number in the given section.
Do I need separate contracts with each courier partner?
No, one-click integration is all it takes to get you started shipping with your preferred courier partner via NimbusPost platform.
Is insurance available for shipments?
We offer shipping insurance worth INR 5000* on the items you ship with us. (T&C apply)
Can I schedule pickups and generate shipping labels with NimbusPost?
By navigating through our easy-to-use dashboard, you can schedule pickups for B2B and B2C shipments as per suitable dates and timing in addition to generating shipping labels.
What happens if my shipment is lost or damaged during transit?
We provide reimbursement up to the agreed claim amount in case of lost shipments. NimbusPost partners will bear the cost of the package or cover you up to INR 1000, whichever is lower. A claim cannot be filed if there is no external damage to the packaging.
Are there any restrictions or prohibited items for shipping?
Visit the NimbusPost’s terms and conditions page to check the comprehensive list of items which are prohibited for shipping, both nationally and internationally.
How do I contact customer support for a courier partner?
NimbusPost offers dedicated 24×7 customer support. You can dial 07669133030 to reach our customer care team and raise any shipping-related queries. You can also reach us via our mail address, hello@nimbuspost.com.
Is there integration support for eCommerce platforms?
Yes, we offer integration support for eCommerce platforms. You can check out our helpful video guides on the panel or our social handles. You can also connect with your Key Account Manager (KAM), and our support team or schedule a training session.
Do courier partners offer COD (Cash on Delivery) services?
Yes. All courier partners associated with NimbusPost offer easy COD services.

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