Are you seeking financial freedom and the ability to be your own boss? How about starting a business with minimal capital on eBay?

You may have heard of dropshipping — a business model that lets you sell products directly to your customers without holding any inventory. Dropshipping has truly redefined what it means to start a business. Combining the flexibility of dropshipping with eBay’s massive, globally dispersed customer base opens up a lucrative business opportunity for new online sellers.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? That’s why in this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover what eBay dropshipping is, why you should dropship on eBay, and how exactly to start dropshipping in a few simple steps.


What is eBay Dropshipping?

eBay Dropshipping is a unique eCommerce strategy that bridges the gap between the supplier and the customer, leveraging eBay’s robust marketplace. Essentially, as an eBay dropshipper, you are the bridge and the dealmaker all in one. You own an online eBay store, but instead of holding an inventory, you partner with suppliers and list their merchandise for sale.

In traditional retail, this is where you’d package the sold item and arrange for its delivery. But as an eBay dropshipper, your role ends with taking the order and forwarding the details to the supplier. The supplier then ships the item directly to the customer on your behalf.

In a nutshell, here’s how eBay dropshipping works:

  • You list a product for sale on your eBay store at a price above the wholesale cost.
  • A customer purchases the product from your eBay store, and you receive the payment.
  • You forward the order details to your supplier and pay them the wholesale price.
  • The supplier ships the product directly to your customer.
  • You retain the difference between the retail and wholesale prices as your profit.

Now that you know what eBay dropshipping is, you might be asking, but why eBay?

Hold on, let’s answer that also, follow to the next section.


Why should you consider eBay to Dropship: Benefits of eBay Dropshipping

  • By dropshipping on eBay, you can tap into this diverse pool of customers from around the globe, thereby increasing your visibility and potential for sales.
  • Compared to traditional retail models, dropshipping websites require significantly less initial capital because there is no need to stock up on inventory.
  • Without the need to hold inventory, the risk of unsold stock eating into your profits is eliminated.
  • eBay’s user-friendly interface and supportive community make it easier for newcomers to set up and start their dropshipping store.
  • With eBay dropshipping, you can operate your business from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.


How to Dropship on eBay?


Signing Up for an eBay Dropshipping Account

To create an eBay account, you need a valid email address for communication purposes and a verified PayPal account for payment transactions. A key element of your preparation should also be familiarizing yourself with eBay’s policies, particularly their dropshipping policy, which strictly prohibits selling items that you do not currently have in your possession.

Now, let’s break down the steps to create an eBay dropshipping account:

  • Visit eBay’s homepage and click on the ‘Register’ button, usually located at the top left corner of the page.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose between a ‘Personal Account’ or a ‘Business Account.’ As a dropshipper, you should select the ‘Business Account’ option, which allows you to operate under your company’s name.
  • Provide your email address and create a secure password. If you’re creating a business account, you’ll also need to input your legal business name, business type, and contact information.
  • Before finalizing your account, ensure you read and understand eBay’s User Agreement and Privacy Notice.
  • After completing the registration process, eBay will send a confirmation email to the provided address. Click on the verification link in this email to activate your account.


How to List the First Items Manually?

After setting up your eBay dropshipping account, the next milestone is to list your first items. Before you start, it’s important to understand eBay’s listing interface. Upon logging into your eBay account, navigate to the “Sell” section, typically located at the top of the website. Here, you’ll find an easy-to-use interface for creating listings.

Now, let’s take a look at how to list your first items on eBay manually:

  • Click the ‘Sell’ button and type in what you plan to sell. eBay will recommend a category for your item based on what you’ve entered.
  • Enter a title, photos, an in-depth description, and other details such as the colour, model, condition, etc. of the item.
  • Determine whether you want to auction or sell your item at a fixed price. If you’re unsure, eBay will offer a suggested price based on similar items.
  • You’ll need to specify how the item will be shipped. This includes selecting the shipping service, setting the shipping cost, and specifying a handling time. If dropshipping, this information should mirror your supplier’s shipping policy.
  • Before you post, review all the information you’ve entered. Make sure everything is accurate and professionally presented.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the listing, click ‘List Item’. Congratulations! You’ve listed your first item on eBay.


Conducting eBay Product Research for Best Sellers

The success of your eBay dropshipping business largely hinges on the products you decide to sell. This is where product research becomes invaluable, helping you uncover high-demand items and understand market trends that will inform your inventory selection.

To identify these best-sellers on eBay, you can utilize eBay’s inbuilt tool called “eBay Marketplace Research.” It provides a comprehensive overview of what products are hot in each category and allows you to view historical sales data to gauge the product’s consistency in the market.

Apart from eBay’s own tools, several other online resources and platforms are available, such as Jungle Scout. These platforms offer more in-depth analysis, including competitive insights and keyword research, which can further assist in refining your product selection.


Choosing the Right eBay Dropshipping Supplier

Finding dropshipping suppliers is critical to running a successful eBay dropshipping business. Your supplier will be responsible for maintaining product quality, managing inventory, and ensuring prompt delivery, which is all crucial for customer satisfaction and your store’s reputation.

When selecting a dropshipping supplier, it’s essential to keep several criteria in mind:

  • The quality of the products your supplier provides should be your top priority.
  • Your supplier needs to be reliable.
  • Look for suppliers that can provide quick and affordable shipping.
  • While finding a supplier offering competitive prices to ensure good profit margins is important, remember that this shouldn’t come at the cost of product quality or reliability.


Calculating eBay Fees and Profit

Though many experts say that you can start a dropshipping business without money, they’re true to some extent. But if you want to do dropshipping on a marketplace like eBay, you must invest and pay platform fees.

Understanding eBay’s fee structure and accurately calculating your potential profit is a significant part of the dropshipping process. Here’s how you can go about it:

Insertion Fees: This is essentially the fee to list an item on eBay.

Final Value Fees: This is a percentage of the total amount of the sale, including the item price, shipping, and any other charges.

Payment Processing Fees: If you use eBay’s managed payments system, there will be a fee for processing payments.

To calculate your potential profit, subtract all your costs from your selling price. Your costs will include the product cost from your supplier, eBay selling fees, payment processing fees, and any shipping costs if you’re covering them. Here’s a simplified formula:

Profit = Selling Price – (Product Cost + eBay Fees + Payment Processing Fees + Shipping Costs)

Remember to consider any taxes that may apply to your product or business operations. You can also use the eBay calculator to calculate the fees and your profits easily.



Importing eBay Dropshipping Products

Importing products is a key aspect of managing your eBay dropshipping store, and it may seem daunting, but with the correct approach, it can be both efficient and seamless. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Begin by selecting the products you wish to dropship from your suppliers. Remember to consider factors like market demand, competition, and your supplier’s reliability while making your selections.
  • Gather all necessary information about each product from your supplier. This includes product descriptions, specifications, images, and prices. Ensure you obtain high-quality, accurate data.
  • Navigate to the eBay listing interface. Here, you will input the product information you’ve gathered.
  • Once you have the product details in place, set your prices. Keep in mind the cost price, eBay fees, your desired profit margin, and competitive pricing in the market.


Fulfiling Customer Orders

An essential step in eBay dropshipping, fulfiling customer orders accurately and promptly, is a cornerstone of maintaining a successful store. The process involves everything from receiving the order to ensuring the product reaches the customer’s doorstep.

The order fulfilment process in eBay dropshipping consists of the following steps:

Receiving the Order: When a customer places an order in your eBay store, you’ll be notified via eBay’s seller dashboard.

Placing the Order with the Supplier: Once you’ve received an order, the next step is to place that order with your supplier. Ensure you provide accurate delivery details to prevent any

miscommunication or errors.

Tracking the Order: After the supplier ships the product to the customer. Typically, the supplier provides a tracking number, which you can forward to your customer to keep them informed about the package’s status.

Delivery and Follow-up: Once the package is delivered to the customer, follow up to ensure they received the product and are satisfied with their purchase.


Providing Excellent Customer Support on eBay

In eBay dropshipping, you may not control the entire supply chain, but customer support is one aspect you do have direct control over. The way you handle customer queries, resolve issues, and engage with your customers can significantly impact your store’s reputation and overall success.



Throughout this guide, we’ve understood that there is endless potential in this business model. With an expansive marketplace at your fingertips and a virtually limitless product selection, eBay dropshipping can be your launchpad to eCommerce and online selling business. Dropshipping is a marathon, not a sprint, take one step at a time, keep your eye on the prize, and let the selling begin.

Bonus tip: Dropshipping is an eCommerce model where you can sell different categories of products at once. Therefore, do not limit your dropshipping business ideas to eBay. Try dropshipping on Amazon and get your hands on Shopify dropshipping as well. The sky is the limit!





Is eBay dropshipping profitable?

Yes, eBay dropshipping can indeed be profitable. The profitability hinges on sourcing products at a relatively low cost and then selling them at a higher markup on the eBay marketplace. The model is low-risk, negating the need to maintain inventory or handle shipping logistics. This allows you to focus on customer service and business growth.


How much does it cost to dropship on eBay?

The cost to dropship on eBay consists of several different types of fees.

Listing Fees: eBay provides you with 250 free insertions per month. Beyond that, there’s a fee of 35¢ for each additional listing.

Final Value Fees: Once a sale is made, eBay charges a final value fee. This fee is typically 12.9% of the sale price, but it can be lower depending on the product category.

Store Fees: If you decide to set up an eBay store, there will be a monthly fee starting at $4.95. The fee may vary depending on the level of your eBay store subscription.

Payment Processing Fees: If you’re using eBay-managed payments, each transaction will have a payment processing fee.


How to dropship on eBay without getting banned?

Dropshipping on eBay can present some risks, including the possibility of account suspension if the policies and guidelines aren’t strictly followed. Here are some key steps to take to avoid getting banned when dropshipping on eBay:

  • The first and foremost step is to thoroughly understand and abide by eBay’s dropshipping policies. eBay permits dropshipping as long as the seller guarantees that the buyer gets the item within the time frame stated in the listing and the item meets the description given.
  • In your item description, make it clear that you’re operating under a dropshipping model.
  • Never list items that are out of stock or that you’re not sure you can provide.
  • It’s crucial to ensure that you have the rights or permission to sell the items listed in your store.
  • Make sure your item descriptions are accurate and comprehensive, including all necessary shipping and handling information.

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