There was a time in India when there were only a few women-driven initiatives in the Indian business set up like Lijjat Papad and Amul cooperatives. But today, women are not limited to SMEs. Rather, they’ve entered a wider and experimental space of AI, electronics, space science, and more. They’ve worked hard to change the rules set for women in the country, but the situation is still far from ideal. Currently, among 58.5 million entrepreneurs, there are only 8.05 million women entrepreneurs, which is only 14% in the Indian business setting. However, interestingly, the stats highlight that 79% of businesses owned by women are self-financed and relatively smaller in size. Setting up a bootstrapped business shows how important women entrepreneurs’ contribution is to the growth of the Indian GDP.

If you’re looking for business ideas for women with low investment, look no further as below is the list we have prepared for the best low investment businesses for women.


App Development

Do you enjoy coding? If yes, then developing mobile apps can be a lucrative business for you. Today, almost every business website needs a mobile app to promote and expand the business, which means there’s a lot of opportunity and scope in this line of work. You won’t need to invest anything to start this business if you work alone. However, you will have to pay if you hire a few fellow app developers for this business.


Translation Services

If you are bilingual, your expertise can help you set up your business from home. You can offer translation services, online teaching services among other services to your clients. Several businesses out there need a translator to translate video content, subtitles, text, etc. into different languages. You can start this business at zero investment if you work alone, or will have to pay the salaries if you hire a few people to form a team.


Digital Marketing

The world is rapidly and constantly shifting towards digitalization which is why digital marketing is a great option for business for women with low investment. Traditional marketing has taken a backseat ever since digital marketing came into existence. If you have some experience in improving search engine results, creating backlinks, and other SEO and marketing activities, you can make good money online through your skills. Since content writing, social media marketing, and PPC are also a part of digital marketing, you can consider hiring some fellow digital marketing professionals to do the business on a larger scale.



If you are good at guiding people towards achieving their goals in life, you can turn it into a profession. These days people seek professional consultancy for almost all kinds of things. Whether you are good at fitness coaching, child psychology, relationship advice, or something else, don’t do it for free, and start making a living out of it.



Dropshipping is a new business concept in India that was introduced by Sell2Earn. This business model allows you to skip the inventory storage and delivery management hassles. You can simply sign up to the platform for free, choose the products you want to add to your online store, set a profit margin of your choice, and forward the order to the supplier. Thereafter, the supplier will deliver the order to your customers.



Blogging is a superb way to share information about something you have sound knowledge of. You can share the information using text, photographs, as well as videos. Depending on the nature of the content, you can share your created content on platforms like Blogger, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many others.


Catering Business

Many people around you are dependent on food delivery options. Start your own business to capitalize on the opportunity without making much investment.


Fitness Training

With almost everything going virtual after the pandemic hit the world, people are on the lookout for online fitness trainers. If you have the expertise in this domain, use it to guide people towards a  healthy life while generating an income.


Voice Over Services

Be it movies, videos, podcasts, or other types of content, dubbing artists are needed across different industries to increase the viewership of the online content. As the industry is growing at a decent speed, you can make good money by setting up this small business.


Online Teaching

Like every other industry, Covid-19 changed the dynamics of the education system too. Now is the best time to start an online teaching business. All you need to invest in this business is your knowledge of the subject you are going to teach and the cost of the internet services.


Jute Bags Business

A lot of people are leaning towards environmental restoration these days. Making jute bags and other sustainable bags for everyday use is a great business idea on a small budget.


Online Fashion Boutique

This is an ever-growing industry, and you can set up your online fashion boutique in no time. You won’t even need your products to set up this business, as you can curate the products online and start it at the earliest.


Sell Handcrafted Goods

If you are good at making handcrafted items, value your skills, and start selling things online with a small investment.


Online Bakery

The demand for cakes and bakery products never drops down, especially if you’re living in an urban setting. You may need to invest in the beginning, but a small investment will get your business rolling.


Interior Decorating

Don’t waste your interior decoration skills just by suggesting key tips to your acquaintances, because you can set up an interior decoration business without investing much and earn huge.


Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a hot topic among digital marketers. If you love the camera, content creating, and have convincing skills to sell a product through your social profiles, you can make it big in the industry without spending a lot.


Become a Freelancer

Start offering freelance services to companies all across the world. As this business doesn’t need any investment, you can expect great returns.



Give this business a shot if you are passionate about photography. In this business, you need to make an initial investment to purchase the equipment. In today’s digital era, you can even sell your photographs to online platforms at great prices.


Online Book Store

Share your love for books with everyone by setting up an online book store that is likely to become a hit among book lovers. To begin with, you can use the books you already have on your shelf.


Daycare Services

Working mothers are always on the lookout for daycare facilities. So, if you know how to manage small kids and have a small space for yourself, you can easily start this business without spending anything.

There are some other small-budget business ideas you can check out to make sure you make an informed decision for your career. As most of these businesses can be started from home, you get the freedom to earn at your leisure, which is most important, especially till the pandemic lasts. In case you set up an eCommerce business, choose NimbusPost to manage your logistics operations most cost-effectively.

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