Starting an online business can be the most exciting thing for some people. Whether you’re just planning to set up a business or have been an entrepreneur, launching an online business has now become easier. Although selling products online from home isn’t a rocket science project, it comes with a set of challenges. For example, you may or may not have a warehouse to store the inventory. Since managing logistics operations successfully is important to run a business smoothly, you would need to tie up with a logistics partner that offers warehouse services.


A Guide To Starting A Business


Running a business can be the most thrilling experience as you get to be your own boss. However, with so many options for everything like ecommerce website platforms, type of products, courier partners, you might get overwhelmed. Before you begin to brainstorm about the best online businesses to set up in India, let’s take a look at various industry aspects you should be aware of.


Key Challenges In Starting An Online Business


If you want to know how to become an online seller in India, you must be ready to overcome the key roadblocks in your way. Key challenges to starting an online business are:

  • Fierce competition
  • Product markets are saturated
  • Consumers are preferring convenience over other things


How To Begin Online Selling?


As you get ready to sell products online, you must be prepared with the right tools and technologies to walk the right track to attain success. Let’s see what you should be prepared with before entering the market.

  • Do thorough market research
  • Finalize the products you want to sell
  • Identify your customer base
  • Research about the ecommerce platform you would like to build your website on
  • Create high-quality content for product descriptions
  • Create a marketing strategy to increase the sale





Most Demanded Products in India To Sell Online


Products are generally divided into two categories – commoditized and niche products. While the former type of products covers the essentials and are in high demand in all seasons, the latter goods have a specific consumer base. You just need to identify the real needs of people and sell accordingly to ensure you get to sell and earn more.


Yoga and Pilates Mats


After the pandemic hit the world in 2020, there was a shift in how people lived and lifestyles. While most people were trapped inside their houses to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, people started spending time improving their health through exercises, yoga, Pilates, and other fitness activities. Therefore, selling yoga mats is a great option for you.




Blankets have a high-profit margin. As we’ve entered the winter season, selling good quality, warm blankets can help grow your sales and profit margin.




Most people are working from home these days. Also, we’re not able to hit the gyms at our preferable time. Living with all the restrictions has taken us away from our fitness schedules, but one thing that we can do to get some fresh air to hit the road on a bicycle. Ditching the motorbikes and cars, a huge number of people chose bicycles this year. So, you can pick this hot-selling and environment-friendly product for your ecommerce business.


Kitchen And Dining Room Furniture


Studies show there’s been a growing demand for kitchen furniture and dining room furniture in recent months. Considering the high demand and high margin on these products, you may want to pick these products to sell via an online website.


Face Masks


The demand for face masks isn’t dropping even after two years have passed after Covid-19 hit the world. As face masks help in preventing the outbreak of the virus, they are still in high demand. Therefore, you can always add a range of these masks to your store and expect a good return.




The pandemic made us realize a lot of things among which the importance of nature is the primary. The use of plants in homes, galleries, offices has increased by a significant percentage in recent times. So, adding the trending plants would be another great option for your business.





Besides the above-listed products, you can read about some more products to sell online that you may choose while setting up your online business. Post Covid-19 hit everyone, many retail businesses shut down except for the ones providing essential items. A lot of entrepreneurs entered the online realm to start over and recover their losses which led to the growth of the ecommerce sector. While it’s good to grab the available opportunity, it’s equally important to know what you’re going to sell online and how you’re going to manage the logistics. So, do thorough research about everything before selling products online from home, and choose your logistics partner wisely for successful order fulfilment.

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