Have you been saving funds to start a business? Do you know that the capital cost in online and offline business differs on a large scale? An offline business would primarily require a rented or owned place to equip the office supplies. The business establishment cost increases as you start getting hold of the market condition. On the other hand, you only require documents for verification and passion to sell online from home.

For any business to run smoothly and make itself a brand, it needs great analytical skills to understand the market. Therefore, one must understand that market works on demand and supply chain. The more you can meet the customer demand; the more your business will grow.

The Indian e-commerce industry is progressing, with multiple sellers and buyers joining it daily. However, if you do not know how eCommerce platforms work, we have already got you covered. Since incepting an online store has never been easier, you can start selling the most popular products in India.

Whether you want to commence a new business or expand the existing one, the below list deciphers what to sell online in India.



10 Most Profitable Products to Sell Online in India

Considering the populace of India, the national product demand chart never sees a downfall. In addition to that, multiple sellers are launching new and innovative products daily. However, we have selected the ten most profitable products that you can start selling in India.

1. Apparel

The Indian eCommerce industry can expect a 21% rise in 2021, 35% of which rely alone on apparel. The clothing demand had surged for men, women, and even children in 2020. Right from undergarments to dress materials, the online apparel sector is progressing with inventive products and increasing demand. To support the case, you can make an online store on any eCommerce platform like Shopify, Magento, Unicommerce, etc.


2. Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us in the worst way imaginable. Although it has disturbed the global economy and healthcare sector, the demand for masks doesn’t seem to go down. Since late 2019, the mask trend has never stopped. Manufacturers have set up multiple plants to fulfill the demand. Hence, you can start listing your procured or manufactured masks to earn massive profits in 2021.


3. Consumer Electronics

After analyzing the pandemic situation, most people have started focusing on their health and convenience at home. Besides, most schools are now providing full-time online classes for which the students need technological devices and supplies. Therefore, the consumer electronics market is growing with evolving demands. It is estimated that by 2025, India can become the 5th largest consumer in the electronic market.


4. Beauty Products

Even before the nationwide lockdown was imposed in India, the cosmetic industry was not observing any less demand. Since professionals in most sectors are working from home and attending virtual meetings, the popularity of beauty products has increased among both consumers and sellers. You can start an online business and expect full-fledged growth in a short span. Besides, you can list some beauty products on the “hot-sale products” section on an eCommerce site.



5. Video Games

To refer to the popularity of video games in India, you can watch some videos on YouTube by inspiring young and professional Indian gamers who emerged between 2020 to 2021 alone. The online content and video market growth has inspired most customers to excel in video games and make YouTube live streams. In conclusion, you can confidently sell popular video games to start an online business by registering on an eCommerce platform in 2021.


6. Mobile Phones

You must have noticed that Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple, and other leading brands did not stop launching new mobile phones. In addition, multiple eCommerce sites also deliver the new models to buyers by following the Indian CDC guidelines. Work-from-home, online classes, etc. prompted the mobile industry to meet the demands regardless of the ongoing pandemic. Besides, you can feature hot-selling mobile phones as a start-up as all models and mobiles are available for retailing purposes.


7. Books and Stationery

Online availability of stationery and books makes it easier for buyers to escape the need to visit the tedious and time-consuming physical markets. Right from research or educational books to customized stationery items, the demand isn’t expected to see a downfall anytime soon. Hence, you can offer customization services or sell books and stationery via an online store. You can even offer both depending on your decision.


8. Home Décor Items

Since most people refrain from going to public places till the pandemic ends, they prefer to buy home décor items from online stores. The demand is still increasing because most physical stores have stocked products due to long-imposed lockdown. On the other hand, online stores keep updating their inventory with the latest and modern home décor items. You can sell table mats, carpets, cushion covers, flower vases, and other items depending on your choice and market demand.


9. Fitness Equipment

Although the target audience is limited to fitness equipment, an online business of the same can fetch you high-margin profit. As most gyms are still closed across India due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the number of online orders for fitness equipment is not coming down. Be it resistance bands, hand gloves, or a full-fledged gym equipment set, eCommerce sites are receiving orders in large quantities without a pause.


10. Baby Care Products

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, most women do not prefer to visit a physical market and shop for baby products. Instead, they prefer visiting an eCommerce site and placing an order according to their needs. In addition, the demand for Baby Care products is expected to observe a significant hike by 2024.




What will be your selling product?

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