In today’s digital-driven era, where the eCommerce boom is reshaping the retail landscape, businesses are on a relentless quest for that elusive “edge” to satiate their consumers.

All businesses want to attract more and more customers, but in India, even though everything is going digital, there are still customers who hesitate to pay online. Customers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities still prefer the old-age payment method– cash on delivery. According to a study, 90% of rural India’s eCommerce orders are executed by COD mode.

The reason could be anything, lack of knowledge, trust, or assurance that consumers can feel, assess, and then part with their money. But cash on delivery is an important method, an opportunity for businesses to serve a wider customer.

For a dependable COD, choosing a trustworthy courier service is just as important as the product you sell. Here are the top 10 COD service providers in India who ensure every transaction ends with a smile.







India’s Top COD Service Providers


1. Delhivery

Emerging from the vibrant lanes of Delhi and expanding its reach to Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad, Delhivery has swiftly climbed the ladder to become a dominant player in India’s logistics landscape.

With a formidable COD service, Delhivery has truly solidified its reputation as a logistics giant, fostering trust between sellers and consumers in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Their rates are tailored to suit every client’s needs; they typically charge either ₹50 or 2% of the COD value, ensuring that businesses get the most value. Their system ensures both transparency and reliability, making them a top choice for numerous enterprises.

2. XpressBees

COD has emerged as a lifeline for many Indian consumers, assuaging their fears related to online purchases. XpressBees, recognising the importance of this service, has integrated a robust and efficient COD system. With XpresBees’ COD, consumers have the luxury of assessing their products before committing their funds, fostering an environment of trust and confidence between sellers and buyers.

3. Shadowfax

For half a decade, Shadowfax has been redefining the essence of COD services. Born from a commitment to excellence, Shadowfax offers unparalleled door-to-door service, ensuring that each parcel finds its destination punctually and securely.

For businesses eager to instil trust in their consumer base, Shadowfax’s reliable cash-on-delivery service is nothing short of a boon, making them a coveted name among India’s top COD service providers.

4. FedEx

FedEx, a name synonymous with world-class logistics, has tailored its services to cater to the dynamic eCommerce landscape of India. Their Collect on Delivery (COD) service stands testament to their commitment to flexibility and security. Designed meticulously for the Indian market, FedEx allows shippers to collect invoice values through various payment methods, ensuring transactions remain hassle-free for both parties.

Their transparency and real-time status updates on shipments and payments fortify their position as one of India’s top COD service providers. With a nominal fee and top-notch services, FedEx proves, yet again, why they’re a global leader.


DTDC, etched in India’s logistics history since 1990, has evolved with advanced IT infrastructure, seamlessly melding tradition with innovation.

This foresight has enabled DTDC to navigate the eCommerce wave with finesse, crafting solutions that resonate with modern consumers. Among these is their cash-on-delivery service, a perfect blend of flexibility and trust. Not just limited to cash, DTDC recognizes the digital age, offering customers the convenience of UPI and other digital payments upon delivery.

This adaptability, paired with its legacy of reliability, makes DTDC’s COD service stand out.

6. Ekart

Ekart, with a robust foundation rooted in 20 years of logistics expertise, stands as a behemoth in the Indian delivery landscape. But beyond their vast experience, what sets them apart is their pioneering role in the eCommerce space.

Commencing their journey with Flipkart in 2009, the vision led them to introduce Cash on Delivery (COD) services. Nearly a decade into this service, Ekart has managed countless COD orders impeccably, acting as a linchpin for eCommerce businesses navigating cash reconciliation challenges.

In an era of digital transactions, Ekart reminds us that some old-school methods never go out of style, especially when refined.

7. Ecom Express

Cash on Delivery (COD) requires reliability and precision. Ecom Express is a dependable service for businesses of all sizes, from modest startups to established giants.

Ecom Express showcases an impressive track record, with over 70% of their shipments being COD deliveries. Their secret is a robust, automated system coupled with a swift 2-day COD remittance. This punctuality ensures that businesses can reinvest and thrive.

8. Blue Dart

Blue Dart, offering many courier services, stands tall with its commitment to excellence, ensuring each local or international consignment is treated with the utmost care.

But what truly sets Blue Dart apart is its adeptness in managing cash-on-delivery (COD) orders. With a sophisticated API structure, Blue Dart ensures seamless transaction completion by returning the amount to the shipper once the consignee pays the invoice value in cash upon delivery.

9. Gati

In the eCommerce realm, where Cash on Delivery (COD) remains a prime choice, Gati didn’t just adapt; it innovated. Recognizing the burgeoning COD demand, the company introduced ‘Gati Connect.’ This isn’t just any COD service; it’s a specialised logistics solution artfully designed to allow eCommerce sellers to collect payments seamlessly while ensuring products reach consumers’ doorsteps.

In addressing logistical challenges associated with COD, Gati has once again reaffirmed its commitment to simplifying complexities, making it an indispensable ally for eCommerce businesses across India.

10. India Post

India Post has seamlessly integrated traditional postal services with modern eCommerce demands, proving its adaptability and commitment to serving India’s diverse populace.

Tackling the challenges of today’s digital marketplace, India Post has crafted a Cash on Delivery (COD) service meticulously designed for bulk customers handling high-value goods, with a cap of INR 50,000 per consignment.

This facility, available for Express Parcel, Business Parcel, and Speed Post users, has stipulations ensuring its efficacy.







For numerous online businesses in India, Cash on Delivery remains that unwavering opportunity, bolstering sales and building trust with consumers. As the digital tide continues to surge, it’s paramount for online sellers to synchronize with a COD service. Still, this Pay-on-delivery method has its own Pros and Cons and brings risks like delayed COD remittance, CAD frauds, etc.

Solution? Yes, there is a solution; for any COD issues or other logistical problems, you must partner with a logistics aggregator like NimbusPost. As you’re a partner of NimbusPost, you’ll avail yourself of benefits like quick COD remittance, an option to choose among the top courier services in India  and much more.


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Can I send a courier with Cash on Delivery?

Absolutely! Numerous reputable courier services in India offer Cash-on-Delivery (COD) services. It allows recipients to pay for the item upon delivery, making it especially popular for eCommerce transactions. When choosing a COD service, ensure the provider aligns with your needs, from coverage area to COD value limits, to make the most of this convenient payment method.

Which courier service is the best for Cash on Delivery?

The best courier service for Cash on Delivery in India is “Delhivery.” Their seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, efficient cargo pickup, 24/7 customer support, and transparent charging system of either ₹50 or 2% of the COD value sets them apart.

Does DTDC have Cash on Delivery?

Yes, DTDC offers a Cash on Delivery (COD) service. Their advanced infrastructure and IT systems ensure efficient delivery and collection of payments, allowing customers to pay upon receiving their orders using cash or digital methods, including UPI. This feature has positioned DTDC as a preferred choice for many eCommerce businesses in India.

How do I do a cash-on-delivery service for an online business in India?

Implementing Cash-On-Delivery for Your Online Business in India:

Choose a Reliable Logistics Partner: Start by selecting from top providers such as DTDC, Ekart, Ecom Express, or Delhivery, known for their efficient COD services in India.

Integration: Integrate the chosen courier service’s API with your eCommerce platform to automate order processing and tracking.

Set Parameters: Define your COD limit, often capped at ₹50,000 in India, and ensure you’re compliant with regulations like not shipping items promoting the Snowball System.

Fee Management: Be transparent about COD charges, which can either be a flat rate or a percentage of the order value.

Stay Updated: Regularly revisit your COD policy, ensuring it aligns with customer preferences and industry trends.

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