Online shopping is no small phenomenon; it’s an industry estimated to reach a staggering $6.4 trillion by 2024. But hold on—before you start tracking your package, do you understand what those shipping statuses mean?


Do you know those often cryptic terms like “In Transit,” “Out for Delivery,” or “Failed Attempt” that leave you guessing?


Knowing these terms is not just for the tech-savvy or the online shopping aficionado. It’s crucial knowledge that can make or break your e-commerce experience.


This blog post is your GPS through the winding. We’ll discuss what each shipping status means right after your order is dispatched—be it “Pending,” “In Transit,” or “Delivered”—so you never find yourself lost in translation again.


What is the Meaning of ‘Dispatched’: A Brief Recap


The status “Dispatched” is the first major milestone in your product’s journey, coming right after your order has been processed.


When an item is dispatched, it has left the seller’s premises, passed the initial quality checks, and is officially on its way to the shipping carrier’s facility.


Now, you may wonder, how is “Dispatched” different from “Shipped”?


Great question, and it’s important to know the distinction. While both statuses might seem like two sides of the same coin, they are actually sequential phases in the shipping lifecycle.


“Dispatched” generally refers to the phase where the item has left the seller’s location but has not yet reached the shipping carrier’s main facility. On the other hand, “Shipped” means the product is already in the hands of the shipping carrier and is officially in transit to your doorstep.



Here are the Different Shipping Statuses you see after an Order is Dispatched


Pending: Awaiting Fulfillment


Your order is in limbo, caught between your initial click to purchase and the moment the seller prepares your item for dispatch. The “Pending” status is the initial stage where your payment has been authorized but not yet fully processed, and your items are earmarked but not yet plucked from the shelves.


What can you do as a buyer if your order lingers in “Pending”? Patience is often key, but you can contact customer service for more details or cancel the order if it hasn’t moved to the dispatching stage yet. The crucial part is staying informed and understanding that “Pending” is a transient state; your much-anticipated product is on its way—it just hasn’t started its physical journey yet.



Pre-Transit: Gearing Up for the Transit


In shipping, “Pre-Transit” comes into play after an order has been “Dispatched.” Your package is now with the shipping carrier, but it’s not yet “on the road,” so to speak.


Sometimes, the terms may overlap. “Dispatched” means your product has left the vendor’s premises and is going to the shipping carrier. “Pre-Transit” means the carrier has received it, but the package hasn’t officially entered the route toward its final destination.


For the seller, “Pre-Transit” confirms that they’ve done their part, and the shipping carrier is now responsible for moving things forward. For the buyer, it’s a sign to start getting excited. Your package is in the wings and almost ready to appear at your doorstep.


In Transit: The Package is on the Move


“In Transit” signifies that your package has left its origin point and is en route to its final destination. No longer sitting idle in a warehouse or hanging out in “Pre-Transit,” your package is in the hands of the courier and on the move.


Speaking of the delivery timeline, the “In Transit” status can offer valuable insights. Depending on the distance, shipping method, and carrier’s efficiency, this phase can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.


Out for Delivery: Almost There


“Out for Delivery” is the final act in the shipping. Your package has arrived at the local distribution centre and has been loaded onto a delivery vehicle. It’s on the streets, perhaps even navigating your neighbourhood, on its way to you. If “In Transit” is the journey, then “Out for Delivery” is the destination’s doorstep, literally and figuratively.


Although there is nothing to confuse, many people consider the terms “order is being shipped” and “out for delivery” the same. But there is a difference. To know what’s that, here is a full guide on the difference between Your Order Has Been Shipped and Out For Delivery.


Failed Attempt: Missed Connection


A “Failed Attempt” signifies that the courier tried to deliver your package but couldn’t complete the task. This could happen for many reasons: perhaps no one was home to accept the package, the address was incorrect or incomplete, or specific delivery instructions were not followed. In more serious instances, external factors like unsafe conditions or natural calamities could be the culprits.


Delivered: The Final Status


The shipping status, “Delivered,” is when your package has reached its final destination, safely and (hopefully) intact. It has successfully navigated the complexities of modern logistics to rest in your hands, or at the very least, your doorstep.



Other Important Shipping Statuses


Awaiting Shipment: this status often raises eyebrows because it seems similar to the ‘Dispatched’ status at first glance. However, it signifies that your order is effectively sitting in the seller’s inventory, fully packaged and ready to go, but hasn’t yet hit the road.


Awaiting Pickup: typically, you’ll encounter this status when you opt for curbside pickups or ‘Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store’ (BOPIS) arrangements. When you see your order tagged as ‘Awaiting Pickup,’ the retailer has your items ready and waiting for you at the designated location.


Partially Shipped: this status appears when you’ve ordered multiple items and not all are dispatched simultaneously. One part of your order might be coming, while the other is still waiting to be shipped.





By now, you should have a robust grasp on each status—from the “Pending” to the “Out for Delivery” and the final lap that is “Delivered.” Customers who understand the nuances of shipping statuses have greater control over their shopping experience and can easily navigate potential hiccups.


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