eCommerce shipping is not only a process of transporting goods from retailer to customer. But there are many things in between from the time product is ordered and delivered. In an eCommerce platform, customers pay you without seeing the product only by trusting you. It’s only after your products are shipped that you can make your customers’ experience satisfactory and build more trust. Also, you must make sure to deliver products timely and spend economically on the shipping of products.   Along with this, it’s very important to earn huge revenues if you want to stay in the eCommerce market for a long time. And the only way of making huge revenues is to retain your current customers.   According to a study, about 40-45% of the revenue of any eCommerce brand comes from their repeated customers. That’s why it’s essential to retain Customers to boost the business revenue and stand strong among your competitors. There are many shipping solutions for eCommerce which a company must adapt to boost their sales and increase their income.

Importance of Shipping Solutions

Shipping is probably the only way you get to connect with your customers directly. As your customer gets to know about your product’s quality only after receiving them, your shipping partner plays a huge role in building your brand’s reputation. Nowadays, almost 60 percent of the customers prefer buying from eCommerce companies that follow the best shipping practices.   So, it’s very important to have effective shipping solutions for eCommerce to grow your business and earn huge revenues. Also, creating and implementing good shipping solutions can help you keep track of every activity.   Below are some advantages that effective shipping solutions can provide.

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Real-time tracking
  • Secured and timely shipping
  • Ease off the delivery process
  • Improves efficiency

So, every company must try to build shipping solutions that can help them retain their customers and increase their business revenues.

Best eCommerce Shipping Tips

You can gain great control over your shipping operations by undertaking the below tips.

  • Simplicity and clarity of thought
  • Selection of the right team
  • Offering same-day delivery
  • Enable overnight shipping
  • Offering free shipping
  • Provide expected delivery date

All these things can enhance the effectiveness of shipping and customer trust. So, you must adapt these tips to improve your brand value and loyalty in the eyes of the consumer.


Top 5 eCommerce Shipping Solutions

Every company wants to earn huge revenues, and with the help of better solutions and strategies, they can achieve it. So, below are some of the best eCommerce shipping-related solutions that can help you retain customers and earn more.

1.   Easy Interface and Checkout

The real shipping experience starts from the checkout. So having an easy and simple checkout process can help you gain marks from the beginning. The checkout process has to be simple, transparent, and user-friendly with no hidden things.   Also, you must use good shipping aggregators or courier partners that enable the customers to choose from a variety of shipping methods. All these things can help the customers to shop as per their needs and budget. Hence, the customer will surely buy again from your online store the next time, resulting in increased revenues.

2. Free shipping

No doubt offering free shipping can negatively impact the earnings of the company. But, it is the only way to increase customer retention. It is said that 96% of the customers buy from a company that offers free shipping. So, you must provide free shipping to boost your sales and increase your revenue.   There are many methods of offering free shipping, like setting an average price limit and many more. So, if you are an eCommerce business owner, you must try to choose free shipping methods that will likely prove to be beneficial for your business eventually.

3.   Personalized information

Providing personalized information like status notifications can improve your brand value in the eyes of customers. Also, it’s a good way to connect with customers at every step. Many plug-ins can help you automate your shipping process, which can help save time and build customer trust.

4. Better packaging

No customer wants to receive a poorly packed or damaged product. So, the packaging is one of the best ways to attract customers and give them a satisfactory shopping experience. So, you must make sure to pack the products nicely and safely so that customers can get the best unboxing experience.   Along with this, aesthetically good-looking packaging is a good way of advertising because people like to share their experiences with other people and can promote your brand through word-of-mouth advertising.

5. Build branded shipping process

Building your shipping process is a great way to provide excellent shopping and delivery experience to the customers. So, instead of handling the products to a third party for delivery, you should try to build your delivery platform so that customers can track their orders from your tracking page.   So, building your own branded shipping process is a great way to satisfy customers and boost customer retention.   The solutions mentioned above are some of the best shipping solutions for eCommerce that will surely help you boost your sales and earn huge revenues.


Build Strong and Effective Shipping Solutions to Attain Huge Benefits

Shipping strategies and solutions play a vital role in the growth of the eCommerce business. Effective solutions can lead to huge revenues and better customer retention. Also, it helps improve the functioning and management of the company. So, as an eCommerce business, every company must try to build effective shipping solutions for eCommerce to make strong connections with customers and understand their needs. However, the company must keep the future progress rate before implementing any strategies because these decisions will ultimately increase or decrease the business revenue.

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