Are you an aspiring entrepreneur yearning to dive into a sea of opportunities but not sure where to start? Gujarat has been consistently topping the charts in ease of doing business. Combined with a vibrant industrial policy that rolls out the carpet for investors, Gujarat extends an open invitation to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In Gujarat, a galaxy of sectors—textiles, petrochemicals, and even art supplies—awaits you, and you don’t need a huge investment to make your mark here. This blog post aims to be your treasure map, guiding you to small business ideas with low investment that can be launched in Gujarat.

So, if you’re considering taking the entrepreneurial plunge, what could be a more fitting diving board than Gujarat?




Why Gujarat is an Ideal Place for Starting a Business


  • The state has rightfully earned the title of the ‘Petroleum Capital of India’ owing to its expansive refining capacities.
  • The state is a veritable melting pot of diverse industrial sectors, from textiles and petrochemicals to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dairy, cement, and ceramics.
  • Gujarat is the third-largest denim producer in the world.
  • In a country of 28 states and 8 Union territories, topping the ease-of-doing-business charts gives Gujarat a golden badge of investor confidence.
  • The Gujarat Industrial Policy is a dynamic framework offering attractive incentives and concessions for investors.

Top Small Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment


Art Supplies Store

As someone deeply immersed in the fabric of Gujarat’s vibrant culture, setting up an art supplies store is your chance to capitalise on the state’s rich artistic traditions like Kutch embroidery, Bandhani fabrics, etc.

Everyone is a potential customer in a region that places immense value on artistic skills, from professionals to passionate hobbyists. An online counterpart can be a parallel revenue stream, connecting you with local and global art communities.

Online Ventures

Blogging, dropshipping, and content creation are lucrative business avenues. Through blogging, you can share the multifaceted stories of Gujarat—from its booming industries and technological advancements to its deep-rooted traditions and festivals. The subject matter is endless.

On the other hand, different dropshipping business ideas provide a lucrative opportunity to tap into the direct-to-consumer market without inventory management hurdles.

Fashion Design Institute

Textiles and Gujarat are a match made, and running a fashion design institute is an educational establishment where creativity meets commercial acumen. The state’s textile industry provides:

  • A robust foundation.
  • It offers a real-world experience to aspiring designers and makes your institute a classroom.
  • It is a living lab of fashion evolution.

Small-Scale Manufacturing

Gujarat offers an incredibly fertile landscape if you’re considering stepping into the manufacturing sector. The state is already a leading player in various manufacturing industries to start a business, from textiles and chemicals to jewelry. What sets Gujarat apart is its well-oiled ecosystem that consists of efficient infrastructure, proximity to ports for easy export, and the availability of skilled labour.

Take the textile industry, for example. Given the state’s historical prominence in producing high-quality fabrics like Khadi, Bandhani, and Patola, investing in textile manufacturing could be a goldmine.

Fertilizer Distribution

Gujarat has a rich agricultural landscape that makes it an ideal location for establishing a fertilizer distribution business. The state’s farmlands are diverse, cultivating crops such as cotton, peanuts, wheat, and sugarcane. Your business can cater to this diversity by offering a wide variety of organic and inorganic fertilizers tailored to meet the specific needs of Gujarat’s farmers.

Since sustainability is a growing concern, you could go further by providing eco-friendly organic fertilizers that are better for the soil and the larger environment.

Apparel Business

Regarding clothing, Gujarat’s traditional attire has always been in the spotlight. The vivid colours, embroidery, and unique mirror work make garments like Chaniya Choli, Ghagra, and Kediyu highly sought after. This offers a lucrative business opportunity for women to set up an apparel business focusing on traditional Gujarati attire.

But don’t just restrict yourself to the local market. The international appeal of Gujarati attire could open doors for exporting these garments. With the right quality and marketing, your apparel business could be the next big name domestically and internationally scenes.

Jeans Manufacturing

Starting a jeans manufacturing business in Gujarat is as strategic as it is innovative. Gujarat’s strong textile industry, rich in history and infrastructure, is invaluable to setting up an eCommerce business. Think of it as manufacturing and crafting a fashion statement that resonates domestically and globally. Gujarat’s textile parks, skilled artisans, and state-of-the-art machinery present an ideal setting for producing high-quality denim as a forward step. Here is how to start an online clothing business.

Micronutrient Manufacturing

Given the state’s agricultural richness, a micronutrient manufacturing business could be the backbone of Gujarat’s green revolution. The demand for such specialized nutrients is increasing as farmers become increasingly aware of the need for balanced soil health to yield better crops. From zinc and boron to iron and manganese, micronutrients are critical in plant health and farm productivity.

Mobile Car Wash Service

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king, and a mobile car wash service hits that sweet spot perfectly. Offering top-notch car cleaning services right at your customer’s doorstep. But here’s the twist—your business could also serve as a beacon of sustainability by using eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning agents and optimizing water usage through pressure washers or waterless solutions. You offer convenience and a guilt-free experience for the environmentally-conscious consumer. It’s a win-win that can give you a competitive edge in Gujarat’s evolving lifestyle services market.

Mobile Spa Business

The accelerated pace of modern life takes a toll on physical and mental well-being. Cue a mobile spa business designed to deliver an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation right where it’s needed the most. In a state like Gujarat, where traditional wellness practices have thrived for centuries, your mobile spa can offer a range of treatments— from conventional massages to specialized Ayurvedic therapies.

Pet Care and Supplies

As people increasingly see pets as family members rather than mere animals, the pet care industry in Gujarat is ripe for innovative businesses. Gujarat’s rising middle-class population is a fertile ground for such ventures. The possibilities are endless, from specialised grooming salons equipped with the latest skin and coat care products to pet boarding facilities that feel like a home away from home.

Public Relations Agency

Gujarat has been built on industrial success, innovation, and a robust workforce. A Public Relations agency here doesn’t just serve businesses; it serves giant brands with stories waiting to be told. Offering PR solutions tailored to the unique landscape of Gujarat—be it crisis management, brand building, or even corporate social responsibility initiatives—can make you the go-to agency for businesses looking to make a mark locally and globally.

Garment Printing and Embroidery Business

Gujarat’s garment printing and embroidery business is similar to planting a tree in fertile soil. This business model can range from traditional Gujarati embroidery like Kutch and Mirror work to more modern digital printing solutions. Moreover, thanks to Gujarat’s strong supply chain and export capabilities, these unique designs have the potential to be showcased not just in local markets but around the globe.

Eco-friendly Product Sales

An eco-friendly product sales business could be your ticket to becoming an online retailer and your entrepreneurial success. Each product is a commitment to a better, more sustainable future, from biodegradable kitchenware to organic food items. Your business can become a one-stop solution for eco-conscious consumers, generating profit and contributing positively to the community and the planet.

Food Manufacturing and Snack Production

A business in food manufacturing and snack production is a tribute to the rich culinary landscape of the state. Specializing in traditional Gujarati snacks—think Dhokla, Khakhra, or Fafda—gives you an edge in a market yearning for authentic flavours.

But the secret sauce lies in packaging and distribution. Innovative, eco-friendly packaging that retains the freshness of the product can set you apart from competitors.







Humans are wired to seek new terrains, explore untouched domains, and create unparalleled legacies. Gujarat is a better playground for your entrepreneurial ambitions than a state that is a microcosm of the global business landscape.

Whether it’s the tactile pleasure of mixing paint, the thrill of typing a blog post, or the satisfaction of seeing a fashion idea come to life, business opportunities in Gujarat are as diverse as they are exciting. Each of these ventures is a brushstroke in the larger picture of Gujarat’s commercial landscape—a picture you could be a part of.




Which business is most profitable in Gujarat?

Gujarat’s most profitable business largely depends on factors like market demand, skillset, and initial investment. However, based on the state’s strengths, businesses in textiles, chemicals, and Garment Printing and Embroidery Business are highly lucrative.

How to start a business with Rs 50,000?

Starting a business with just Rs 50,000 is totally doable if you play your cards right! Here’s how:

  • Pick from various low-investment options like Tiffin, food delivery services, food stalls or food trucks, tutoring, or jam and pickle making.
  • Identify gaps and demands in your local area.
  • Create a budget plan, allocating funds. Make sure you stretch your ₹50,000 to cover initial costs and keep some reserve.
  • Set Up Shop: Choose a location if you’re going for a physical store or build a simple website if you’re opting for online delivery services.
  • Utilize social media and local listings to spread the word. Word-of-mouth is a pow.

Which industry is growing fast in Gujarat?

The fastest-growing industries in Gujarat encompass a diverse range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, and petrochemicals. The state is particularly dominant in salt production and chemicals, owing to its extensive coastline and rich mineral deposits.


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