Do you recall the first Direct Message (DM) you got from a prospective client inquiring whether you ship abroad? It can take time to take a thorough look at the options available for expanding your worldwide market reach. The COVID-19 pandemic made the past few years difficult for everyone around the world. However, it also hastened the uptake of eCommerce, sparking a fresh boom in that sector. According to a study, future eCommerce sales growth is anticipated to reach 6.54 trillion dollars globally by 2022. It is because most buyers spend approximately 36% of their money online! In this post, we outline the top international eCommerce markets to focus on and explain how NimbusPost can help you expand internationally.  

10 International eCommerce Markets That You Should Sell Into in 2022

Naturally, you’ll wish to be familiar with the major International eCommerce markets so you can expand your business. Therefore, we’ll provide you with a summary of eCommerce rankings so you can decide where to sell.

1. China

China is the world’s largest and most important eCommerce market. Its retail sales have grown rapidly over the past ten years. They have maintained an above-average year-over-year growth rate globally, which is why the country’s eCommerce ranking is so high. On the other hand, there is no denying the scale of Chinese eCommerce marketing. China still boasts the world’s biggest population of digital buyers. It is among the best eCommerce countries to target because of the size of its enormous eCommerce industry, despite the country’s tight import prohibitions.

2. The United States

The United States is now the second-biggest eCommerce market in the world. Here, books, videos, music, consumer electronics, computers, office supplies, toys, accessories, clothing, health, beauty, and furniture goods are among the best-selling commodities. Since the tax threshold for imports is so high, it is less probable that customers will have to pay extra tax or duty on international goods. Due to the size of its eCommerce industry, China may have surpassed the United States, but it is still expanding.

3. The United Kingdom

Among the major eCommerce marketplaces in the world, the United Kingdom is ranked third. The main eCommerce merchants that contribute to the U.K.’s prominence in the industry are, Argos, and Amazon U.K. Fashion, home products, athletic goods, and travel are the most popular selling categories in the U.K. It is advisable to prepare ahead since the new VAT regulations brought on by Brexit may cause new difficulties for businesses attempting to enter the UK market.

4. Japan

Japan is one of the fastest and biggest-growing eCommerce markets worldwide. The B2C eCommerce marketing here has increased over the last ten years, despite being initially dominated by B2B transactions. Only time will tell whether anything will change, including Japan’s eCommerce rating.

5. Germany

You can grow your company this year by entering Germany, a prominent eCommerce market with plenty of affordable shipping choices. It is the second-largest international eCommerce market in Europe and the fifth-largest globally. Germany is undoubtedly a top eCommerce market owing to the magnitude of its eCommerce market. Fashion, media, and electrical are popular product categories in the country. Credit cards, invoices, and online payment systems like PayPal are all preferred payment methods.

6. France

Local competitors Odigeo and Cdiscount are at the top of the pack in the French eCommerce market, ranked sixth globally. In this industry, Amazon is a significant participant as well. The top three product categories are fashion, beauty and health, and cultural goods.

7. South Korea

Known for having the highest wireless internet connections, South Korea is one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces in the world. Fashion, the biggest eCommerce marketing sector was anticipated to reach the highest market volume in the country. Here, the most popular categories are toys and DIY/hobby products.

8. Canada

Canada ranks at number eight on the list and is among the biggest eCommerce marketplaces. The Canadiane Commerce industry is dominated by electronic & media. Additionally, Canadians are thought to be the most diverse cross-border eCommerce consumers.

9. Russia

The ninth-best eCommerce market for this year is Russia. As a prominent eCommerce market, Russia undoubtedly sees eCommerce sales growth. With a forecast market volume, media and electronics are among the leading product categories.

10. Brazil

With one-third of the area’s eCommerce market, Brazil is the largest market in the region. Electronics and media are the most popular goods in Brazil at present.


Top International Courier Service Providers

If you have an online business or shop, have you considered providing delivery to other countries from India? If so, picking the best delivery partner is crucial to speed up the process. It is strongly advised that you take into account employing international courier services for your eCommerce in India. The two most frequent choices are outsourcing with a reputable logistics partner or handling all procedures internally.

1. FedEx

FedEx provides worldwide courier services to 220+ countries. Its shipping times may vary depending on different factors (3-5 days).

2. Aramex

Aramex Express offers worldwide shipping solutions and couriers. It provides established eCommerce enterprises and start-up international courier services. The company ships to 240+ countries.

3. DHL

DHL has almost 50 years of expertise in international logistics and provides comprehensive shipping options, weekly invoicing, and tracking. Next-day logistics and expedited delivery are among its many shipping options.

4. India Post

India Post has a vast network for transporting packages worldwide. It has low pricing and fast delivery.

5. NimbusGlobal

NimbusGlobal ships to 196+ countries from India. It simplifies international couriers and facilitates worldwide customs clearance for businesses and D2C brands. In addition, the company has partnerships with top overseas postal and courier services. NimbusGlobal ships millions of parcels annually through its modern technology and unique techniques.


How Does NimbusPost Aid Globalization?

We hope this blog has useful information about some of the best eCommerce marketing places you may enter this year. To prevent annoying your customers, you must implement the proper shipping techniques before making your business publicly accessible. Here, NimbusPost can assist you very well with its tech-enabled global shipping services. It has assisted several eCommerce companies in going global. In addition, the company provides a network of trustworthy international shipping couriers and fulfillment facilities in many countries.

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