It is the experiences and interactions that your customers have with an eCommerce business that is characterized as the customer experience or CX. Worldwide business owners consider customer experience to be a key concern. By concentrating on CX, you can minimize churn while increasing revenue, ultimately leading to increased profitability.


Among the most effective methods to improve the customer experience or CX is to provide customers with comprehensive insight into their online purchases through eCommerce order tracking.


We will cover what order tracking is, why it is important for your eCommerce business, and how to satisfy your customers by using third-party logistics providers or shipping aggregators.


Learn About eCommerce Order Tracking


It is the procedure that allows your customers to follow the status of their orders in real-time. There are various services, such as expected delivery dates and frequent updates on the progress and location of orders alongside shipping tracking.


Reasons to Adopt Order Tracking for a Successful Business


Order monitoring is critical in ensuring that customers have a great shopping experience. When the customers anticipate when their purchase will come, order tracking keeps them updated and alleviates their concern about when their order will arrive, where it is, and whether or not there are any exceptions or delays.


1. Exceeding the Expectations of Customers


Customers want to be able to track their orders at every stage of the delivery process. According to a recent study, they check the status of their purchases an average of 3 times each order. These figures demonstrate unequivocally that customers have grown familiar with having an insight over their orders over time. If you give customers recent order information and updates, it helps create trust with customers, which can be extremely beneficial to build the reputation and growth of your company. This stress-free and seamless delivery experience might assist you in keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of customers.


2. Cost-Cutting Measures


Customers want to be able to know the progress of their orders. If you do not provide them with the information, you will likely receive hundreds of “where is my order” calls, inquiries, and complaints. It will be extremely costly and time-consuming in the long run. After reaching a saturation point, you may have to employ customer care representatives, deploy a chat-bot, or procure/outsource customer services to respond to every user grievance and problem, which would be extremely expensive. The issue is urgent because if you do not act quickly, your customer ratings will drop significantly. In the end, it might harm your company’s reputation.


3. Maintaining Control of Order Fulfillment


Ecommerce order tracking is beneficial not just to customers but also to your business. Once your items have left the fulfillment center, the reputation of your company is on the line. Poor order delivery is blamed by 94 percent of users on the part of merchants. In the event of a shipment exception, you may keep track of your orders and address any difficulties that emerge as a result of delays, tracking, or your customers’ expectations. Without an effectively implemented system, critical tracking information might be overlooked, resulting in customer discontent and, eventually, the return of the product.


4. Increasing Client Retention while also Increasing Sales


Order tracking is now available from virtually every major eCommerce business and marketplace. When operating in such a competitive environment, it is essential to be up to date in terms of convenience; otherwise, you will lose out on a lot of business. When it comes to building a loyal client base and generating repeat purchases, eCommerce order tracking is a cost-effective approach to demonstrate to your consumers that your business is dependable.


5. Improving the Customer’s Post-Purchase Experience


The post-buy experience impacts whether or not a customer will buy from a certain brand in the future. While a great customer experience encourages repurchase and enhances customer lifetime value, a bad customer experience leads consumers to move to your rivals’ products or services. In this scenario, order tracking is used to reduce the gap between the order delivery phase and the post-purchase phase. It helps to ensure a smooth post-purchase experience for customers by building confidence in them. eCommerce order tracking can alleviate any worry that customers may be experiencing as a result of their orders.





Offer your Buyers Better Order Tracking Experience


NimbusPost enables you to improve the customer experience by providing your customers with complete visibility into their orders at the fulfillment process, which is

  1. Order received
  2. Packed
  3. Shipped
  4. In transit
  5. Out for delivery
  6. Delivered


Whether a return, exchange, or refund is necessary, your customers are kept fully informed. With NimbusPost, you have to set up automatic notifications, and alerts will be seamlessly sent to your customers. It implies that real-time order notifications will be given to customers through email and SMS.







Ecommerce order tracking has become a must in today’s eCommerce world, and it is becoming increasingly popular. It fosters a sense of trust between your eCommerce business and your customers.


You may delight your customers and enhance client retention by paying close attention to the after-purchase experience. As a result, the increased insight provided by order tracking helps you increase eCommerce sales over the long haul.

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