A staggering majority of online businesses and consumers deem package tracking as the backbone of eCommerce trust. And when we talk about trust in the Indian logistics sector, VRL stands tall. VRL group is one of India’s paramount courier and travel conglomerates, making waves in eCommerce logistics.

VRL’s extensive reach has transformed transportation in the subcontinent. Their unparalleled tracking system sets them apart.

Let’s dive into this comprehensive guide on VRL Tracking and discover how following a package’s journey can spell the difference between a one-time transaction and a lifelong customer.

An Overview About VRL Courier

Born out of the demand for seamless courier and transport services, VRL has interwoven innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity, ensuring it remains a go-to choice for thousands daily.

Today, with a whopping fleet comprising 295 passenger vehicles and a staggering 4,816 goods transport vehicles, VRL effortlessly tops the charts as the largest fleet owner in India.

But numbers only paint a fragment of the picture. The company’s commitment to timely and safe deliveries, combined with its customer-first approach, truly sets it apart.

A comprehensive network is pivotal for any courier service aiming for national dominance, and VRL’s footprint is impressive. With a giant network of 533 offices and 956 branches across the country, spanning five unions and 23 states, VRL’s omnipresence ensures that no location is too remote or inaccessible.

This vast expanse ensures that whether you’re in a bustling metropolitan city or a tranquil town, VRL’s impeccable services are just around the corner.






How Can I Track VRL Courier?


VRL’s real-time package tracking starts with your unique parcel tracking number. This number, usually a sequence of digits, is provided to you when booking your shipment with VRL. It acts as a digital identity for your consignment, ensuring all related details can be accessed with just this code.

To begin the tracking process:

  • Head over to VRL’s official website or open their dedicated mobile application.
  • Locate the ‘Track Consignment’ section.
  • Carefully input your consignment number in the designated box. Double-check to ensure accuracy, as even a single incorrect digit can lead to an error.
  • Click on the ‘Track’ button.
  • If for some reason you’ve entered an incorrect number or the system doesn’t recognise it, you’ll be prompted to re-enter the correct details. If you’re sure of the accuracy of your entry but still face issues, it’s advised to contact VRL’s customer support for assistance.

The beauty of VRL’s tracking system lies in the wealth of information it provides, segmented into different categories for easy comprehension:

Booking Details: This is your starting point and provides essential information about when and where the parcel was booked. It offers insights into the source location, the intended destination, the booking date, and possibly even the expected delivery date.

Delivery Details: Here, you’ll find data about the final leg of your consignment’s journey. It will inform you of the date and time of successful delivery, who received it (in case it wasn’t handed over to the intended recipient), and any remarks related to the delivery, such as “Left with a neighbour” or “Placed in a secure location.”

Transit Details: Arguably the most dynamic of the three, ‘Transit Details’ offers a play-by-play account of your parcel’s journey. Every time your package reaches a checkpoint, be it a sorting centre, transit hub, or local dispatch point, it gets updated in real time here. It provides insights into the parcel’s movement, any potential delays, and when it’s out for delivery.


Benefits of Using VRL Courier Tracking Online


Real-time Updates on Shipment Status

Having timely and accurate information about the location and status of a parcel is necessary. VRL’s online tracking offers this exact necessity. By providing real-time monitoring, senders, and receivers are empowered with instant information, eliminating the uncertainty that often comes with shipping items.

Ease of Access Across Devices

Access to information should not be restricted to just one platform or device. Recognizing this, VRL has made its online tracking system compatible across a plethora of devices. Whether you’re stationed at your desktop, lounging with a laptop, on the move with your mobile, or browsing through a tablet, VRL ensures that your package’s whereabouts are just a few clicks away.

Saving Time and Effort

Traditional methods of tracking packages involved long wait times on calls or sifting through a barrage of emails, which were inefficient and often led to frustration. However, VRL’s online tracking system has changed the game by diminishing the need for those repetitive, time-consuming checks with customer service.

Enhancing Business Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

For businesses, particularly those in the eCommerce sector, the punctuality of deliveries is a cornerstone for building a formidable reputation. With VRL’s tracking system, businesses gain an added layer of operational transparency and accountability.


Additional Tracking Features and Services


GPS Tracking

GPS-based tracking has emerged as a game-changer, providing pin-point accuracy for real-time tracking. VRL, being at the forefront of logistics and delivery services, has capitalised on this technology to ensure precise location tracking of its fleet.

VRL Mobile App

The VRL Mobile App is designed with user-centric features, offering a seamless tracking experience at your fingertips as the company shifts to mobile.


The Importance of the 10-digit VRL Tracking Number


Every consignment booked with VRL gets its unique identifier – a 10-digit tracking number. This number ensures that every package can be individually monitored, eliminating potential mix-ups and ensuring accurate, real-time updates.

VRL’s Reach and Network

With its extensive presence across the Indian subcontinent, VRL connects remote areas and urban centres, playing a crucial role in India’s complex logistics.

Detailed Breakdown of VRL’s Fleet

From nimble delivery vans darting through congested streets for those last-mile deliveries to the large cargo trucks cruising the highways, VRL’s fleet is a marvel in its own right. These vehicles are modes of transport ensuring timely and, more importantly, safe deliveries.

Branch Distribution and Infrastructure Across India

With numerous branches scattered nationwide, VRL showcases its commitment to accessibility and service outreach. These branches are strategically located, with key hubs in major cities and junctions, ensuring that no matter the consignment’s origin or destination, VRL is always within reach.


Comprehensive Services Offered by VRL


Courier Services

VRL’s robust courier services are a cornerstone of its offerings. Nationally, VRL has woven a vast web of routes, ensuring that their commitment to swift, secure deliveries remains uncompromised whether you’re sending a parcel across cities or remote towns. Internationally, their reach is amplified through strategic global partnerships, upholding their promise of efficiency even across borders.

Cargo Services

Recognizing the intricate demands of varied industries, be it temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, textiles, or delicate electronics, VRL has tailored solutions to ensure that every shipment, no matter how unique, is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Transport Services

VRL’s expertise isn’t confined to goods. Their extensive fleet of buses and coaches is equipped to cater to a broad spectrum of travellers. Whether you’re seeking everyday comfort or luxury on the road, VRL ensures a journey as memorable as the destination.

Air Passenger Services

Elevating their transportation services, VRL has taken to the skies with their air passenger services. Their aviation foray is an embodiment of luxury and comfort. As VRL’s flights take off, passengers are treated to a world of spacious seats and gourmet meals, setting new benchmarks in air travel.







So, as you scale your online business, remember that with VRL courier by your side, you promise your customers quality products and the assurance of timely and transparent deliveries. And in a world brimming with choices, these little assurances make all the difference, turning one-time buyers into lifelong customers.

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