While everything else has shifted to the digital medium, why put the most tiresome work in manual hands? It is the 21st century, and it’s time to get the logistics burden off your shoulders. Today, technology has sorted difficulties in almost every field. Efficient technology and strategies have their way through handling the logistics of eCommerce. Handling the operations of an eCommerce store or company is a tedious task in itself. Keeping a check on commercial vehicles used for day-to-day operations requires nothing lesser than a squad. That is where very efficient and lucrative fleet management strategies show up on the screen. Here, we shall talk about the eminent techniques of fleet management.


What is Fleet Management?

Before jumping to the fleet management techniques, we advise you understand the term first. In plain words, fleet management is a method for companies to manage and coordinate commercial automobiles to maximize efficiency and cut expenses. As of 2020, there was an increase of 8% in the usage of fleet management technology.

The practice is not merely responsible for the management of truckloads. It is an umbrella term that includes keeping records of personnel engaged in courier and delivery. These days, we have artificial intelligence and whatnot. With such advancements in technology, how could the logistics of the eCommerce industry be left behind? The entrepreneurs have gotten hold of various fleet management software which could make handling logistics smooth like butter. Such technical systems serve as a single hub for authentic monitoring of otherwise tedious operations, rendering them crucial in making effective business choices. Let us take a look at how the system works on the ground.


The Working

Though it might seem a way out of the complexities, fleet management is a rather complex process underneath the surface. It is best utilized to its utmost potential if the following factors are kept under supervision.


1. Software

The foremost aspect of a decent fleet management system is GPS software. It is needless to impose here that tracking commercial vehicles is crucial. The software that monitors this GPS tracker falls under the umbrella of the fleet management system. It is responsible for serving as a dashboard of the tracker. Along with keeping track of locations, it is also responsible for monitoring other aspects of movements and the driver’s safety. All this is possible while the vehicle is out on the road and the system is with the manager.


2. Telematics

As mentioned earlier, fleet management is not just tracking down the truckloads. Rather, it is a comprehensive system that can keep a record of the vehicle’s telematics. Data of acceleration, the intensity of brakes, speed, and fuel consumption are all recorded. Not just this, with the software, the manager can find out if the vehicle needs any maintenance or repair.

There are multiple sensors active in the system that help you comprehend any absurd movements of the driver. If the driver is overspeeding, rash driving, pulling up harshly, or moving out of the way, you can immediately notice and take action accordingly.


3. Maintenance

With such an adequate system at work, you might wonder about the expenditure of a fleet management system. Worry not! The prime utility of this system is to curtail the cost and efforts which otherwise touch the skies. Using a fleet management system may assist cut expenses by keeping track of vehicle upkeep, resolving maintenance contracts, and planning deliveries ahead of time.

Having understood the working of fleet management systems, it is essential that we also go through the significance of the same in today’s eCommerce world.



Why Fleet Management?

People working on traditional time-consuming labor practices might as well ask this question-What is the need? To answer this question, we have an extensive list of validated reasons stating the system’s efficiency. The efficiency and accuracy that the fleet system offers are a lot superior to the traditional blind trust system.


1. Customer Experience

When put on a transparent system like this one, the customer tends to associate satisfactory relations with business. Be it B2B or B2C venture, the customer always has held onto the product. GPS tracking, faster delivery, and delivery at the customer’s convenience are all characteristics and benefits of the system. Adding up, these factors lead to the enhancement of customer experience exponentially.


2. Time and Fuel Saving

Often, businesses lose a lot of time tracking down all the customers’ locations. Having a system that can show you multiple routes and thereby point the customers located on the same route. Thus, fleet management is a savior here.


3. 3PL Management

From the manufacturer to the end-user, third-party logistics may manage every step along the way. When used properly, a 3PL may assist in achieving strategic benefits, lowering expenses, and improving customer service.

A competent 3PL organization may assist a company in streamlining its logistics operations. It can also give insight into difficulties that may impact the process, such as paperwork, customs, and other rules and standards.


4. Intermodal Transportation Efficiency Achieved

A system to be stated as efficient shall have the capability to integrate the intermodal transportation objectives well with the company’s objectives. The system’s efficiency is tested based on its capability to leverage the technology. It should improve the tiresome procedure of routing, delivery, and invoicing are all part of the process.



With many businesses now inculcating fleet management, the system has proven to be a game-changer. Juxtaposing the older, inefficient systems alongside fleet management leads to an obvious win for the latter. As much as it is beneficial for businesses, customers of such businesses have the edge over those who do not use it.

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