The Pickup Exception is a term that may sound innocuous but has the power to erode trust, dilute customer satisfaction, and ‌disrupt your eCommerce operations. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over a late or failed pickup, wondering how it happened and why, this blog post is your saving grace.


This comprehensive guide will tell you what a pickup exception is, dissect the reasons behind its occurrence, and arm you with actionable, proven tips to tackle it head-on.


What is a Pickup Exception?


A ‘Pickup Exception’ can be a major hurdle when running an online selling business. Simply put, it happens when a courier company tries to pick up a package for delivery but fails to do so for some reason. This can cause unexpected delays and may impact the overall customer experience.


A significant hiccup brings the order processing cycle to a sudden halt. Think of it as a red flag waving, signalling that something has disrupted the otherwise seamless delivery of an order from the warehouse shelf to the customer’s doorstep.



The Reasons behind a Pickup Exception


Courier’s Fault


Rider Does Not Arrive or Is Unavailable


Sometimes, the rider is stuck in traffic, or perhaps there is a shortage of available riders due to an unexpected surge in demand. Whatever the case, these scenarios lead to the pickup exception.


Vehicle Capacity Issues


If a vehicle arrives and can’t accommodate your items due to size or weight constraints, you’re back to square one, leading to a pickup exception.



Seller’s Fault


Items Are Not Ready for Pickup


Failing to have items ready for shipment can trigger a pickup exception. The item may be out of stock, or quality checks may be delayed. The reason doesn’t matter to the customer or the courier.


Rescheduling Without Notifying the Courier


Your decision to reschedule a pickup without notifying the courier is a recipe for a pickup exception.



Tips on How to Deal with Pickup Exception


Proactive Communication between Courier and Seller

To avoid pickup exceptions, schedule confirmation well in advance for mutual understanding.


Time Management


Sellers should aim to have items prepared for pickup well in advance. If you foresee a delay in getting the package ready, notify the courier as soon as possible to minimize disruptions.


Technological Solutions


Investing in robust tracking and scheduling software can be your first line of defense against pickup exceptions.




If the rider didn’t show up or was unavailable, immediate re-scheduling is usually the first line of action. Contact the courier service to understand the reason for the missed pickup and coordinate a new time that suits both parties.







By now, you understand that the pickup exceptions are not just minor setbacks; they can seriously dent your brand’s reputation and overall shipping operations.


But there’s good news: you’re not doomed to sail blind. You’ve learned some proactive measures against pickup exceptions and logistics platforms like NimbusPost, which allow you to control every aspect of package shipment. Through NimbusPost, sellers can track and check the status, proactively handle any delivery exception, and get an NDR and return management system.

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