Mumbai, apart from being a beautiful city, is the heart of India! The city offers you the best of career opportunities. If you have dreamt of starting your low investment businesses in Mumbai, then you are on the right path. The metro city is the second-most fastest-growing market in Asia.

Being India’s financial capital, it is the in-house of the Bombay Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank of India. Moreover, most of India’s GDP comes from Mumbai. So, Mumbai is a place where you can learn and grow your career like nowhere else. Here, take your pick from our compiled list of businesses in Mumbai with low investment.





Trending Low Investment Businesses in Mumbai


Here are some of the best low investment business ideas in Mumbai 2021:


Snacks Café

Snacks Café is what we call a great business idea to go for within Mumbai. The reason this business idea tops our list is that Mumbai is a populous city, and people here love to have delicious delicacies. Many outsiders, whether students, working people, or strugglers, reside in Mumbai and crave homemade food. The café can offer varieties of snacks for breakfast that can have North Indian snacks- Poha, Vadapao, or South Indian food. But it is essential to serve quality food and maintain hygiene.


Maintaining the food quality may give you less profit at the start, but once the customer gets your name fed in their mind, gets attracted towards your café food, the profit will surely increase. You must go for a creative feedback system, as it will open the scope of improvement. You can run your café in an offline or online store and tie it up with a delivery aggregator.

Open A Lunch or Dinner Tiffin Service Centre

Mumbai is the place to earn your bread, right? It would be a mind-blowing business idea to provide homelike food to the people. So, what can you do is open your Tiffin center offline and can deliver online too! This service will help those who don’t have time to book their order via offline mode can book your service online. But do maintain good hygiene and quality of food.

Food is a thing in which no one wants to make compromises, so prepare a portion of food that directly reaches your customer’s heart. And make your service reliable and long-lasting.


Delivering Groceries on Order

Delivery groceries on demand is the perfect business idea! If you already have your grocery store, you can expand it or make some modifications. Start delivery to the customer’s doorsteps. In a fast-growing city like Mumbai, nobody has the luxury of time to come to the store and buy things. This innovative business idea will work for Mumbai’s posh colonies, so target them.

You can apply some additional charges or can ask your customer to order for a minimum amount to deliver products to their place. Or, if you don’t have your grocery store, you can tie up with a delivery aggregator and start delivering products from grocery stores.


Pet Grooming and Care Products shop

Pet Grooming and Care Products shop can be an innovative idea! Mumbai is the place where most celebrities live and own pets. They need their pet products, as pets need grooming facilities from time to time. You can create your online shop or can open up an offline pet grooming shop. The best part is that you can target the posh colonies and can earn great profits. Start approaching people via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., take their orders, and deliver products to their doorstep.


T-Shirt Printing Business

T-Shirt Printing Business is one of the businesses in Mumbai with low investment! The coolest business idea! You can start it at your home. You have to buy quality white t-shirts at a low price from any renowned manufacturer and then print them as per your customers’ requirements. You can sell your t-shirts online or offline mode. Connect with offices, schools, NGOs as all of them need printed t-shirts to look unique. Considering the margins in this business, you will flourish with time.


Consideration, One New-Entrant Should Keep In Mind:


Select Your Area of Preference

It would be great if you must know your area of interest! In which business do you want to go? You must decide on your profession. You must be enthusiastic about the work you choose. So, take your time, choose the business that suits you and be persistent with it.


Make Your Investment Wisely

Make an intelligent decision while investing. Mark two things in mind- Never go for an extremely high investment nor a very low investment. Significant investment at the start of the business can cause losses, and low investment can hamper your service or product quality. So, the first impression is the last. Maintain your product quality at the start and think from the customer’s point of view.


Be Confident

Don’t lose your confidence! Work with high-morale! Yes, you may bear losses at the start or earn low profits, but slowly and gradually, you will attain success. Be patient and consistent in your work and never leave space for loopholes.


Which Small Investment Business Will You Go For?

If you have talent, success will be yours! Above are some fantastic business ideas! Take time to make your decision. But to have profitable low investment businesses in Mumbai, you must hire a delivery aggregator. The delivery partner will save your time, effort and will deliver the products safely at your customer’s doorsteps. NimbusPost is a perfect logistics partner for you in case you decide to go for an online business setup.



With years of excellence and working with brands, NimbusPost is serving customers on-time deliveries in Mumbai. With its smart API integrations and tracking features, you can always keep an eye on your product delivery. So, choose NimbusPost and attracts more customers, as the courier partner‘s delivery timeline is too good and its packaging is too attractive.


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