In an age where distances shrink, and connections expand, sending a courier from India to Australia is no longer a hassle. Today, a business in Melbourne can receive critical documents from Mumbai.


But let’s face it: the journey of a courier from India to Australia is not just a hop, skip, and jump. It’s a complex voyage of freight transportation, fluctuating regulations, and customs clearance.


With bilateral trade and interactions at an all-time high, the demand for reliable, efficient courier services has skyrocketed. Yet, sending a courier from India to Australia, with its maze of options and regulations, can be as daunting as necessary.


This guide is meticulously crafted to unravel this complexity. Here, we delve into the nuances of selecting the right courier service, packaging secrets, and customs regulations. So, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned business, this comprehensive guide is tailored to assist you with every step you take in international shipping.



A Step-by-Step Process of Sending Courier to Australia from India


Choosing the Right Courier Service


Given the array of options and the varied nature of parcels being sent, choosing the right courier service is a decision that demands careful consideration. When selecting a courier service, key factors to consider are reliability, speed, cost, and the nature of the items you’re sending. NimbusPost is an eCommerce logistics platform that empowers you with tools and features to choose the best courier services at your disposal. We have established a comprehensive logistics network that facilitates accelerated shipping solutions across Australia.


Packaging and Preparing Your Shipment


Sending parcels from India to Australia demands attention to packaging and preparation. For most items, a sturdy corrugated cardboard box will suffice. However, additional padding with bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or packing paper is crucial for fragile items. Ensure there is no movement inside the box once it’s sealed to prevent damage during transit. We’ve written a full guide on how to pack a courier to get comprehensive learning.


Labeling your package is equally important. The address should be clear and accurate, including the recipient’s full name, street address, city, and postal code. It’s advisable to include both your and the recipient’s contact information on the package.


A critical component of paperwork is the customs declaration form. This form should accurately describe your package’s contents, value, and purpose (gift, sale, personal use). Be as specific as possible to avoid delays in customs. Honesty in this declaration is paramount to prevent legal issues or additional charges.


Customs and Regulations


Customs procedures can be daunting, but you can quickly get the required clearances with the proper knowledge. When sending items from India to Australia, one must be aware of both countries’ customs regulations to ensure a smooth process. Be prepared for potential inspections and provide any necessary documentation that supports the contents and value of your shipment.


Be aware of prohibited and restricted items. For example, Australia has strict biosecurity laws, so items like certain foods, plants, and animal products might be restricted or banned. Always check the most current lists of prohibited items on the official customs websites of both India and Australia.


Cost Considerations


The cost of courier services is influenced by various factors, such as the weight and dimensions of the package and the speed of delivery. Most courier services charge based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight of the package, whichever is higher. Additionally, choosing between standard and express delivery will affect the cost, with express delivery being more expensive.


When comparing shipping rates of different services, consider the type of service they offer against their pricing. Some might offer lower base rates but higher charges for additional services. It is recommended to use the NimbusPost shipping rate calculator to get the estimated shipping cost from India to Australia.


Shipping Options and Delivery Times


Understanding the shipping options and delivery times is crucial for planning your shipment. Standard shipping is typically more economical but takes longer, while express shipping is faster but more expensive. For example, a standard shipment might take 10-12 days, whereas an express service could reduce this time to 5-7 days.


NimbusPost provides real-time tracking options, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s journey. This feature is invaluable for ensuring timely delivery and peace of mind.


Security and Insurance


Good courier services offer robust packaging and handling, but for added peace of mind, consider insuring your shipment. Insurance is particularly advisable for valuable items or those with sentimental value.


When choosing insurance coverage, consider the value of your items and the risks involved in transit. Some courier services offer insurance options, or you can opt for third-party insurance. Read the terms carefully to understand what is covered and any applicable deductibles.



Best Courier Services to Send Parcels from India to Australia



NimbusPost stands out in India’s courier service sector, offering a diverse range of international shipping options tailored to the needs of both eCommerce sellers and individual customers sending parcels from home.


Their offerings include the Nimbus eCom+ Deferred International Plan, Expedited Plan, and Nimbus Priority+, catering to various delivery time requirements. A key feature that sets NimbusPost apart is its integration with over 27 courier companies, providing an extensive array of choices for customers. This integration enables customised solutions that are particularly beneficial for eCommerce businesses that require flexibility and diversity in shipping options.


For customer convenience and confidence, NimbusPost offers real-time tracking and robust customer support, ensuring that clients are well-informed and assisted throughout the shipping process.


Atlantic International Express


Atlantic International Express is recognised for its affordability, with prices starting as low as INR 675/-. Their services span an extensive network covering over 200 cities in India, making them a convenient option for a wide range of customers.


Specialising in door-to-door pickup and delivery, they take the hassle out of the shipping process. Additionally, they possess expertise in customs clearance, simplifying what can often be a complex and daunting aspect of international shipping. Their commitment to customer service is reflected in their provision of real-time package updates and comprehensive customer support, ensuring a smooth and transparent shipping experience.


Fastway Worldwide Express


Fastway Worldwide Express is tailored for those needing specialised handling of their shipments, particularly fragile and time-sensitive goods. Their detailed information on shipping options and transit times allows customers to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.


A unique selling point for Fastway is its specialized handling, which ensures the safe and timely delivery of delicate items. Moreover, they offer an easy booking process and reliable delivery tracking, enhancing the overall customer experience.




DHL boasts a global reach, with an extensive international network and expedited shipping options, making it a go-to for urgent international deliveries. Their service variety includes DHL Express Worldwide, catering to both document and non-document shipments. Their charges are comprehensive, varying from ₹1906 for 1 kg to ₹4,152 for 5.5 kg regarding package weight, size, and delivery time.


DHL enhances its offerings with specialized packaging solutions and custom clearance services, addressing specific shipping needs and ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations. This comprehensive approach makes DHL a reliable and efficient choice for shipping to Australia from India.


Blue Dart


In partnership with DHL, Blue Dart offers access to DHL’s international shipping services, combining local expertise with global reach. Their range of services includes express and economy options, catering to different timeframes and budgetary requirements. Blue Dart provides additional customer tools like the Transit Time Finder, aiding customers in managing their shipments efficiently and effectively.




FedEx provides a comprehensive suite of international shipping services with various delivery speeds to meet different shipping needs. Their integration of technology in the form of mobile shipping and the user-friendly FedEx Ship Manager enhances the user experience, making shipping more accessible and manageable.


FedEx stands out for its competitive pricing, detailed packaging guidelines, and specialised services catering to diverse needs. Their commitment to providing a wide range of services at competitive rates and technological integration makes FedEx a strong contender for shipping to Australia from India.





As you prepare to send your next courier to Australia, we encourage you to weigh these factors carefully. Consider the nature of your items, the urgency of your shipment, your budget constraints, and the level of customer service you expect. The right courier service acts as a bridge between continents, seamlessly connecting India to Australia. Use NimbusPost platform to get the best carrier recommendation for sending a package, forging connections, nurturing relationships, and growing your business.

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