If you’re a small business or a startup operating from home, going to the post office to deliver products every time the order comes may seem inefficient. The thought of stepping out and standing in long queues at the post office or courier service center instantly kills your schedule or other important tasks. But what if there could be a way to send that package without stepping out of your front door?

Today, courier services allow you to schedule a courier pickup right from the comfort of your home. The demand for door-to-door courier services has surged over the last two years, and in this blog, we’ll discuss how you can courier a parcel from home, what the process is, and what is the right platform where you can manage it easily.


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Why Choose Home Pickup Services?


Time is a luxury, and you can’t afford to squander it while running a business. This is especially true when it comes to seemingly mundane yet essential tasks like sending a parcel. Home pickup services bring the courier service to your doorstep, rather than you having to go to them. Here, you can schedule a pickup at a time that suits you, right from the comfort of your home.

In traditional methods, you’re at the mercy of operational hours and staff availability, but with home pickup, the courier partners often reach your location within 24 hours of placing the order. This speed can be a lifesaver for urgent shipments.

Moreover, traditional methods may not offer the same level of specialised services that you can avail of with home pickup options. For example, you might navigate complicated procedures for special shipments independently without the guided assistance that home pickup services often provide.


Preparing Your Parcel for Shipment


Packing Essentials

Secure packing is your first line of defense against potential damage during transit. Remember, your parcel will go through various stages—from being loaded onto a vehicle to being sorted at a facility, and finally, to being delivered. Each stage poses a risk of damage if your parcel isn’t packed securely.

Opt for a sturdy, corrugated box that’s just the right size for your items. Bubble wrap the package for cushioning. Place a layer at the bottom of the box, around the items, and then another layer on top before sealing the box. In the end, use strong, pressure-sensitive tape to seal the box.

Labeling Your Parcel

Labeling guides your parcel to its destination. At the very least, your label should include the recipient’s name, complete address, and contact details. It’s also advisable to include your own return address and contact information. Some services even recommend including a phone number to facilitate easier delivery.

Weighing and Cost Estimation

The weight of your parcel is the cornerstone upon which the shipping cost is built. It’s also a key factor in determining the type of service you may need. Use a reliable calibrated scale. Kitchen scales can be surprisingly accurate for smaller parcels, while a heavy-duty scale may be needed for larger items. If the weight falls between two numbers, it’s always a good idea to round up. This ensures you won’t face any surprise fees later on.

Once you have an accurate weight, the next step is to estimate the shipping cost. It is recommended to use shipping rate calculators to get an estimated cost after entering the weight and destination. Different courier services have different pricing structures, but most will have a base rate for the first 500 grams and then a subsequent rate for each additional 500 grams or part thereof.


Choosing the Right Courier Service


When selecting the courier service, you need to understand the specific requirements of your shipment. Is it a valuable item, either financially or emotionally? Is it time-sensitive, requiring expedited delivery? Or is it a standard shipment that doesn’t require any special handling?

Different courier services specialise in different requirements, from standard mail services to guaranteed express delivery. The key is to match your needs with the services offered by the courier, so you can try the NimbusPost courier recommendation engine to know which is the best courier service in India for your needs.


Scheduling a Pickup


Online Scheduling

Most courier services offer an online portal or a mobile app where you can easily schedule a pickup. The process usually involves:

  • Logging into your account.
  • Entering the parcel details.
  • Selecting a pickup date and time.
  • Confirming the pickup location.

It’s as simple as that. Some services even allow you to prepay online, making the process smoother.

Via Customer Service

If you’re uncomfortable with online scheduling or the service is unavailable in your area, the traditional method of scheduling through customer service is a reliable alternative. Almost all courier services offer a toll-free number you can call to arrange a pickup. When you call, you’ll typically be asked to provide details like the parcel’s weight, dimensions, destination, and any special handling requirements. Once the details are confirmed, the customer service representative will schedule a pickup time that suits you.

Tracking Your Parcel

You’ve done it all— Your parcel is now out of your hands and on its way to its destination. The next crucial step is tracking your parcel.

In the past, once a parcel left your hands, it entered a sort of “black box,” all you could do was hope it would arrive safely and on time. Those days are long gone. Tracking your parcel helps you stay informed and be proactive. Tracking creates a digital trail, holding the courier service accountable for your parcel’s timely and safe delivery. If there’s a delay or an issue, tracking alerts you immediately, allowing you to contact customer service to resolve the issue before it escalates.


Conclusion: Schedule your Courier Pickup from Home through NimbusPost


The world has never been more connected, and the convenience of scheduled home pickup services has brought the global village to your doorstep. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues at the post office, unsure of when or how your parcel would reach its destination. Today, you have the power to ensure your parcel’s safe and timely arrival, all from the comfort of your home.

Embrace NimbusPost’s cutting-edge technology that offers convenience and control of scheduling eCommerce courier pickups from home. Through NimbusPost, you not only ship from home across India but can also ship internationally. You now have the tool to choose the best shipping company, get real-time tracking, schedule pickups, COD remittances, manage bulk shipments, etc.

To schedule eCommerce courier pickups through NimbusPost, you can:

  • Sign up with NimbusPost.
  • Complete your KYC.
  • Recharge your account.
  • Print the shipping label and attach it to your package.
  • Schedule a pickup from home.
  • Track your shipment using the tracking number provided by NimbusPost.








Which courier will collect from home?

Borzo, DHL, Blue Dart, and Gati are some courier services that can collect couriers from home.

Does DTDC pick up from home?

Yes, DTDC offers courier pickup from home.


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