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Most Indian marketplaces entertain small businesses and have adequate sales volume. Thus, selecting a delivery partner is essential for smooth e-commerce running. However, when you do not find suitable courier partners, order management can become a mess. Here, we are not even discussing the peak sales and orders during festive seasons. You can peruse the below-mentioned headers and their possible implications on your decision-making.


E-commerce Shipping Services


It would help if you affiliated logistic partners with your online store to maintain customer satisfaction. It will also help you in providing the buyers with efficient delivery. So your takeaway(s) from this guide will be:


Courier Company


  • Shipping cost calculation
  • Costing based on package fragility, dimensions, and weight
  • Deliveries and shipments with vehicles


Software Tools


  • Send notifications to the buyers
  • Create labels
  • Send confirmation mails
  • Process orders


External Management Service


  • Has a warehouse
  • Manage returns and shipments
  • Streamline sellers’ communication with the customers


Pick-Up Points


  • Wide network of agreements with collection points or stores


Factors while picking perfect courier partners

It would help if you considered the following factors while selecting the right courier partner:




Many e-commerce courier companies charge for package weight and size. When your package weighs less, flat rates postal services can work for you. But if your packages are heavy, a courier partner can offer logistics solutions. In addition, shipping insurance will further protect your deliveries and save you money.

Although NimbusPost is an aggregator, courier solutions with insurance are a click away!


Shipping Costs


Free shipping services are always recommended. If the buyers have to pay for a delivery, they will abandon the shopping cart. Free shipping services can be expensive. Yet, you can increase the product prices and use the profits to cover shipping costs. You can also avail of flat rate courier services if your packages have a similar weight. If the flat rate is above your budget, you can charge a small shipping cost to the buyers. According to a study, most online sellers calculate average shipping costs by estimating:

  • Parcel weight
  • Parcel Size
  • Country Origin
  • Country Destination
  • Insurance
  • Online Tracking System

NimbusPost can integrate many e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Magento. It also calculates shipping charges on all orders.


Global shipments 


For global delivery solutions, courier partners for e-commerce offer prudent rates. You should present a standard international shipping cost to the buyers in advance. Besides, you have to take written permission from the responsible offices for it. A clarity on shipping policy and responsibility on local custom duties is useful for you.


Delivery Times


It would be best if you always inform the buyers about the expected delivery time for orders. Some users order products from more than one address. Thus, you should reveal the terms and conditions of orders, shipping, and delivery time. For special sale seasons, you can attach a shipping policy under all product descriptions.




Many buyers prefer sustainable packaging to maintain a good environment. Moreover, sustainable packaging is recyclable and easy to open. Besides, a discount, a thankyou note will attract the buyers for future orders.

Never forget to enclose the invoice, a return slip, and user guide to the customers. If your products have barcodes, the buyers will trust your brand more than others. Barcodes also help logistic partners to manage your shipments.




Alongside the shipping policy, you need to clarify the return policy to the buyers. The policy must contain details on the return process and address. 


Expedited Delivery


Express delivery is costly. Most buyers prefer same-day or next-day services. Thus, it is best for your e-commerce business. Many e-commerce courier companies offer express shipment plan customisation services.


Ready to find a courier partner?


As time passes by, you can increase the shipment volume. An assessment of the courier partners can help you get favorable discounts or terms. Besides, a process of error and trial is imperative in the e-commerce business. It helps you associate with the perfect courier partners who will grow with you.

NimbusPost offers a free trial to empower e-commerce businesses with hassle-free logistic solutions. You get easy channel integration and cloud-based support solution. In addition, NimbusPost connects you with 17+ courier partners to help you reduce RTO up to 25%*. Order filtering and AI-fraud detection are some other important features to your advantage. 


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