Imagine ordering a product online and being left in the dark about its whereabouts until it magically appears at your doorstep.

In India’s eCommerce logistics where millions of products crisscross the nation every day, the role of a reliable logistics provider is crucial. Safexpress is the tour de force behind the delivery of countless packages in India, making it the backbone of the country’s eCommerce supply chain.

For eCommerce businesses  the ability to track a package is a game-changer. It’s the bridge of trust between the seller and the customer, the assurance that their product is safe, accounted for, and on its way. Let’s discuss Safexpress Tracking—a tool that has redefined transparency and accountability in India’s digital marketplace.

What is Safexpress? An Overview About the Best Courier Company

A name synonymous with reliability and speed, Safexpress is a logistics company and it’s an institution that has seamlessly connected every nook and cranny of India.

Tracing back to its inception, Safexpress recognised the potential of India’s digital marketplace long before it burgeoned. They understood that in a country as vast and diverse as India, logistical precision was a necessity. Over the years, this foresight has cemented their position at the pinnacle of the market, as they’ve delivered, quite literally, on their promises time and time again.

Safexpress offers a diverse range of services that cater to the unique needs of India’s varied eCommerce landscape. Whether it’s their nationwide express distribution, ensuring that businesses can ship products seamlessly across the vast terrain of the subcontinent, air cargo service, warehouse fulfillment, last-mile delivery, or individual package deliveries for the everyday customer, Safexpress has a solution tailored for all.

The crown jewel in Safexpress’s logistical empire is its Safextension Service. It’s a sprawling web of 730 delivery gateways meticulously spread out, promising coverage of “every square inch of India.”

This unparalleled reach ensures that no matter how remote or urbanized a location might be, Safexpress is there, bridging distances and defying geographical challenges.




How Can I Track Safexpress Courier?

Here’s how you can effortlessly track your shipment through the Safexpress website:

  • Begin by heading over to the official Safexpress website. Look for a “Track Your Shipment” section or a similar callout.
  • Each Safexpress package is unique, and so is its identification. Upon dispatch, you’ll be provided an airway bill or reference number. This number is a golden ticket to all your shipment’s expedition details. Enter this number into the designated tracking field on the website.
  • Once you’ve inputted the number, hit the ‘track’ or ‘search’ button. Instantaneously, the system will pull up your shipment’s current status, previous movements, and estimated delivery date. Every detail is presented transparently in transit, at a hub, or out for delivery.
  • Beyond just a one-time check, Safexpress Tracking offers real-time updates. As your package journeys through various stages, from dispatch to delivery, the tracking system ensures you’re updated at every pivotal moment.
  • Should there be any hiccups or queries about your package’s status, Safexpress’s customer service is ready to assist.

How to Reclaim Your Lost Tracking Number?

A tracking number is like the DNA of your package. Unique, individual, and loaded with information. It allows you to monitor the progress, anticipate the delivery, and even make alternative arrangements if you know you won’t be available to receive it.

In essence, a tracking number empowers you with control over the logistics of your package, making you an active participant in the delivery.

But what happens when this tracking number goes missing? Let’s delve into the importance of the tracking number and see how to retrieve it.

Scanning Emails

The modern eCommerce landscape heavily leans on digital receipts and notifications. If you’ve misplaced your tracking number, your email inbox is the first place to revisit. Search for confirmation emails from the seller or Safexpress. Often, these emails confirm your purchase and provide a tracking number for your shipment.

Reaching Out

If you have lost your tracking number, contact the seller or online platform where you made the purchase. They usually keep records and can provide the number after verifying your details.

Connect with Safexpress

If the two steps above don’t yield results, it’s time to get in touch directly with Safexpress. Their robust customer service team, equipped with advanced tools, can assist in locating your package even without a tracking number. You can aid their search and expedite the process by providing relevant details like the sender’s information, a destination address, and a dispatch date.

Deciphering Tracking Statuses

1. In Transit

When your package displays this status, it signifies that it’s left the initial facility and is going to another sorting facility or directly to your doorstep.

To monitor its progress, regularly check the detailed tracking updates on Safexpress’s website or any other relevant logistics provider’s platform. These updates often provide time-stamped activities, letting you know if your package has been sorted, loaded onto a delivery vehicle, or has crossed certain checkpoints.

2. Pending

When a tracking status reads ‘Pending’, it typically means that while the logistics provider acknowledges the package’s existence, it hasn’t been scanned into the system for movement, or it hasn’t been updated for a while. It’s a liminal space between being recognised and being actively transported.

If your package has been in the ‘Pending’ status for an extended period, it could be due to several reasons. Maybe it’s waiting for a pickup; it might be held up due to missing documentation or a system glitch.

Expected Delivery Times

At the core, logistics companies like Safexpress, have streamlined their operations to offer fairly consistent delivery timeframes. For instance, metropolitan cities and major towns often enjoy a Swiffer delivery process, typically ranging from 24 to 72 hours. Meanwhile, deliveries to more remote locations might extend to a week or more, depending on location and accessibility.






As we round off, Safexpress has relentlessly carved out a niche through its expansive network and state-of-the-art tracking system—designed to instil transparency and, above all, reliability.

To every eCommerce venture and every discerning online seller, Safexpress offers an invitation to join hands, utilise their robust tracking tools, and ensure every delivery narrative has a seamless, satisfying conclusion.




Is Safexpress a good company?

Safexpress is regarded as one of India’s leading logistics companies, renowned for its expansive network and robust tracking system. Catering primarily to eCommerce businesses and online sellers, the company has carved a niche by prioritising reliability, transparency, and timely deliveries. With a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and its state-of-the-art infrastructure, many consider Safexpress a top choice in the logistics domain.

What is the work of Safexpress?

Safexpress is India’s leading logistics and supply chain company that provides solutions for eCommerce businesses and individuals. They offer various services, from express distribution to individual package deliveries, supply chain services, and other core services. Safexpress boasts a comprehensive network, including ground vehicles and air shipments, ensuring timely and secure deliveries. A state-of-the-art tracking system is Central to their services, allowing users to monitor their packages in real time, enhancing transparency and customer trust.

How big is the Safexpress fleet?

Safexpress boasts the largest fleet in India with over 9,500 GPS-enabled vehicles, ensuring comprehensive coverage across 31,188 pin codes and spanning every square inch of the country.

Where is the origin of Safexpress?

The origin of Safexpress is in Delhi, India.

Is Safexpress a 3PL company?

Yes, Safexpress is a 3PL (Third-party logistics) company. They provide comprehensive logistics solutions, encompassing everything from design, consultancy, logistical service, and implementation to overseeing the supply chain. This allows businesses to concentrate on their primary tasks while benefiting from cost reductions and efficient delivery timelines facilitated by Safexpress.

How to calculate Safexpress charges?

To determine Safexpress charges, consider the basic shipment cost first. If you require higher Value Risk Coverage, a Value Surcharge is added at 1% of the material’s value. For values up to ₹10,000, a minimum charge of ₹100 per Waybill is applied. For every additional value of ₹10,000 or its part, an extra ₹100 is charged. For example, for a value of ₹28,000, the surcharge would be ₹300. Always cross-check with Safexpress for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

How can I contact Safexpress tracking number in Ludhiana?

For any parcel tracking-related concerns in Ludhiana or elsewhere, contact Safexpress at their Logistics Park Safexpress Office using the PAN India valid number: 1800-113-113. This toll-free number ensures prompt assistance for all your tracking needs.

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