With the exceptional growth of the eCommerce industry, the role of logistics has become a lot more complicated and tiresome than earlier. However, even after the huge impact of coronavirus on eCommerce supply chains, consumers do not like to wait for their orders. For instance, during the pandemic, Amazon prioritized the delivery of only essential products compared to other items.


People may have been increasingly choosing to buy products online, but the speed of receiving orders is a huge factor in deciding whether they want to stick to online shopping or not. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that without eCommerce logistics in India, customers’ demands can be met. Therefore, to understand the importance of eCommerce logistics better, we suggest you read this post and find a suitable courier partner.


What Is The Meaning of Ecommerce Logistics?

Ecommerce logistics involves specific layers of processes while storing and shipping the inventory. For instance, inventory management, picking of orders, packaging, and shipping all online orders come under eCommerce logistics.


Every day millions of packages are shipped across India. Therefore, it is essential to have a system that can keep track of everything and deliver products to the right place and on time. The entire process of eCommerce logistics starts from moving inventory from the seller’s warehouse and ends when a product is delivered to the customer’s doorstep.


One of the best aspects of eCommerce logistics is digital fulfillment which involves inventory management, warehousing, storage, and order fulfillment.


Benefits of Ecommerce Deliveries By The Logistics Partner 

Deciding to partner with a suitable 3PL can bring excellent business success. The aim should be to find the right logistics partner that can maximize the profits of an eCommerce brand. It can be done by optimizing the supply chain. In addition, here are some benefits that make a logistic partner highly suitable for eCommerce deliveries:


1-2 days Shipping

The main focus of eCommerce businesses is to maintain a logistics network that offers one or 2-day shipping. It also includes distributed inventory within the country that can further be shipped from warehouses directly to customers.


Valuable Insights

The latest eCommerce technology is offering enterprise-level insights to eCommerce businesses. It is highly affordable with great benefits. The factors like modern reporting as well as distribution metrics help in better working of the supply chain. It also allows finding loopholes in the process.



By associating with appropriate logistics partners, eCommerce businesses can grow at a significant scale. The network of logistics partners helps them to keep their customers satisfied and content.


Easy Return Processing 

Ecommerce product returns into the inventory results to be expensive and time taking. However, with modern logistics partners, the method is easy to follow. Thus, it becomes simple as well as cost-effective for all.





What Is Required To Outshine Ecommerce Logistics? 

The main focus should be on supply chain efficiency to outshine eCommerce logistics. It involves superior technology, appropriate resources, and other practices that can be beneficial to grow the business.


Here are some of the things required to excel at eCommerce logistics delivery:


Distributed Inventory

It might sound like a great idea to store the inventory in one place to save money. But this is temporary and can result in tremendous expenses in the long run. So instead, it is better to learn about shipping zones and work by following distributed inventory.


Warehouse Management Systems

It is an essential factor if one has a warehouse and manages several eCommerce logistics components. Warehouse management systems allow keeping track of warehouse performance. Also, it provides insights for improvement in the long run.


Reporting and Insights 

There are specific questions like, ‘are the orders delivering on time?’, ‘what is the cost of each order?’ etc. Having the right reporting technology can offer valuable reporting as well as insight into eCommerce logistics.





Are You Ready To Manage The Logistics For Your Business?

With changing times, consumers are more demanding when it comes to online orders. Having a strong logistics partner for eCommerce deliveries can result in great efficiency, low shipping costs, and a fantastic customer experience. Therefore, eCommerce businesses can run on freedom and flexibility.


Many logistic partners work 24×7 to serve the eCommerce industry for safely shipping large and small products. However, NimbusPost will soon take over the market as it is a tech-supported logistics partner and shipping aggregator. It has 27+ leading national and local courier partners like BlueDart, DHL, etc., By using NimbusPost’s courier recommendation engine, online sellers can estimate which courier partner will be the most suited for their specific shipping requirements. In addition, NimbusPost’s features including the auto cloud-calling, shipping rate calculator, NDR panel, etc., are immensely helpful in reducing RTO and increasing profits.

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