Aramex, established in 1982, has crafted its unique narrative, growing from a fledgling startup to a renowned international courier and a comprehensive logistics solutions provider. They are the quiet, tireless heroes making sure that the products you ordered online reach your doorstep and that crucial business documents are delivered on time.

But the real kicker is Aramex! It stands as an innovative spirit of the East, being the first Arab-based international company to trade its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Are you intrigued? Because in this blog, we’ll understand Aramex and learn everything we need to know about their courier tracking system, customer care service, and much more.


Aramex Courier Tracking: How do I Track My Aramex Parcel?

Aramex’s online tracking system is like a digital tour guide for your parcel. It provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your parcel’s current status and its estimated arrival time.

So how do you navigate through this system? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your parcel:

  • Visit the Aramex official website.
  • Locate the ‘Ship & Track’ option on the Main menu. Select “Track a Shipment” from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be redirected to Aramex’s shipment tracking page by clicking on that.
  • There, enter your shipment tracking number (also known as the ‘Air Waybill number’) in the space provided. This number is unique to your package and serves as a digital ID during its journey. It can be obtained from your shipping confirmation.
  • Click ‘Track’ to get the current status of your parcel. Separate multiple tracking numbers with a space or comma if you want to track multiple shipments.
  • You can also track your shipment with their advanced tracking system by login to your account.

Their tracking system is user-friendly and designed to give you control and visibility.

One of the standout features of Aramex’s service is its delivery notifications and updates. With this feature, Aramex actively keeps you informed about your package’s progress.

You don’t have to constantly check the tracking status; updates come to you in the form of text messages and email notifications.

Accessing these features is simple and cost-effective. When you book Aramex’s courier services and input your parcel’s information into their shipping calculator, these features become readily available.

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Aramex Customer Care: How do I Contact Aramex Customer Care?

Aramex has a well-established global presence, and its customer care reflects this. They have provided specific contact information for various cities around the world. The aim is to ensure customers, no matter where they are, can easily reach them. Here’s a look at how you can get in touch with Aramex’s customer service in some of the major cities:

  • Abu Dhabi: You can reach Aramex Abu Dhabi by dialling +971 (2) 5551911. For any email correspondence, you can write to UAECare@Aramex.Com.
  • New York City: If you’re located in or around New York City, the Aramex customer service number is +1 (718) 5538740.
  • Mumbai: For those in the financial capital of India, you can get in touch with Aramex Mumbai by calling +91 (22) 39419900.

Remember, whether you have a query about parcel tracking, delivery times, or service offerings, Aramex’s customer service is there to help.


What are the Logistics Services Offered by Aramex?


Freight & Logistics

Freight transportation is a pivotal part of Aramex’s comprehensive logistics services.

For air freight, Aramex provides advantages like short transit times, direct flights, and economy air freight, making it possible for door-to-door international deliveries to be made within 2-3 days.

Sea freight services offer options like Container Freight Station (CFS) service, Full Container Load (FCL), and project cargo shipping.

For more eco-conscious businesses, Aramex offers land freight options that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Their international freight services include cross-border door-to-door shipments, complete with real-time tracking, customs clearance, and freight insurance.

On domestic freight, Aramex offers same-day door-to-door shipping, real-time tracking, multiple payment options, and comprehensive delivery support, ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely and on time.



Aramex provides a range of warehousing solutions to fit different business needs. The cold chain services are perfect for businesses that require temperature-controlled logistics services, offering temperature-sensitive packaging, transportation, and warehouse facilities.

Aramex’s Distribution Center Management ensures stock accuracy, cycle count, picking, and global distribution, keeping your supply chain efficient and smooth.

Their Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) Services provide short- and long-term warehouse space, equipped with innovative technology and integrated customer systems for seamless operations.

Beyond just storage, Aramex’s value-added services like repacking, labelling, price tagging, and kitting provide comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to outsource these tasks to a reliable partner.



Customs, Security & Insurance

Aramex offers optional freight insurance that covers multiple locations, providing businesses peace of mind when shipping valuable goods. Using AI and data processing tracking, they provide real-time tracking from origin to destination for extra security.

Aramex’s dedicated customs brokers facilitate smooth customs clearance and document preparation, ensuring your cargo passes through borders without hitches. They also provide instant duty and tax calculations with HS Code classifications, ensuring businesses can accurately predict their costs.



Aramex’s Domestic Express service ensures fast, real-time trackable door-to-door shipping. It offers convenient collections, multiple payment options, and a hassle-free returns system. Their International Services provide online shipping with real-time tracking updates, fast international deliveries, and full customs clearance, making it a reliable choice for businesses shipping abroad.

To increase flexibility for businesses and customers, Aramex offers services like Click & Collect, Pick & Drop, and Drop & Ship. These services offer the convenience of choosing pick-up points, shipping to a local forwarding address, and easy bulk shipping solutions, respectively. With AramexGo, you can purchase shipping in bundles, providing an easy, cost-effective bulk shipping solution.


Fuel Surcharge

Understanding the fuel surcharge system is essential for businesses considering international shipping. Aramex adjusts this surcharge based on the fluctuation in fuel prices.

The calculation of the fuel surcharge is fairly straightforward. It’s based on the average weekly spot prices for US Gulf Coast (USGC) kerosene-type jet fuel, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

In order to accommodate the delay in spot pricing data release, the fuel surcharge for a specific month is determined by taking an average of the weekly published prices from the previous month. For instance, the average fuel price calculated for June would determine the applicable surcharge for July.

For transparency, Aramex provides a fuel surcharge index and table, giving you a clear idea about the surcharge percentage applicable for different fuel price ranges. For example, if the average fuel price falls between $2.68 and $2.74, the applicable fuel surcharge would be 15.25%.

This table is made available in advance, allowing you to prepare and adjust your logistics budget accordingly.

While Aramex reserves the right to adjust these rates, they ensure businesses are aware of these changes and how they might impact their shipping costs.

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From swift courier tracking systems to dedicated customer care, Aramex ensures a smooth experience that meets your unique business needs. With Aramex, you become a part of a larger story, one that combines global reach, innovative services, and a commitment to a greener future.

So, whether it’s that urgent document needing to be delivered halfway around the globe or a complex logistics solution for your growing business- Aramex has got you covered!




Is Aramex reliable in India?

Yes, Aramex is highly reliable in India. Known for its global reach and exceptional services, Aramex offers comprehensive logistics solutions, swift courier tracking, and dedicated customer care.


How do I chat with Aramex on WhatsApp?

To chat with Aramex on WhatsApp, simply save the number +97145031111 in your contacts and send a message saying ‘hi’ to initiate the conversation. Aramex’s AI-powered chatbot is available 24/7 and can answer your queries instantly in three languages – English, Arabic, and Turkish.


Does Aramex contact you before delivery?

No, Aramex does not usually contact you before it delivers. However, you may get a call from the local delivery boy regarding your address and your availability.

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