Are you tired of feeling like every shipment takes a gamble on your bottom line?


Choosing the wrong courier can result in sky-high fees, erasing your profit margins. But there’s a world beyond those cryptic pricing charts and confusing websites! Consider this blog as your insider’s guide to courier charges.


We’re breaking down the fees of India’s top courier delivery players, exposing hidden costs, and empowering you to compare like a pro. Get ready to save serious cash on every package, from your local deliveries to those crossing continents.


Top Delivery Companies with their Courier Charges




DTDC boasts a long history in the Indian logistics market. This translates into a sprawling network of post offices and service centers, making it a strong contender for shipments within India. While they offer international shipping, their primary focus is on domestic deliveries.


Features that Set DTDC Apart


COD (Cash on Delivery): Indispensable if you sell directly to customers and need payment collected on your behalf.


Focus on Affordability: DTDC frequently beats out competitors on comparable deliveries, especially for lighter shipments.


Bulk Discounts: If you ship in volume, contact DTDC to discuss potential savings.


DTDC Pricing

Weight Category DTDC Lite DTDC Plus DTDC Prime
Up to 500g ₹40 – ₹100 ₹60 – ₹150 ₹80 – ₹250
500g – 1kg ₹100 – ₹200 ₹150 – ₹250 ₹250 – ₹350
1kg – 2kg ₹200 – ₹300 ₹250 – ₹350 ₹350 – ₹450
2kg – 3kg ₹300 – ₹400 ₹350 – ₹450 ₹450 – ₹550
3kg – 5kg ₹400 – ₹500 ₹450 – ₹550 ₹550 – ₹650





Think of NimbusPost as your logistics copilot. They specialise in offering tech-driven solutions that simplify the complex world of shipping and handling. Their core strength is aggregation – they partner with numerous courier companies, giving you a wide array of choices in one place. They also focus on international shipping reach and competitive rates.


Real-Time Comparison: Their platform lets you quickly compare rates from all their partner couriers for your specific shipment details. Here, couriers compete for your business, which often leads to more attractive fees than you could secure on your own. Moreover, as your shipping volume grows, your potential savings on NimbusPost also increase.


Unlike traditional couriers, NimbusPost doesn’t have a fixed price list, you pay for what you ship:


Starter: This plan starts at ₹26/500 gm and enables features like channel integration, automated channel order sync, call & email support, and Pan India shipping.


Standard: Starting at ₹23/500gm, this plan allows you multi-channel integration, automated channel order sync, call and email support, and national and international shipping.


Enterprise: This plan starts at ₹22/500gm and allows users to utilise features like custom channel integration, automated channel order sync, call and email support, national and international shipping, dedicated key account manager and NDR automation, and a cloud-based call center.


Enterprise Pro: This plan offers a customisable shipping price and allows you to customise channel integration, automated channel order sync, call and email support, national and international shipping, a dedicated key account manager, NDR automation, a cloud-based call center, a custom report, quick COD remittance, and a custom-tailored plan.


Features that Set NimbusPost Apart


Tech Advantage: Their user interface is intuitive, even for non-logistics pros. You can track shipments, automate tasks, and gain analytics on your shipping.


Global Connections: NimbusPost excels in helping you reach international markets, streamlining customs and freight forwarding, and navigating cross-border hurdles.


Scalability: As your business grows, so does its ability to simplify and optimise your shipping processes.


Since NimbusPost’s pricing is dynamic, their shipping calculator is your best source. However, they often beat other couriers, making them a smart choice to check first!



Blue Dart


Blue Dart has built a reputation as India’s premium courier service. They excel in fast, dependable deliveries, often using their fleet of aircraft to ensure packages arrive on time. This comes at a higher cost than some competitors, but it’s an investment worth making for certain types of shipments.


Blue Dart usually isn’t the cheapest option, but you pay for the reliability, time-critical shipments, or when maintaining customer trust is key.


Features that Set Blue Dart Apart


Reliability: If late deliveries damage your reputation, Blue Dart’s order tracking provides peace of mind.


Own Infrastructure: Less reliance on external factors makes their delivery times more consistent.


Wide Coverage: They serve a vast network within India, including many smaller towns.


Blue Dart Pricing

Weight Domestic Priority Dart Apex Dart Surfaceline
500 gm ₹150 ₹130 ₹80
1 kg ₹150 ₹130 ₹80
2 kg ₹225 ₹200 ₹150
5 kg ₹400 ₹350 ₹250





If you frequently ship to smaller towns or less-developed areas, Delhivery might be the only game in town. They also handle the full spectrum of shipping needs – from small parcels to large freight moves. This makes them a versatile partner as your business expands.


Delhivery’s Range of Services


Express Delivery: For when speed is important, Delhivery can compete with time-focused couriers.


Standard Delivery: The most common service for eCommerce orders and general shipments.


Part-Load and Full-Load: If you’re moving sizable quantities of goods, Delhivery offers cost-effective trucking solutions.


Features that Set Delhivery Apart


Filling the Gaps: Their network can reach locations where other couriers simply don’t operate.


One-Stop-Shop: If you need both B2C and B2B shipping solutions, Delhivery can handle it all.


Tech Integrated: Their platform streamlines tracking and manages even complex logistics with ease.


Delhivery Pricing

Service Type Local (up to 500g) National (up to 500g) Parcels over 10kg
Express Delivery ₹40 ₹75 ₹300 – ₹500
Air Cargo ₹100 ₹150 ₹350 – ₹550
Ground Transport ₹75 ₹180 N/A





In international shipping terms, DHL is a household name. They are the best international courier service operating in practically every corner of the globe, smoothing the complexities of cross-border logistics. While they also have a strong domestic network within India, their true advantage lies in helping businesses reach customers worldwide.


DHL’s Service Options


Express: DHL’s fastest international shipments often arrive within days. Ideal for urgent documents or high-value items.


Economy: Slower transit times in exchange for more budget-friendly rates.


DHL Pricing: Domestic vs International

Weight Tier Domestic Sample Intl. Sample Intl. Sample
Up to 500g ₹150 – ₹300+ ₹2000 – ₹3500 ₹1500 – ₹2500
501g – 1kg ₹300 – ₹500 ₹3000 – ₹5000 ₹2000 – ₹3500
1kg – 2kg ₹500 – ₹800 ₹4500 – ₹7000 ₹3000 – ₹4500
2kg – 5kg ₹800 – ₹1200 ₹8000+ ₹5000+


Features that set DHL Apart


Customs Expertise: They take the headache from paperwork and regulations, which are essential for international trade.


Global Network: Ensures reliable service even to less-common destinations.


Reliability: DHL is often worth the premium when your shipment absolutely must arrive.



How are Courier Charges Calculated?


The Weight Debate


This actual weight is measured on a scale and is the courier price calculation baseline. But here’s the plot twist. If you ship a large giant beach ball, it weighs almost nothing but takes up a ton of space in the delivery truck. Couriers charge based on actual or volumetric weight – whichever is higher. That’s why fluffy items can cost more than you’d expect.


Distance Matters


Shipments within your city normally offer the cheapest rates. However, Zones like “regional” (think neighboring states) or “national” means longer travel and, thus, higher prices.


Additionally, International freight transportation involves customs fees, taxes, and more paperwork—all reflected in the higher cost.


Speed Costs


The fast last-mile deliveries cost huge money. If it doesn’t need to be there overnight, this is the most balanced option regarding time and cost. Almost all courier services offer the fastest delivery but expect to pay quite a bit more. Each courier has a way of calculating these factors. That’s why specific quotes are always necessary before you hit ‘Send’!


Insuring Your Shipment


Insurance is your safety net if the item is valuable or irreplaceable. It offers peace of mind if something goes wrong in transit, you’ll be reimbursed. The fee is usually a small percentage of the item’s declared value.


The proof is Power. For sensitive shipments or those prone to porch pirates, a signature at delivery is required to ensure it ends up in the right hands. This adds a small cost but can save you major headaches later.


Special Circumstances


Handle with Care: Fragile items require extra packing and careful handling, leading to higher fees. But it’s often worth it to prevent your precious vase from arriving in pieces.


Bigger and Bulkier: Oversized packages incur surcharges because they take up more space, even if they aren’t heavy. Factor this in if shipping furniture or awkwardly shaped items.


Dangerous Goods: Shipping hazardous materials requires specialised certifications, labeling, and handling – this translates to significantly higher costs.





Now choosing the right courier is no longer a gamble! You’re armed with the knowledge to compare prices, understand those extra charges, and easily handle international shipping.  Remember, quotes are your best friend – don’t commit to a shipment until you have the full picture. Try the NimbusPost shipping rate calculator to compare the prices of different courier services and decide whether to speed post or do standard shipping.


Now, go forth and save on every package!

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