Amongst the sea of courier services, two names stand out prominently in India – Speed Post and DTDC. Both are popular contenders, carrying the mantle of delivering millions of packages every day. These two courier giants often go head-to-head in the race to deliver your eCommerce packages to your customers.

But which one takes the crown? Which one is more efficient, affordable, and reliable and enhances your eCommerce performance?

In this blog, we’ve compared both DTDC and Speed Post based on price, speed, customer support, and user experience. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


A Brief Comparison of DTDC vs Speed Post?



Speed Post has a standardized rate chart that is applicable uniformly across the country. With starting prices as low as INR 15 for local deliveries (as of 2023) and INR 35 for deliveries across the country for consignments up to 50g.

On the other hand, DTDC courier charges vary based on the location and the nature of the service available. For example, the charge for their premium express services is Rs. 215, which is higher than their standard delivery rate, which is Rs. 105.


Delivery Speed

Speed Post leverages its vast network that penetrates even the country’s most remote corners. Generally, it guarantees delivery within 2-3 business days for domestic consignments and 6-9 days for international parcels.

Conversely, DTDC is known for its robust express delivery services. While their standard services have comparable delivery times to Speed Post, DTDC’s premium services promise faster delivery, often within 24-48 hours for domestic consignments and 3-6 days for international deliveries.



Customer Support

Customers can reach out to Speed Post through multiple channels, including a national customer service number, email, and traditional mail. However, government services sometimes face criticism for slower response times and bureaucratised processes.

On the other hand, DTDC tends to emphasize customer experience more. They provide a multi-channel customer support system, including a toll-free helpline, email support, and an online complaint registration system on their website.


User Experience

Speed Post has evolved its services to meet the digital era. Their online interface is straightforward and functional. However, as with many government digital services, the interface might not be as intuitive or polished as expected.

On the contrary, DTDC’s website is clean and modern, providing easy navigation for users to access services. The booking process is streamlined and user-friendly, and users can quickly get quotes, book courier services, and track their shipments.


Tracking Capabilities

Speed Post offers online tracking via its website. However, the tracking service is reliable, and users can generally depend on it to keep them informed about the basic whereabouts of their shipments.

DTDC tracking, on the other hand, is more technologically advanced. Customers can track their consignments directly from the homepage of the DTDC website or via their mobile app, providing more flexibility and accessibility.



DTDC and Speed Post have their respective strengths. While DTDC shines with its competitive pricing and strong customer support, Speed Post — the veteran government-run service — brings reliability, extensive reach, and prompt delivery times to the table. The choice between these two, therefore, depends on your business’s unique needs and priorities.

However, the courier landscape is not just black and white, there’s a third player in this scenario: NimbusPost. Rather than being a courier service itself, NimbusPost functions as a logistics aggregator that navigates through the complexity of logistics, helping you compare rates, handle bulk shipments, and ensure seamless cross-border trading.

With its technologically advanced platform, NimbusPost assists you in selecting the most suitable courier service for your requirements, be it domestic or global.




Which is faster, Speed Post or DTDC?

DTDC offers a faster delivery service than Speed Post. While Speed Post is considered one of the most efficient and reliable delivery services, it does not offer same-day or next-day delivery service, which DTDC does.


Is DTDC cheaper than Speed Post?

No, DTDC is not cheaper than Speed Post. Speed Post offers cost-efficient solutions starting from INR 15 for local and INR 35 for deliveries across the country.


Is courier better than Seed Post?

Generally, courier services are better than Speed Post and often preferred for time-sensitive or valuable shipments.

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