Shree Maruti Courier Service is a leading integrated express package distribution company in Asia Pacific with an unwavering commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. With a widespread domestic network covering over 2600+ locations and serving more than 22 countries and territories worldwide through our group company, Shree Maruti Courier has earned a global reputation for fast and effective delivery services.

Any online seller wanting the best eCommerce service in India should consider Shree Maruti Courier Service. In this blog, you’ll learn about their domestic and international services, customer care and tracking service, and more.


Shree Maruti Courier Services

As a leader in Asia Pacific for courier services, Shree Maruti Courier has built an infrastructure to offer a wide range of courier services tailored to meet customers’ needs. So, whether it’s small or large packages, documents, or parcels, Shree Maruti Courier has a solution for you.

Next-day Delivery: When time is of the essence, their service ensures that your package reaches its destination within the shortest possible time. With state-of-the-art technology and dedicated aviation capacity, the company guarantees timely and reliable deliveries for urgent shipments.

Domestic Express: Whether you need to send important documents or small parcels, our Domestic Express service is perfect for your needs. With an extensive network of locations across the country and advanced tracking and tracing capabilities, we ensure that your package is delivered swiftly and securely.

Domestic Cargo: For heavier consignments that require special arrangements such as bigger vehicles, dedicated manpower, and material handling equipment, Domestic Cargo service is the ideal choice. With both surface and air freight modes available, Shree Maruti provides priority deliveries at optimal costs, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition.


Advantages of using Shree Maruti Courier Services

With a track record of being a leader in the industry and ISO 9001-2008 countrywide certification, Register Quality Assurance, you can trust them for reliable and efficient courier services.

Their widespread domestic network and international coverage ensure that your packages can reach even the most remote destinations, providing a comprehensive shipping solution.

The company’s indigenously developed technology, including Track and Trace, MIS, ERP, and Customer Service, allows you to easily monitor and trace your packages, providing transparency and peace of mind.


Tracking Shree Maruti Courier Services

Keeping track of your shipments with Shree Maruti Courier Services has never been easier. With just a few simple steps, you can stay updated on the site of your shipment and ensure its smooth delivery. Follow these simple steps to keep tabs on your shipment:

  • You will receive a unique tracking number in the confirmation email of your order. This number serves as the key to accessing the current status of your shipment.
  • Go to the official Shree Maruti Courier Services website and look for the “Track your shipment” box, where you can enter your tracking Shipment number or Order number.
  • Type in your Shree Maruti tracking number in the designated box and click the “Track” button to initiate the tracking process.
  • The system will instantly provide you with your shipment’s current status and location. You can also track up to five orders by separating their tracking numbers with commas or spaces, making it convenient for businesses handling multiple shipments.
  • Moreover, if you’re a user of NimbusPost, you don’t have to do this either. Instead, you can track all your orders through the NimbusPost seller panel and have more details and accurate status of your order.



Shree Maruti Customer Care Number

Shree Maruti customer care is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or issues related to your shipments. Contacting Shree Maruti customer care is easy and convenient. You can reach us through the following channels:

Contact Number: Dial +91 9712 666 6666 to speak with the customer care representatives available to assist you with any queries or concerns related to your Shree Maruti Courier Services.

Email: You can also write an email at to seek assistance or guidance, including inquiries about Shree Maruti courier.


Shree Maruti International Courier Services

With a focus on customer satisfaction and timely delivery, Shree Maruti understands the importance of international shipments and provides specialized services to meet the unique requirements making them one of the best international courier services in India. Let’s look at the types of International Courier Services offered by Shree Maruti:

Dox Category: Shree Maruti classifies shipments with no monetary value under the ‘Dox’ category. This includes time-sensitive legal, non-legal, and general correspondence and documents with notional value. Shree Maruti ensures that these shipments are handled with care, securely, and swiftly, to meet the urgent needs of the customers.

Non-Dox Category: Shipments that do not fall under the ‘Dox’ category, and may require customs clearance, are classified under the ‘Non-Dox’ category. Shree Maruti understands the complexities of international customs regulations and ensures smooth customs clearance for such shipments, making the process hassle-free for customers.

Fast Track: Shree Maruti also offers a “Fast Track” option for those who require expedited international shipping. With our Fast Track services, you can enjoy priority handling, faster transit times, and enhanced tracking capabilities to ensure your shipments reach their destination in the shortest possible time.


Shree Maruti Payment Options

When it comes to making your shipping experience hassle-free, Shree Maruti Courier goes the extra mile to ensure convenience and flexibility in payment options. Different customers have different preferences and requirements, so they offer multiple payment modes to suit your needs.

Cash: Shree Maruti accepts cash as a mode of payment for your shipments. This option is ideal for customers who prefer to pay cash during shipment pickup or delivery.

Cash on Delivery (COD): If you prefer to pay for your shipment at the time of delivery, Shree Maruti offers a convenient Cash on Delivery (COD) option. This allows you to pay the shipping charges in cash when the shipment is delivered to your recipient.

Other Payment Options: Shree Maruti may also accept other forms of payment, such as online payments, bank transfers, or other pre-approved payment methods.


Shree Maruti Logistics Solutions

Shree Maruti Courier Service is not just your typical courier service but a comprehensive logistics solutions provider that caters to a wide range of needs. With an extensive network, Shree Maruti offers a wide array of logistics solutions designed to meet customers’ diverse requirements across India and major international markets. So, let’s take a closer look at Shree Maruti Logistics Solutions:

Shipping Services: Shree Maruti Courier offers shipping services like next-day delivery, domestic express, and cargo service. These services are fast, dependable, and perfect for those who need their shipments to arrive promptly, enabling customers to meet their deadlines without any issues.

Special Services: The company also offers the convenience of door-to-door pickup and bulk shipping services for larger shipments. If you choose their special service, your shipment is handled with expertise, ensuring smooth transportation of your goods.

Technology Services: Technology plays an important role in logistics, and Shree Maruti has figured it out and offers services like Monitoring and analysis, track and track, and a management dashboard to control the whole point A to B commute seamlessly.




If you’re looking for the best courier partners in India, Shree Maruti Courier Service and NimbusPost is the perfect solution for all your logistics requirements. They offer winning solutions that ensure timely deliveries and customer satisfaction for small eCommerce sellers or large enterprises with complex shipping needs. By partnering with NimbusPost, you can streamline your logistics operations, reduce order returns, ship from multiple locations, and receive fast COD remittance through a single platform.

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