As a business, constantly fielding customer calls about delayed orders erodes trust and can damage your bottom line. That’s why effective shipment tracking is essential for eCommerce businesses. It provides the visibility you need for proactive customer service and accurate inventory management and helps you minimise losses due to missing or delayed deliveries.


India Post plays a major role in domestic and international logistics, making their services like EMS tracking a crucial business skill. Understanding their consignment numbers and how to track them is vital for streamlining your eCommerce operations.


In this blog, we will discuss consignment numbers and how to track India Post parcels using them, including optimising your shipping and handling processes.


What is a Consignment Number of India Post?


Think of a consignment number as your shipment’s personal passport. It’s a unique 13-digit code assigned to every package sent through India Post. This random code is a roadmap for understanding shipment details. Especially if you need to send a Speed Post courier by India Post.


A consignment number helps you know exactly where your shipment is at any given moment, allowing you to proactively address potential delays. This ultimately provides proactive updates to customers, reducing inquiries and building trust.


If an issue arises, India Post support will first ask for the consignment number, making it easier to get assistance quickly.


Let’s break down a sample consignment number:


EM 123456789 IN


  • EM: This shows the service type. In this case, “EM” stands for Express Mail Service. Common codes include ” CP” for registered parcels or “PP” for a passport letter. Understanding these codes helps you anticipate delivery speeds and potential customs requirements (for international speed post charges).


  • 123456789: This is the computer-generated unique identifier for your specific shipment. No two packages will share the same number.


  • IN: This means shipping originated from India.



How to Obtain a Consignment Number?


Getting your hands on that essential consignment number is simple. India Post makes the process automatic, so you can focus on running your business.


The system assigns a unique consignment number when you finalise your shipment – at the counter, on your eCommerce platform, or via integrated software. No extra steps on your part!


If you ask where to find your number, several reliable places exist where you’re likely to locate your consignment number:


  • Receipt: The cornerstone of shipment proof! Your physical receipt from the post office will prominently feature the number.


  • Order Details: Within most eCommerce platforms, the consignment number is linked to the specific order. Look for a “Tracking” or “Shipment Details” section.


  • Email Confirmation: Depending on the platform, you may get an automated email that includes your consignment number for easy reference.


Whether it’s a receipt or a digital order screen, remember to save the information containing your consignment number. This empowers you with immediate access for tracking or if you ever need to contact India Post support.


If you manage a high volume of orders as a business, an order management system (OMS) like NimbusPost can be a lifesaver. These often integrate seamlessly with courier services like India Post to pull out your consignment numbers instantly upon booking, eliminating manual searching and streamlining your workflow for a smoother speed post experience.



How to Track Your India Post Parcel Using Consignment Number?


Once you have that consignment number, you’re only moments away from real-time updates on your shipment! Here’s how to track it directly on the India Post website:


  • Visit the India Post Website: Go to
  • Locate “Track & Trace”: This section is clearly on the homepage.
  • Enter Consignment Number: Carefully type your 13-digit code in the appropriate field.
  • Solve the Captcha: This simple security measure proves you’re not a robot.
  • Click “Track”: You should see the latest status of your package displayed immediately.


The status updates are cues to help your business.  Here are some common statuses that you need to understand:


  • Item Booked: Your shipment is in the system but hasn’t physically started moving yet.
  • Item Dispatched: Your package is en route, heading towards its next destination hub.
  • Item Received: It has arrived at a sorting facility or post office, often the one nearest the final delivery location.
  • Out For Delivery: Good news! Your package will arrive soon. Now is the time to adjust the inventory or prepare special delivery instructions for your customer.
  • Delivered: The shipment has successfully reached its destination.



Tips for Troubleshooting Common Issues


  • No Updates: Wait a few hours after booking; sometimes, updates take time to appear. If a full day passes without information, double-check your consignment number for typos.
  • Stuck Status: If several days pass without progress, contact India Post support directly. Have your consignment number ready for quick assistance.
  • Proactive Tip: Check the tracking at least once a day for crucial shipments. This allows you to catch potential delays early and address them with India Post or your customers for the best possible outcome.



How to Track Your Consignment Number Using NimbusPost?


If you’re an eCommerce business that manages India Post shipments and orders with other couriers, constantly switching between tracking websites can be a huge time drain.


What if there was a better way? Yes, there is. NimbusPost is a logistics aggregator platform that offers centralised tracking and automatic updates for all your shipments – including India Post.


Here is how you can track your shipment using the NimbusPost seller panel:

  • Go to your seller panel.
  • Go to the “Orders” section.
  • Click on “Filter”.
  • Select “Lifetime” on the “From Date” option.
  • Enter your order ID or consignment number in the search bar.
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Select the particular shipment you want to track.
  • Your tracking information will be displayed.





While India Post is a cornerstone of domestic and international shipping, your business likely relies on multiple couriers. That’s why your business needs NimbusPost to find the best courier service and get real-time tracking.


If you’re ready to simplify your shipment tracking and gain actionable insights, take the next step and try NimbusPost. Experience how it can transform your logistics operations, improving your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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