Think about sending a product delivery to your customers internationally and being able to watch its journey from start to finish. This is the comfort and expertise EMS Tracking provides. EMS Tracking combines cutting-edge technology and top-notch service to ensure reliability and efficiency in the complex world of global logistics.


Utilised by postal authorities worldwide, EMS ensures timely and secure delivery of items, making it a popular choice for individuals and businesses. Knowing how to use EMS tracking effectively can provide peace of mind and the ability to monitor the whereabouts of your shipment at any given time.


This blog will explore the ins and outs of EMS tracking and offer a comprehensive guide to navigating the system.


Understanding About EMS


Express Mail Service (EMS) is your fast-track solution for sending documents and merchandise globally. Operating in over 190 countries, EMS delivers an impressive record of reaching destinations with speed and precision. Whether shipping to Hong Kong, importing from China, or engaging in an eCommerce business, EMS offers reliable and best courier services that cater to a range of international shipping needs.


At the core of its efficiency is the cooperation among postal organisations, steered by the EMS Cooperative under Universal Postal Union directives. Their mission is honed towards excellence in delivery services, making EMS a favourite for those in search of rapid dispatch and delivery times.


The beauty of EMS lies in the real-time package tracking capability. From the moment you receive your shipping confirmation email—complete with a tracking number—until delivery, you’re empowered to monitor your package’s journey. This tracking tool effortlessly keeps you updated, from export customs inspection to arrival at the destination country.


While EMS rates are on the higher spectrum, in exchange for expedited delivery and customer service, many find the investment worthwhile. With EMS, rest assured knowing your parcels are handled with care and efficiency, befitting its reputation as a premier shipping company in the express mail domain.



What is EMS Tracking?


EMS tracking is an indispensable tool for those requiring fast, secure courier services for their international and domestic parcels. The process is effortlessly transparent; just by entering this unique number into the EMS tracking system, the latest, real-time updates on your package’s journey are at your fingertips. This system keeps you informed at each stage: sorting, flight transit, and arrival at the local postal office.


For eCommerce business use, this level of detail facilitates planning for the package’s receipt, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary wait times. EMS tracking thus stands out as a user-friendly, trustworthy feature of the Express Mail Service offering.


EMS Tracking Number Format


Central to the efficiency of the EMS system is the EMS tracking number—a 13-character code designed to give you precise information about the journey of your shipment.


This alphanumeric string is composed of two initial letters, which serve as a service indicator, nine digits that uniquely identify your shipment, and a two-letter ISO country code representing where the shipment originated.


The tracking number is constructed in such a way as to provide both ease of use and precision in tracking. The standard EMS tracking number format, starting with the letter ‘E’ followed by another capital letter, then nine digits, and finally ending with two letters denoting the origin country, exemplifies a thoughtfully designed system aimed at preventing any confusion or duplication.


Below, the structure of an EMS tracking number is broken down to help you understand what information each segment conveys:


  • Service Indicator (Prefix): The first two letters (often beginning with an ‘E’) that indicate the EMS service.
  • Unique Identifier: The subsequent nine numerals which uniquely identify your shipment.
  • Country Code (Suffix): The two final letters which denote the origin country’s ISO code.


EMS Tracking Number Examples


Distilling the EMS tracking number format into everyday context requires explaining it with examples. Consider the following valid EMS tracking numbers: EE150042607TH and EB793683326CN.


EE150042607TH – This tracking number is issued for a parcel originating from Thailand, as indicated by the suffix ‘TH’. The service indicator ‘EE’ shows that the EMS service is being used, while the nine digits in between are the unique identifier for this specific shipment.


EB793683326CN – Similarly, this tracking number denotes a package from China, evident from the country code ‘CN’. The ‘EB’ prefix is another variation of the EMS service indicator, and the nine numerals provide a unique code for the package within the EMS system.



Where to Find Your EMS Tracking Number?


After dispatching your package through EMS, it’s crucial to know how to locate your EMS tracking number to monitor your shipment’s journey effectively.


  • Shipping Confirmation Email: Check the email associated with your shipment. EMS will typically send a confirmation with your tracking number included. Don’t forget to peek into the spam/junk folder if it’s not visible in your inbox.


  • Receipt or Shipping Label: Upon shipping your parcel at an EMS facility, a receipt will be given to you. This document, often referred to as the ‘receipt number’ or ‘EMS number’, bears your distinct tracking code.


  • Customer Service: If you’ve misplaced your receipt or can’t find the email, reaching out to EMS customer service can help. Provide them with any relevant transaction details, and they shall assist you in retrieving your number.


  • From the Sender: In cases where you’re the recipient, the person or entity sending the parcel can also provide the EMS tracking number.



How to Use EMS Tracking: Step-by-Step


Using EMS Tracking is a straightforward process that enables you to monitor your parcels through every step of the journey, whether internationally or domestically. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using EMS Tracking:


1. As soon as your package is shipped via an EMS service point, you will receive your unique tracking number. Make sure to keep it secure.


2. Visit the official EMS website (available globally) to track your package. This platform offers a user-friendly tracking experience.


3. On the EMS website, look for the tracking field where you can key in your tracking number.


4. Input the EMS tracking number provided and click the ‘Track’ button to submit your request.


5. The system will instantly process your inquiry and display your package’s current location, potential delays, and estimated arrival date.


For those preferring an alternative tracking option, NimbusPost offers a universal tracking tool that delivers real-time updates and insights into your EMS International packages.



Tracking Your EMS Package Using NimbusPost


NimbusPost offers a seamless solution for those awaiting EMS packages, whether you’re importing from China, running an eCommerce business, or simply expecting a personal delivery. With real-time updates at your fingertips, NimbusPost provides an effortless tracking tool to stay informed on your parcel’s journey.


Just follow these straightforward steps:


1. Navigate to the NimbusPost official website.


2. Select ‘Global Shipping’ from the Main Menu.


3. On the Global Shipping page, locate the “tracking” field within the sub-menu.


4. Click on ‘Tracking,’ which will redirect you to the NimbusPost tracking page.


5. Enter the EMS tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email and press ‘Enter’.


Customer satisfaction is a keystroke away with NimbusPost, ensuring your shipping company of choice meets expectations with outstanding delivery services and support.\



EMS Tracking Notifications


EMS Tracking Notifications offer a detailed insight into each parcel’s journey, enhancing transparency and customer service. Below is a table that summarises the common updates you might encounter while tracking your shipment:


Notification Description
Posted Your parcel has been received by the post office.
Arrived at the export office Your parcel at the outbound office of exchange.
Presented to export customs and security Your parcel is undergoing export customs and security inspection.
Held for export customs inspection Your parcel is being examined by export customs.
Released from export customs and security Your parcel is cleared by export customs and security checks.
Departed from export office Your parcel has left the outbound office and is en route to the destination.
Arrived at destination import office The parcel reached the destination country’s inbound office.
Presented to import customs Your parcel is undergoing import customs inspection.
Released from import customs Your parcel is cleared by the import customs.
Departed from destination import office Your parcel left the inbound office and is in transit for delivery.
Out for delivery Your parcel is on the delivery vehicle, en route to its final location.
Delivered The parcel has been successfully delivered to the recipient.





To maximise efficiency and peace of mind while tracking your EMS package, follow these final tips:


  • Always store the EMS tracking number from your shipping confirmation email in a secure and accessible location.


  • Regularly check for updates, especially if your package is undergoing export customs inspection or is in transit between international destinations.


  • Utilise NimbusPost’s customer service for any queries regarding the delivery process or if the tracking status isn’t updating as expected.


Remember, a streamlined delivery experience is essential in today’s fast-paced world. With NimbusPost, you’ve ensured a service that not only delivers your packages but provides the support and tools – like a courier recommendation engine to find the best international courier services – for a stress-free shipping process.





Is EMS a real shipping company?


Yes, EMS stands for Express Mail Service and is a real shipping company. EMS is a global postal service that is governed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It connects over 190 countries worldwide and delivers packages to over 180 countries and territories.


Who delivers EMS in India?


EMS India is a premium shipping service offered by India Post for fast and on-time delivery. It can ship letters, documents, and packages all over India and around the world.


Is EMS Speed Post the same as India Post?


Yes, EMS Speed Post is a premium service offered by India Post. It’s a time-bound international postal service that delivers documents and merchandise quickly.


Is EMS available in India?


Yes, the EMS service is available in India, by India Post.

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