Doing an eCommerce business is fantastic. You can sell your product to anyone, irrespective of geographical barriers. But to sell to everyone, you need to ship to everyone, and that’s where things get intimidating. For example, suppose you have a customer living abroad who will need a product delivered to him. You might have to deal with extra costs and risks associated with international shipping.

This is where most eCommerce sellers entering into international selling scratch their heads while pondering what, when, where, and how to serve global customers. But, to settle the lunacy behind it, the right international cargo shipping company is all you need to streamline your logistics needs.


Top 10 International Cargo Services for your Global Business

To choose the right cargo shipping company, there are certain verticals you need to keep in mind, such as years in business, the process and services they provide, trustworthiness, and how efficiently they can handle your freight.

Here are the ten best International cargo shipping companies to consider if you want to sell internationally from India.


1.    FedEx

FedEx is an acronym of Federal Express– an American global shipping company that is a well-known logistics giant in India and globally. Founded in 1971, FedEx is popular among eCommerce sellers for its fast delivery (single-day and two-day delivery) of delicate and fragile goods. They operate globally in 220+ countries and offer services based on location, volume, and their products are FedEx International Economy, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Priority.


2.    Blue Dart

Blue Dart is one of the best air and integrated transportation shipping service providers. Whether you want to transport gems and jewellery or bulky automobile parts, Blue Dart can be your go-to shipping partner that handles everything effortlessly. They have active channels across 35000+ pin codes in India and operate in 220 countries worldwide.

Blue Dart has partnered with DHL to offer time-definite international cargo shipping lines. Through DHL’s reliable logistics system, Blue Dart warrants international services such as DHL express worldwide (DOC and NON-DOC), Express Easy Box 8, and Express Easy Box 6.


3.    Aramex

Aramex is one of the market-leading express cargo shipping companies. The UAE-based logistics giants have acquired Delhivery to cater to eCommerce businesses in India and reach 220+ countries. Real-time delivery tracking, a large courier fleet, and AI and machine learning to optimize routes and last-mile delivery are benefits you’ll get working with Aramex.


4.    DHL

DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn) is the world’s most renowned, trusted, and oldest international cargo shipping company. Founded in 1969, this courier company is known for its extensive global network and fairness between fast delivery at affordable cost.

They have an extensive suite of cargo shipping lines, including DHL same-day jet line, DHL same-day Speedline, DHL air priority, DHL air economy, DHL air charter, and DHL air thermonet for air freight. On the other hand, for ocean freight, they offer full-container-load (FCL), less-than-container-load (LCL), buyer consolidation and purchase order management, temperature-controlled load, ocean Bulk, and non-containerized load (NCL).

DHL is strong in handling dangerous and fragile items which makes them the best option for related transit. They enable international shipping through rail, road, air, and ocean, and you can also reach countries like Afghanistan and Iraq with DHL.


5.    Delhivery

Delhivery is a reputed carrier partner in India, known for fast delivery and online tracking. They follow a “string of pearls” strategy to execute international cargo shipping and offer door-to-door or port-to-port express parcels to different countries.

Services in their pockets are global B2B and B2C shipping, ocean and air shipping, air express shipping, and international channel and integration management.


6.    DTDC

DTDC is a renowned courier company in India. Not only among eCommerce businesses, but DTDC is also famous among the general public for delivering parcels within the country. DTDC (desk-to-desk courier & cargo) has been operating for the last 26 years and is a reliable express, cargo, and logistics provider. With its success in the domestic market, they have transformed into a global shipping service provider and witnessed substantial growth in both inbound and outbound logistics.

DTDC international cargo shipping services include Door to Door shipping, Door to Airport shipping, and Airport to Airport shipping.


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7.    UPS

UPS is the oldest package-delivering company on this list. It is an in-house logistics company famous in the U.S. for its reliable and same-day delivery. But (don’t go with the name) the company also operates in more than 220 countries and records more than 15 million packages a day worldwide.

Whether you’re an individual shipper, SME, or large eCommerce business, you can explore UPS’s unmatched services and high-end technology. Though UPS does not allow the shipping of perishable, temperature-controlled, and hazardous goods, you can transport live domestic animals (which other companies may not qualify for) and they also offer a free online Returns Manager to manage customer returns.



8.    EcomExpress

EcomExpress has a vast network that enables end-to-end international shipping for small and large eCommerce enterprises. Established in 2012, this logistics provider uses high-end technology to automate and offer fast delivery, first-mile pickup, tracking, and network optimization.

Their product line includes Ecom Express Service, Ecom Fulfillment Service, and Ecom Digital Service.


9.    India Post

Reliability, safety, and door-to-door delivery at dirt-cheap cost, India Post is well-known for all these conveniences among eCommerce sellers. The courier service was initiated by the Department of Post Ministry of Communication Government of India in 1854 to vend quick door-to-door delivery of parcels. As merchants demand safe international conveyance at a minimal price, India Post started a dedicated service for retailers and corporates to deliver parcels Internationally. Their bundle of products includes international speed post, international air parcel, and tracked packets, through which you can deliver parcels to the network of 200+ countries.


10.    Xpressbees

Formed in 2015, Xpressbees is one of India’s fastest-growing logistics service providers. Complete enterprise solution under one window, use of cutting edge technology, and speedy delivery of products to customers are three mantras of Xpressbees that they strive to offer to their clients. Their cross-border services include tracking inland transportation, shipping preparation, warehousing, negotiation and consolidation of freight, insurance, and collection services.



So here are the top international cargo shipping companies. As you can read, every service provider is the best and brings some exclusivity, making it difficult to be precise with all the factors and make informed decisions in finalizing a go-to courier partner. How about if you’re someone who can execute this duty diligently?

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