Need to ship something? Is it a fragile item? You’re at the right place as you’ll get to know everything you should know about eCommerce courier services and shipping fragile items. A lot of businesses dealing with fragile items face difficulties while shipping their products. It’s a quite tricky situation for them especially when the items are of high value.


As a fragile product is breakable even when the impact is almost negligible, you need to make sure the product isn’t damaged during the transit and reaches the customer’s doorstep safely. While it seems like a quite stressful task, there are eCommerce courier services companies that take the responsibility to deliver breakable items with complete safety. Let’s understand more about how to ship fragile items in the best condition.


Which Items are Considered Fragile?


Before continuing, let’s have a clear understanding of what a fragile item is.


Irrespective of the nature of a product, if your shipment looks like it could break easily, then it probably could. However, some other items may be more delicate than they look. While products like artwork and antiques are obviously fragile, items like electrical equipment with screens and musical instruments are also considered fragile products.


How are Fragile or High-Value Items Packed?


Delivering a fragile product undamaged is a laudable task for a courier partner. However, the most important aspect here is to pack the fragile items carefully to avoid damage.


There’s always a right way to do things. So, if you need to send the package too far, using water-proof packaging would be very important. Also, you can’t put up a fragile item in a steel box to ensure its safety. Instead, layer it with bubble wrap and sturdy cartons to cover the item safely.


To begin the packaging, get some sturdy packaging material to pack the breakable item. First, carefully pack the item in bubble wrap, and then layer the bottom of the box with packing peanuts. Carefully place the item inside a sturdy box; fill the empty space with newspaper, bubble wrap, foam, and more packing peanuts. Pack the box firmly. Seal the box with an ample amount of tape to avoid opening the packaging box.





Best Courier Partners for Fragile Items


Blue Dart

Covering 35000+ pin codes and offering multiple payment methods, Blue Dart is on every seller’s wish list for its safe courier services. Whether you need time-based delivery, a COD delivery option, water-proof packaging, or automated delivery fulfillment reports, Blue Dart gives it all. Considering the quality of services, you can trust Blue Dart to deliver fragile items across any part of the world.



Running successfully with a 10,000+ client base, Delhivery is one of the most reliable names to root for shipping all kinds of goods. The 2011 incepted company offers excellent courier services to its clients and has secured the top ranking in the industry.



The multi-national courier partner has been globally recognized for offering world-class shipping services across 26000+ pin codes. Your fragile items are safe to ship with DHL. Also, you can reduce your carbon footprint while shipping products with DHL as it uses the green packaging concept for its delivery process.



DTDC offers a wide pin code delivery across the country to help you deliver goods in every area. You can trust the courier partner to safely ship fragile items, as well as other products in different categories. Despite being on the costlier side, DTDC is a good option of eCommerce courier services for businesses for shipping all kinds of goods.


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All the above-cited courier partners have proven experience in shipping fragile or high-value products. However, wouldn’t it be best if you could find all these courier options on a single platform? NimbusPost is a tech-enabled logistics platform that brings leading 27+ national and local courier partners on its platform. You can simply sign up to the platform at zero cost. Thereafter, by using the courier recommendation engine, you can compare each courier partner’s shipping rates for a particular distance/location. Comparing every partner’s rate at once saves you from the tiring process of signing up at every courier partner’s website. As you choose NimbusPost for courier service for eCommerce business, you can find all the above-mentioned shipping partners in one place.


Furthermore, NimbusPost also offers you real-time access to the NDR panel where you can check each shipment’s RTO status as soon as it’s updated by the delivery partner. Its automated cloud-calling option is greatly helpful in confirming COD delivery orders before shipping them. The feature helps in reducing RTO by shipping only genuine orders.


The technologically advanced logistics partner also has integration with all leading eCommerce channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Unicommerce, and others. Using the integration facility, you can directly ship the orders from your online store. So, find your best fit to reduce your logistics cost and maximize your profit margin.

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