A delivery service allows you to transmit packages or letters without having to transport them physically. In this technologically advanced world, the postal service has waned. Still, courier services have risen in prominence, thanks to the usage of delivery services by many online sellers listed on platforms like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, and others, to distribute their products. In addition to online retailers, courier services may be quite beneficial for the general public when sending a package, document, or letter to a distant location on time.

Today, timely product delivery is not sufficient for the end customers. The parcel must be delivered to the consumer without being damaged. Consequently, you must use cheap courier services in Chennai for the fastest, most efficient, and most secure delivery of packages.

The following is a list of the top delivery services in Chennai known for their prompt, timely, and safe delivery of packages and products. Choose the appropriate one for shipping your personal or commercial products, documents, and letters to your recipients. If you are into the D2C business, you can read this guide on the D2C business model.



1. The Professional Couriers 

For more than 30 years, TPC (The Professional Couriers) has been among the most reliable and cheap courier partners in Chennai. TPC was founded in 1987 and has grown to become the most respected name in the logistics industry. Its operations and services are available in both international and domestic regions. This courier partner is among the largest logistic networks in India, with a large number of regional offices, collecting centers, and offices serving bank branches in the country. It is headquartered in New Delhi. Further, TPC provides its products across more than 25,000 locations in India and its international offerings include global express and university express. TPC’s domestic services are special messenger service, express service, red alert service, surface cargo, surfing channel, air cargo, logistics, pick and pack, ad and add, dawn to dusk, and mass mail.


The consignments are delivered safely and on schedule by professional courier agents. It provides door-to-door delivery as well as desk pickup at no additional charge. On request, transit insurance for non-insured products might be arranged for you. Besides, it provides customers with Proof of Delivery (POD). TPC’s official website also has an online shipment tracking facility. Customers also get company assistance offline and online. TPC’s courier service is available Monday through Saturday, including Sundays.


2. DTDC 

When it comes to finding courier partners in Chennai, DTDC is a trusted name. In addition to international/domestic express and freight services, it also provides logistics management, distribution, and warehousing facilities. The company has many branches in various Indian states. It is known for delivering consignments safely and on time. Electronic tracking and text messaging are both available at the DTDC. Customers can also make use of the e-booking feature to dispatch the products more conveniently.


Various services are available through the domestic courier service, including domestic cargo service and domestic express service, among others. Services such as freight on delivery and collect on delivery are included in the DTDC value-added service category. In addition, a variety of overseas services are offered by DTDC International, including cash on delivery, imports express, cargo services, student express, express services, and excess baggage.


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3. DHL

Domestic, import, and export services are all provided by DHL, which is an international delivery partner that offers a variety of services. It also offers various supplemental services, such as go-green, extended liability, and insurance options. DHL web shipping allows you to arrange courier pickups, generate shipping labels, track packages through dhl tracking, and perform other functions using the official website. In addition, you can get electronic delivery proof from DHL’s website without contacting customer support within an hour of delivery.


4. Blue Dart 

Blue Dart is a domestic courier partner that has a wide reach in both national and international lands. It provides you with excellent export and import services. This delivery partner is a wholly-owned Blue Dart Aviation subsidiary. Blue Dart has its main facility headquarters in Chennai. It is considered to be among the cheapest courier companies when it comes to providing domestic services. This logistics company holds a significant amount of stock. A door delivery service is available on business days within the following 12.00 hours to meet your personal and critical needs. This service also aids in the secure and safe transportation of non-essential and crucial documents such as certificates, passports, property documents, and other important documents within India. Among the many advantages that Blue Dart provides is real-time tracking. It also provides a money-back guarantee, free pickup, and electronic delivery evidence.





5. First Flight

The First Flight Couriers are among India’s most prestigious domestic courier companies. More than 30 years have passed since it began offering its cheap courier services in Chennai. The company which is well-known for its on-time delivery, dependability, and extensive reach, offers domestic and international courier services. You can also arrange the pickup requests online and use consignment tracking, email tracking, and SMS tracking features, all of which are simple to use. It offers two types of express services, such as international express and domestic express. Delivery proof, cash on delivery, collect facility, to-pay charges, emotional bond, customs clearance, and privilege card are some of the value-added services provided by First Flight. Based on your needs, it accepts requests for round-the-clock delivery as well as home deliveries on Sunday.


6. NimbusPost

While NimbusPost connects you with the best providers, who give you courier services in Chennai, it allows you to evaluate the shipping rates offered by each supplier on your shortlist before contacting them. Asking for additional services from your courier partner isn’t required when you get delivery reports, shipping charges, automated order confirmation, estimated delivery time, order tracking, etc. in one place. You can also use NimbusPost to deliver heavy- and medium-duty electronics to your customers.





In 2021, Acquire The Cheap Courier Services In Chennai

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